Falling Once Again.  by ladypervell
Falling Once Again. by ladypervell
When Rose gets shot with the bullet it was supposed to kill her, instead Rose ended up back to the night where they were brought back to the school, Rose the only one kn...
  • action
  • love
  • spirit
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ACADEMIA DE VAMPIROS: contada desde la perspectiva de Dimitri Belikov by KarlaRuizLara
  • profesor
  • wattys2016
  • romance
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The Story of Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov 7 years after vampire academy by PrincessBianx
The Story of Rose Hathaway and Princess Bianx
7 years after Vampire academy,many things change.. Rose struggles to make her baby live even if alchemist told her that both dhampir genes are incompatible making it dif...
  • hathawa
  • academy
  • belikov
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Leaving it all behind (Watty's 2015) by sweetdreams2020
Leaving it all behind (Watty's sweetdreams2020
Rose Hathaway leaves after Dimitri says "Love fades, mine has". Rose leaves court, but what happens when strigoi numbers are getting higher and guardian number...
  • love
  • betrayal
  • romance
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Vampire Academy: Broken Trust by stalkersxoxo
Vampire Academy: Broken Trustby stalkersxoxo
Rose has been injured and now she has to recover, to get back as Lissa's (The Queen) Guardian. But not long that she is living her dreams, by being a royal Guardian and...
  • movie
  • adventure
  • fanfiction
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Newborn-A Vampire Academy FanFiction by Skzen_11
Newborn-A Vampire Academy Skzen_11
This book is my version of what happened after Last Sacrifice. The original characters and parts of the story from Vampire Academy belong to Richelle Mead, author of the...
  • hathaway
  • protect
  • love
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Academia de Vampiros - O beijo das Sombras (Livro 1) by PamellaMunhoz1
Academia de Vampiros - O beijo Pamella Munhoz
*** Este livro não é de minha autoria, porém é uma série maravilhosa que precisa ser conhecida*** Lissa Dragomir é uma adolescente especial, por várias razões: ela é a p...
  • saga
  • vampiros
  • suspense
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Royal Moroi by KenzieP15
Royal Moroiby Makenzie
What if instead of Rose being a Dhampir, she was a Moroi. and not just any moroi, a Dragomir. Rose and Lissa are sisters. Twin sisters. And they both posses a very stron...
  • lissa
  • completed
  • dhampir
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In A Year (Vampire Academy Fanfic)  by RozaBelikova96
In A Year (Vampire Academy Fanfic) by ||RozaBelikova96||
Takes place in Spirit Bound. After those famous four words, Rose is left heartbroken and alone. When she decides that she's done with the life she's been leading, she go...
  • vampireacademy
  • heartbreak
  • tashaozera
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frostbite (book two) by DhampirGirl123
frostbite (book two)by Vampire Academy Fan
Rose Hathaway's got some serious guy trouble. Her gorgeous tutor Dimitri has his eye on someone else, her friend Mason has a huge crush on her, and she keeps getting stu...
  • strigoi
  • moroi
  • water
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A Guardian Wedding - Vampire Academy Fan Fic by LindseyAnn96
A Guardian Wedding - Vampire LindseyAnn96
The VA gang is back and all grown up! Lissa's pregnant, Rose and Dimitri are getting married, and Christian's using his fire to stir up trouble in the Moroi Court. Our f...
  • dhampir
  • belikov
  • wedding
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Academia de Vampiros (NA MINHA VERSÃO) by PietraLopes4
Academia de Vampiros (NA MINHA Pietra Lopes
Nesta história contarei a minha versão dessa história maluca com vampiros, dhampiros, etc. Espero que gostem pois é assim que eu gostaria que fosse... Ah e acharei um je...
  • bruxas
  • princesa
  • vampiros
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It's All Fun And Games by VampGirl555
It's All Fun And Gamesby Niki
Rose Hathaway is up to no good and the only person who can tame her is Dimitri Belikov. What will happen? Read to find out.
  • moroi
  • abemazur
  • abe
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St Vladimir Academy. by Jackoffalltrades
St Vladimir Jacky Mulder
(human) a boarding school. Rosemarie Hathaway and vasilissa dragomir are wards of the school after the death off Lissa her parents. Rating: 18+ About me: I love too read...
  • vampireacadamy
  • moroi
  • rose
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Darkness Remains ( Vampire Academy Fanfict ) by magiarianator
Darkness Remains ( Vampire Maggie Winchester Stilinski H...
My best friend is the Queen, My lover is an ex-Strigoi, My friends with very bad marks, And me I'm a free woman that was framed for accused murder of the Que...
  • strigoi
  • death
  • danger
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I don't belong.  by Jackoffalltrades
I don't belong. by Jacky Mulder
Caracter of Vampire academy woven into my ow vampire fantasy. The caracters are the same but the story is totaly diffrent
  • strigoi
  • moroi
  • rosemariehathaway
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Blood Promise Vampire Academy Dimitri's POV by x_aNoNYMouSTaCHe_x
Blood Promise Vampire Academy ,',',',',',',',',',',',',---a...
Dimitri Belikov was awakened against his will. He had turned into a Strigoi, a remorseless, cold Vampire. Moving to Siberia, he hopes to avoid ever facing Rose, the woma...
  • strigoi
  • vampireacademy
  • fantasy
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« Daring Heart » by thoughtfxll
« Daring Heart »by mhm💭
WITH RICHELLE MEAD'S CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS OF HER SERIES VAMPIRE ACADEMY AND BLOODLINES My own little fanfiction of the series. With my oc, Addison. She hasn't always...
  • richellemead
  • strigoi
  • selfharm
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The Diadem (VA fanfic) by avalonhuntress
The Diadem (VA fanfic)by Avalon
What would've happened if Rose were an important royal moroi that needed her own guardians including the Russian god, Dimitri Belikov? What if Rose and Dimitri shared a...
  • abemazur
  • aucanon
  • janinehathaway
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Betrayed (VA fan fiction) ON HOLD by magiarianator
Betrayed (VA fan fiction) ON HOLDby Maggie Winchester Stilinski H...
"Love is a word that has lots of meanings. And mate is something that not all people have." Rose Hathaway a very well trained Dhampir that has a dream of her...
  • rose
  • moroi
  • dhampir
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