With An Uncertain Certainty by Mofilie
With An Uncertain Certainty by Mofilie Fanfiction
Theia Blackthorn was not sure about a lot of things. But there was one thing she knew with certainty: Jace Wayland and her belonged together. Ever since he sloppily carv...
Make Me Yours by Clace_xox
Make Me Yours by Phoebe Herondale Fanfiction
This is a story about the TMI gang in the Shadowhunter Academy training to become Shadowhunters. There will be Clace, Sizzy and Malec Told mostly from Clary's point of...
Shadowhunters Imagines by theangelsxthedemons
Shadowhunters Imagines by theangelsxthedemons Fanfiction
Includes gif imagines, smut, blurbs, one shots, short imagines, long imagines. Includes Alec Lightwood, Isabelle Lightwood, Clary Fray, Simon Lewis, Jace Herondale/Morge...
Alec Lightwood You Have My Heart  by aleclightwoodislife1
Alec Lightwood You Have My Heart by aleclightwoodislife1 Fanfiction
Read to find out I know Alec is gay in Shadowhunters i mean who doesn't like malec but in this book he is straight so please go along with it thank you
➰ICY➰ Alec Lightwood♣️  by angell4
➰ICY➰ Alec Lightwood♣️ by angell4 Fanfiction
The clash of two worlds made of ice. Ivy is thrust into the world of Shadowhunters alongside wit her friend, Clary. In one night her world turns upside down and when...
Silhouette • Alec Lightwood • by Deviancee
Silhouette • Alec Lightwood • by Slaytanic Fanfiction
"Alec the Asshole, Jace the Jerk, Izzy the Idiot, Simon the stupid and Clary the-" "Don't even." "What? I was going to say cutie." "An...
Shadowhunter Imagines and Prefences  by Addisynisnotonfire
Shadowhunter Imagines and Prefence... by Trash Fanfiction
Imagines and Preferences about: Jace Alec Raphael Simon Sebastian Disclaimer-I do not own Shadowhunters {Started- January 29th, 2017}
Fading Scars: A Series of Malec One Shots by Kersten_Noelle
Fading Scars: A Series of Malec On... by Kersten Noelle Fanfiction
A collection of Malec one shots written by yours truly. These stories are the Malec scenes we didn't get in the books and the Malec scenes we deserve. Some one shots ar...
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017) by MalecLovely
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017) by MalecLovely Fanfiction
A new Malec chapter everyday? Wahoo! This is full of one shots and multiple part short stories. Highest Ranking: #28 in fanfiction. *the characters are Cassandra Clare'...
Malec oneshots<3 by gboyle04
Malec oneshots<3 by Grace❤️ Fanfiction
This is just what I think malec would do on the daily. I hope you enjoy them❤️
The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS' fan fiction  by johannaclarysilvers
The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS'... by Clary silvers. Fanfiction
Bexley Raziel bloodborn's life wasn't normal. It was anything but mundane. She was a ShadowHunter. And even for a shadowHunter, Bexley's and her friends life was a bit...
A New World || Alec Lightwood by thebarcaweirdo
A New World || Alec Lightwood by thebarcaweirdo Fanfiction
My name is Cassandra Fray, as in older sister (only by 12 minutes) of Clary Fray, but you can call me Cassy. I'm Clary's twin, well fraternal twin the difference being...
Gold (Mortal Instruments Fanfic) by shadowhunter167
Gold (Mortal Instruments Fanfic) by Shadowhunter167 Fanfiction
Clary Fray is a normal teenage girl. At least she thinks she is, until three new students show up at her school, including a certain golden boy. What will she do when sh...
Genesis • Shadowhunters by Monrox
Genesis • Shadowhunters by ˗ ˏˋalmost like praying ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝Let me get this straight ― Death is an actual person?❞ ❝Yes, a very powerful one. He's not a mundane or a shadowhunter. He's not an angel or a demon. He's not God o...
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland by voidwolvxs
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland by тιarne Fanfiction
"The story of Annalina Grey, the girl who came before clary, the real love of jace wayland's life" [book 1]
Commander ( ALEC LIGHTWOOD ) by darkxvixen
Commander ( ALEC LIGHTWOOD ) by Cheyenne Fanfiction
Adley Lewis, that's who she thought she was. Just a middle child who couldn't figure out what she wanted to do for college. She was your average teenager only trying to...
Tainted Soul ► Lightwood. by _justanotherone_
Tainted Soul ► Lightwood. by A🥀 Fanfiction
He's just a boy trying to find himself. He's just a boy trying to understand the world. His father ruined him in his quest for power. He's just a boy with a tainted sou...
✔️ Queen - Alec Lightwood by kindphobic
✔️ Queen - Alec Lightwood by kindphobic Fanfiction
❝Lawsons are royalty❞ In which a girl stumble upon an abandoned church in New York.
Shadowhunters Imagines and Preferences by byersbabe
Shadowhunters Imagines and Prefere... by Byebyers Fanfiction
A series of Imagines and Preferences about Alec Lightwood Jace Wayland Raphael Santiago Simon Lewis Magnus Bane (I wont mind writing about Clary, Izzy, Luke, Hodge and L...
Secret (Alec Lightwood) by werecoyote9653
Secret (Alec Lightwood) by Rachel Fanfiction
Charlotte just moved to the New York Institute after living her entire life in Idris. She never expected to nearly immediately fall for Alec Lightwood, and he for her. R...