MotoGP Imagines by kcteui
MotoGP Imaginesby N
From Moto3 to MotoGP riders. Requests are open!
  • marcmarquez
  • valentinorossi
  • eneabastianini
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Neriza's Fantasy (A Marc Marquez FanFiction/Erotic Romance) by IamAyaMyers
Neriza's Fantasy (A Marc Marquez IamAyaMyers
Published under Red Room
  • fanfiction
  • motogp
  • marcmarquez
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Marc Marquez Imagines by kcteui
Marc Marquez Imaginesby N
The title says it all. It wouldn't hurt and it isn't a crime to dream about being with Marc, right?
  • iam93
  • fanfiction
  • marcmarquez
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Che numero di giri ha il tuo cuore? by Em_1294
Che numero di giri ha il tuo cuore?by Em_1294
America non ha mai voluto conoscere il mondo del padre, manager del team Movistar Yamaha MotoGP. Tutti paroloni troppo complicati. Il suo mondo invece era semplice, fatt...
  • amore
  • motori
  • moto3
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MARC MARQUEZ IMAGINES by goldenstoryteller
MARC MARQUEZ IMAGINESby goldenstoryteller
Storys about one and only MARC MARQUEZ
  • heart
  • race
  • motogp
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No te vayas.  [Marc Márquez] by liss93_
No te vayas. [Marc Márquez]by Lis
Cuando creías que la oscuridad te iba a atrapar; que no ibas a salir de ella, aparece la luz que tanto necesitabas.
  • motociclismo
  • notevayas
  • romance
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Maraschino & Harvey by 1dspetlobster
Maraschino & Harveyby Misha!
"23 year old, newbie rider Reed Harvey places 4th in his first ever MotoGP! Maraschino Racing has just snatched the under dog up for a two year contract. What a cat...
  • motorbikeracing
  • mystery
  • brentonthwaites
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Another Marc Marquez story. Sorry for grammar mistakes. Every comment, vote, suggestion are welcome :)
  • family
  • jorgelorenzo
  • motogp
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Closer (DISCONTINUED) by marcmarquezfanfic
Closer (DISCONTINUED)by Marc Marquez Fanfiction
Marc dan Sofia adalah sahabat yang sudah lama terpisah karena Marc yang telah memilih untuk menjadi seorang pembalap yang menuntutnya untuk selalu berpergian keluar nega...
  • love
  • romance
  • palvinbarbara
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Me before you (Valentino Rossi fan fiction)  by Vr46fanforlife
Me before you (Valentino Rossi Vr46fanforlife
Sarah tries to live her life after her dark past and finds strength in the person that always have been there for her, Valentino Rossi had no idea what he represented t...
  • love
  • rossi
  • valentinorossi
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Street Racing Roleplay ((Groups!)) by EduardoVR46
Street Racing Roleplay ((Groups!))by Eduardo Ramirez Godoy
You're the typical Street Racer, you go to some meets in your local Mall, talk with some people and race with your low budget rocket. But then, a man talks to you and ga...
  • mercedez
  • fast
  • ferrari
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THRONE // Marc Marquez by Donna_Simona
THRONE // Marc Marquezby Novantatrè
Seguito di YOUNG GOD. La vita dei piloti è un susseguirsi di sfide. Quella di Marc Marquez per il 2014 era dimostrare al mondo il suo talento, la sua passione, ed ha co...
  • marc
  • moto2
  • moto3
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MotoGP One Shots by priyasara24
MotoGP One Shotsby Priya :)
Another book, but this time; it's filled with one shots about MotoGP riders! Requests are currently OPEN.
  • danipedrosa
  • alexrins
  • moto2
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MotoGP life by zoebug999
MotoGP lifeby zoebug999
Hi, I'm a 20 year old female MotoGP racer named Zoë, yeah​ you heard me I'm a female motorcycle racer, back off. I have two brothers who are YouTubers on motorcycles my...
  • girl
  • motovlogger
  • love
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Syco High Shcool//Hollywood&moto Gp by ShafaThamrin364
Syco High Shcool//Hollywood&moto Gpby Shafa Thamrin
Ini adalah kisah lika-liku kehidupan para Abg salah gaul, yg menjadi siswa dan siswi di sekolah 'Syco high school' mulai dari Kisah kocak dan ke goblog-an mereka hingga...
  • marverick
  • hollywood
  • rossi
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MotoGP Imagines by LeaSamuels
MotoGP Imaginesby LeaSamuels
Imagines on MotoGP and Moto2 riders. I get inspired and just write about everything that comes to my mind. Expect sad, happy, cute, dirty one shots - you name it. You c...
  • aleix
  • iannone
  • alexrins
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Nothing on you (Nothing 2) (Marc Márquez) by rosa96_93
Nothing on you (Nothing 2) (Marc Rosa Curto 93
Segunda parte de la saga Nothing, primera entrega Nothing feels like you.
  • alexmarquez
  • fanfic
  • motos
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White Lion Rising by TheLegacyCycle
White Lion Risingby Domenico Italo Composto-Hart
The Great Quake of 2022. "It all ended in that year." Japan destroyed by a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. "Then the Great Quake of 2025 threw the wh...
  • cyberpunk
  • epicfantasy
  • war
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