The Psychopath by silmyd1
The Psychopath by silmy destiaty Fanfiction
Bagaimana jika kau dicintai? Pasti bahagia bukan? Tapi, apa jadinya jika kau dicintai oleh seseorang yang sakit secara mental? Seseorang yang terobsesi pada dirimu, sese...
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 7 : Farewell is Coming by ChaeKiFever
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 7 : Farewe... by Christian Paul Chua Romance
We we're really in love and we really liked each other.I felt like going crazy, felt like I'd burst for real.So let's say goodbye for now though I'll miss you again.Beca...
Welcome Detective by silmyd1
Welcome Detective by silmy destiaty Action
Perjuangan seorang Detektif kepolisian dengan rekannya Agen mata-mata untuk menyelesaikan kasus pembunuhan berantai dan penjualan organ ilegal. Detektif Song Joong Ki da...
It's Because I Love You (DISCONTINUED) by riendonghae
It's Because I Love You (DISCONTIN... by Lee Rien Fanfiction
Song Joong Ki was never going to forgive his parents and twin brother, Ma Ru, for making him feel unwanted. Until one day, Ma Ru, whom he'd never meet after 15 years sin...
I Would Do Anything For You by riendonghae
I Would Do Anything For You by Lee Rien Romance
It's been 2 years yet the scar Moon Chae Won has caused Song Joong Ki's heart was never healed. When they meet again, he was already a famous and successful actor like w...
The Spoiled Brat Meets The Gangster (Hyunzy) by PrincessSooHyun
The Spoiled Brat Meets The Gangste... by Rizza Imee Kim Romance
Rycah Isabelle was a very sweet and nice girl. Everyone calls her perfect. But it all change when her boyfriend broke up with her. She became a spoiled brat bully. Until...
Can't Stop Love (LeeMoon's Song) by rimmie_
Can't Stop Love (LeeMoon's Song) by Rimmie Random
Perjalanan cinta Lee Joon Gi dan Moon Chae Won >.< Cerita ini hanya khayalan saja haha
Here to Stay by pluviophile211
Here to Stay by rzkt Fanfiction
Because you might be in pain, because you might struggle, I erase my tears.
Korean Drama and Movie by xxbomparkxx
Korean Drama and Movie by bom park Random
Im addict to korean dramas and movies so I thought that Im going to share some korean dramas and movies that I watch already....You can watch on dramafever or viki.
Relationship Status: CONFUSED and COMPLICATED~ by rerushi_watabe
Relationship Status: CONFUSED and... by ... Humor
Nakilala natin sila bilang isa sa mga mas nagpakulit at nagpagulo sa buhay ng Fake Couple turned Real Life Happy Couple na sila Nathan at Greg. Now it's time para sila n...
Start to Love You by pluviophile211
Start to Love You by rzkt Fanfiction
Did you know what I had to do to send you away? What can I do now If you returned like this?
Happily [one shoot] by QurrotuAiniPutri
Happily [one shoot] by Qurrotu Aini Putri Fanfiction
Hmmm how if ChaeKi are real ? What are they do if they're really married and raised a cute baby ? I'm curious..... It's just my over delulu cause I can't move from them...
STAR-SPANGLED by 박 서히 Romance
This story is all about entertainment industry were they are extremely expressing a life of a celebrity and an aspiring artist.
Kumpulan Songfiction by Tinjawarriors by tinjawarriors
Kumpulan Songfiction by Tinjawarri... by tiwul Fanfiction
FF-FF disini adalah kumpulan songfiction yang aku buat. Untuk list judul songfiction-nya bakal aku update di deskripsi tiap ada update-an *ini apa* Pokoknya judul-j...
When the Moon Falls in Love by AfifahRosyidah
When the Moon Falls in Love by Afifah Rosyidah Fanfiction
Ketika hati sang rembulan tergoyahkan Akankah ia mematahkan janjinya sendiri Menghapus seluruh sumpah yang ia ucapkan Dan meraih tangan sang terkasih Meski ia ta...
Miserable Goodbye by pluviophile211
Miserable Goodbye by rzkt Fanfiction
Remember that you've hurt somebody? Its seems like a broken dreams. Remember the time when I let you go? I was in this pain. Because, I won't you to say everlasting good...
Into Your Waiting Arms by seopiro
Into Your Waiting Arms by seopiro Fanfiction
Song Joongki met Moon Chaewon on the wedding party of her first love. warning : random and unedited. some mention of sex.
My Name Is Her by pandoralacey