Raising Jackson  by mjxroses
Raising Jackson by mj + gnr stories Fanfiction
Prince, Paris, and Blanket are growing up. Heartbreaks, peer pressure, and a family always in the public eye is a lot for anyone. Will Michael be able to handle raising...
The Way You Make Me Feel - A Michael Jackson Love Story by moonwalkergal
The Way You Make Me Feel - A Micha... by moonwalkergal💋 Fanfiction
It all started in 1987, when supermodel; Tatiana Thumbtzen is casted in Michael Jackson's music video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Is it really true to see your love at fi...
Shamone  -MJ by michaeljacksonlegend
Shamone -MJ by Michael Jackson 🥀 Fanfiction
Bad era. -1987 🔥 We were Both students at the University I was an Model and he was an Average Guy Who also got bullied for being alone always and being apart from the...
||MICHAEL JACKSON ZODIACS||♡||😱😂☺|| by That_Loyal_Chick
||MICHAEL JACKSON ZODIACS||♡||😱😂... by 👑 Random
Have you ever wondered what would happen If You and Lisa Marie Got into a Fight? Or What ring you would receive If Michael Jackson Proposed to you? What would your Life...
It's All About M.I.C.H.A.E.L by SwastikaDutta
It's All About M.I.C.H.A.E.L by ❤Michael❤ Random
Winner of '2016 Moonwalker Award' A book all and everything about our beloved king,Michael Jackson.. 👑👑👑 Consisting rare images,gifs,videos,facts and many more! Show...
Pernicious by LunaMoonglade
Pernicious by LunaMoonglade Fanfiction
After being divorced from the King of Pop, Naya Bronwyn never believed there would be any chance of repairing her relationship with Michael. She has a change in heart wh...
Playboy. by Litty_mikay
Playboy. by ♥️Mikayla&Michael♥️ Fanfiction
"You fucked almost every damn girl is this school you see, but if I kiss a boy you throw a damn fit! we not together!" "We could be"
Rapture (A Michael Jackson Fan Fiction) by GoldDustLady
Rapture (A Michael Jackson Fan Fic... by GoldDustLady Fanfiction
Michael's distinguishable slim figure strolled across the room right in front of the camera and the flashing lights surrounding it, sheepishly swaying around. Meanwhile...
♔ The Michael Jackson Bible ♔ by themooniswalking
Michael Jackson~One Shots by monifaJ
Michael Jackson~One Shots by °`✨b a b y g i r l✨°` Fanfiction
«Series Book» Just different stories & Imagines about the King Of Pop Himself!💣💣💣 ♣ENJOY LOVIES♣
Promise (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction; Sequel to Oath) by fanofmj
Promise (A Michael Jackson Fanfict... by fanofmj Fanfiction
Their life together had become perfect-too perfect. --- I could feel my blue eyes shining, but not with their usual happiness and love. They were shining with sudden une...
\.A Tender Touch./ by hisliberiangirl
\.A Tender Touch./ by *skywriter Fanfiction
🌻-just give this story a chance-🌻 \.The book about how a girl from Malibu completely changed HIStory./ Mira is a dreamy 25-year-old girl born in Vancouver.She's a pret...
Friends With Benefits by JustApplehead
Friends With Benefits by kingmykal Fanfiction
Jess Mckenzie and Michael Jackson have been best friends since as far as they can remember, they have always done everything together from sharing secrets to vacations t...
✨C a r i' b a b e✨ by monifaJ
✨C a r i' b a b e✨ by °`✨b a b y g i r l✨°` Humor
✨all about me... sunflower babe✨
Forever And A Half || Michael Jackson by MissJackson777
Forever And A Half || Michael Jack... by ♚Mιcнael&3T♚ Fanfiction
{Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016} {Bad era - 1987}. Citria Espinosa is a girl who aims to live a carefree life, due to the desire to escape the harsh real...
Brownie [Mj] by Litty_mikay
Bring on the Memes by Moonwalking_Otaku
Bring on the Memes by Moonwalking Otaku Humor
Just some MJ memes that I made because why not. (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) p.s. If I post a meme that's not mine I will say so.
ZODIACS || MJ by PeaceHugsHippieLove
ZODIACS || MJ by <3 Random
Big Book For All The MoonWalkers. #441 in Random
Michael J. Jackson Imagines (editing) by janetspunani
Michael J. Jackson Imagines (editi... by mikes jheri curls Fanfiction
Imagines of you and the one and only Michael Jackson. These imagines will mostly be sweet there will be a little bit of sex here and there but not a lot. ...
You Are My Life by dangerousdreams58
You Are My Life by Dangerous.Dreams58 Fanfiction
"If you would've told me at 13 that this would be my life, I would have never believed you..."