Dream Big Awards (Open) by SamanthaBrunet
Dream Big Awards (Open) by Samantha Brunet Random
Are you an undiscovered writer who is wanting to be noticed? Are you a famous writer who wants an award for their work? Well you've come to the right place! It doesn't m...
Monthly Character Awards [Accepting Entries & Hiring] by LiteracyEmcee
Monthly Character Awards [Acceptin... by LiteracyEmcee Random
Millions to hundreds of reads, you're welcomed too, come on and enter the mcawards! Prizes inside. Hiring critics, to help judge. Hiring designers. Hiring those who love...
#JustWriteIt - Prompts by justwriteit
#JustWriteIt - Prompts by Wattpad's Monthly Writing Cha... Random
Do you want to challenge yourself in writing? Well, you've come to the right place! Wattpad presents #JustWriteIt, a monthly writing challenge for all Wattpad users to t...
The "I'm on My Period" Diaries by MythicalNote
The "I'm on My Period" Diaries by Myth Random
"Periods. Why does it have to be blood? Can't it be like, fairy dust or something?" Oh yes. Us girls go through a lot of pain on this monthly cycle. Of course...
Meet the authors by BooksbyLwordpress
Meet the authors by BooksbyLwordpress Random
This book is made to bring publicity to newcomers and undiscovered authors. (I hope) In this book, readers can get to know favorite authors or see a new side to authors...
Teen Fiction Community's Guide to Writing by TeenFictionCommunity
Teen Fiction Community's Guide to... by Teen Fiction Random
Teen fiction is one of the few genres that crosses with several others: from sci-fi to romance to fantasy. Here's our chance to celebrate that by offering writer tips, h...
The Big Continuous Book Song Lyrics! by XxindecisivexX
The Big Continuous Book Song Lyric... by Can you keep a secret? Random
Okay, so here's how it works: 1. I suggest songs, write their lyrics down in the book 2. You can also suggest songs, and I'll write the lyrics down, too 3. The songs are...
The Lunar Awards ||  CLOSED by TLAwards
The Lunar Awards || CLOSED by The Lunar Awards Random
REOPENS ON 1ST DECEMBER. STAY TUNED! A monthly contest featuring genre and specialty awards. For more info, please read the book.
Monthly Graphic Contests  by FandomsSquad
Monthly Graphic Contests by EVERY FANDOM COUNTS Random
Test your graphic abilities! Anyone is welcome to compete!
The Wayward Duck Awards by JasmanianDevil27
The Wayward Duck Awards by The Cool Cucumber Random
Monthly assignments which will be judged. Awards will be given, and awesomeness will be achieved.
Crystal Rose Awards [🌹MONTHLY🌹] ❌❌[CLOSED FOR JUDGING]❌❌ by SheOnlyLovesHim
Crystal Rose Awards [🌹MONTHLY🌹]... by Bella B Random
🌹Welcome to The Crystal Rose Awards for June 2017🌹❌❌ [CLOSED] ❌❌ This is a MONTHLY book competition! There will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd for EACH Genre. NOT ALL GENRE'S WILL...
[OPEN] Hidden Ge-ms Monthly Writing Awards by KellyGe
[OPEN] Hidden Ge-ms Monthly Writin... by —semihiatus Random
Looking for a community and place to read tips and tricks, participate in interactive activities with other undiscovered writers, and more? | Details inside Short and sw...
Poetry Contests by wondxrous
Poetry Contests by OLIVIA Poetry
This poetry contest book is for small and big poets. With fun a stimulating themes and prompts. That score you prizes on Wattpad. So read, write, and get inspired! *Open...
The Girl With The Snake by CurlyFry_xoxo
The Girl With The Snake by CurlyFry_xoxo Fanfiction
....“Look, my life isn’t as pretty and glam as you think, I’m not a good person not even close” she chuckled, “To be frank, I’m your worse nightmare, I have been sent he...
Inspiration! A monthly short story contest. by Bekah0203
Inspiration! A monthly short story... by Storybory Short Story
Do you have an amazing short story that needs attention? If so this is the place for you!
Butterfly Fly Away Award Winners  by JustBu101
Butterfly Fly Away Award Winners by Butterfly Fly Away Random
This is where you come to check out the winners to my contest book "The Butterfly Fly Away Awards". 🦋 Good Luck!!!
Monthly Writing contest by Rabbit_and_the_Duck
Monthly Writing contest by Rabbit_and_the_Duck Random
I will post a writing contest each month. The contest will run from the 5th to the 5th of every month. This will depend on how many (if any) submissions I get. Each writ...
Newsletters by CoffeeCommunity
Newsletters by Coffee Community Random
All of Coffee Community's Monthly Newsletters will be written here from now on.
Realm of Art Contests [CLOSED] by SagiCorn_Artists
Realm of Art Contests [CLOSED] by SagiCorn_Artists Random
[CLOSED FOR EVER probably] "Art contest becomes a fun game. Microminiature cells evolve into mighty GODS!" Welcome, fellow artists/players to the Realm of Art...
GST Updates by dobizindia
GST Updates by dobizindia Adventure
The fee has been revised for nil return from 200 Rs per day to Rs 20 per day and for others, the late fees has been revised from Rs 200 to Rs 50 per day. Revision in tim...