Malec oneshots<3 by gboyle04
Malec oneshots<3 by Grace❤️ Fanfiction
This is just what I think malec would do on the daily. I hope you enjoy them❤️
Shadowhunter Imagines and Prefences  by Addisynisnotonfire
Shadowhunter Imagines and Prefence... by Betch Fanfiction
Imagines and Preferences about: Jace Alec Raphael Simon Sebastian Disclaimer-I do not own Shadowhunters {Started- January 29th, 2017}
The Other Lewis £ ShadowHunters |A.L|➀ by skylah234
The Other Lewis £ ShadowHunters |A... by - • Sky • - Fanfiction
{B O O K O N E} Gabriella Lewis is usually known for her quirkiness and sarcasm. It's one of the benefits of being related to Simon Lewis also known as her adoptive bro...
A New World || Alec Lightwood by thebarcaweirdo
A New World || Alec Lightwood by thebarcaweirdo Fanfiction
My name is Cassandra Fray, as in older sister (only by 12 minutes) of Clary Fray, but you can call me Cassy. I'm Clary's twin, well fraternal twin the difference being...
➰ICY➰ Alec Lightwood♣️  by angell4
➰ICY➰ Alec Lightwood♣️ by angell4 Fanfiction
The clash of two worlds made of ice. Ivy is thrust into the world of Shadowhunters alongside wit her friend, Clary. In one night her world turns upside down and when...
Fading Scars: A Series of Malec One Shots by Kersten_Noelle
Fading Scars: A Series of Malec On... by Kersten Noelle Fanfiction
A collection of Malec one shots written by yours truly. These stories are the Malec scenes we didn't get in the books and the Malec scenes we deserve. Some one shots ar...
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland by voidwolvxs
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland by тιarne Fanfiction
"The story of Annalina Grey, the girl who came before clary, the real love of jace wayland's life" [book 1]
BLACK PETALS ↠ MAGNUS BANE by springemotions
BLACK PETALS ↠ MAGNUS BANE by ˗ˏˋ HELEN ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝ Sometimes the purpose of the thorn is simply to draw attention to the rose ❞ [Shadowhunters] [OC x Magnus Bane] [Season 1] *** Grace Belcourt is Cam...
The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS' fan fiction  by johannaclarysilvers
The blond devil- a 'SHADOWHUNTERS'... by Clary silvers. Fanfiction
Bexley Raziel bloodborn's life wasn't normal. It was anything but mundane. She was a ShadowHunter. And even for a shadowHunter, Bexley's and her friends life was a bit...
Secret (Alec Lightwood) by werecoyote9653
Secret (Alec Lightwood) by Rachel Fanfiction
Charlotte just moved to the New York Institute after living her entire life in Idris. She never expected to nearly immediately fall for Alec Lightwood, and he for her. R...
City of Warriors by FlamesOfWriting
City of Warriors by ღ Jax Mayflower Fantasy
[Updates Daily] | Highest Ranking: 414 in Fantasy 24/9/17 | Beth Taylor, dreams of a perfect lifestyle with her mother and father, who abandoned her as a baby. She wishe...
Legends • Lightwood. by _justanotherone_
Legends • Lightwood. by A Fanfiction
"She's my best friend's sister." "So what?" (season1-?) [shadowhunters tv series] Highest Rank: #381 in fanfiction Current Rank: #856 in fanfiction
Shadow Demon- Shadowhunters by livraek_
Shadow Demon- Shadowhunters by Olivia Fanfiction
Echo Fairchild, older sister to Clary Fray, knows about the Shadow World. The day that Clary turns 18, is a day that she would never forget. Secrets get out and their wo...
Silhouette • Alec Lightwood • by Deviancee
Silhouette • Alec Lightwood • by Slaytanic Fanfiction
"Alec the Asshole, Jace the Jerk, Izzy the Idiot, Simon the stupid and Clary the-" "Don't even." "What? I was going to say cutie." "An...
ELA • A • Lightwood  by ellepottermalfoy
ELA • A • Lightwood by Ella Fanfiction
"I'm a fucking fool for you baby"
DAUNTLESS ➳ ALEC LIGHTWOOD by sasha 🐾 Fanfiction
[discontinued] ❝ you're rather dauntless aren't you? ❞ She smiled at the boy. ❝ life is not something to be feared, Alec. The sooner you understand that, the better. ❞ C...
Very Magical (Magnus Bane) by girl_nightwing2003
Very Magical (Magnus Bane) by Juniper Valley Fanfiction
"Do you always have to be sarcastic?" he groaned. "No. Sometimes I'm sleeping" I remarked. He rolled his eyes. "You will be the death of me&qu...
Tainted Soul ► Lightwood. by _justanotherone_
Tainted Soul ► Lightwood. by A Fanfiction
He's just a boy trying to find himself. He's just a boy trying to understand the world. His father ruined him in his quest for power. He's just a boy with a tainted sou...
City of All Things Ruined - A Mortal Instruments Fan Fiction (COMPLETED) by SirShipsALot
City of All Things Ruined - A Mort... by Ellie Yates Fanfiction
“You’re mine Clary, don’t you get it by now?" Sebastian yelled, his rage boiling over like an erupting volcano. "Screw Jace – not like you need encouragement –...
Immortal Love: A Malec Love Story by maleclives
Immortal Love: A Malec Love Story by Val Fanfiction
Magnus Bane and Alexander Gideon Lightwood are catastrophically and madly in love. The war is over, and they intend to spend every wonderful moment together, but can the...