2018 Universe Awards! by madisueb
2018 Universe Awards!by ✨Madi✨
Closed Highest rank: #92 in random
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Meet the authors by BooksbyLwordpress
Meet the authorsby BooksbyLwordpress
Started in November 2017 This book is made to bring publicity to newcomers and undiscovered authors. (I hope) In this book, readers can get to know favorite authors or s...
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Teen Fiction Community's Guide to Writing by TeenFictionCommunity
Teen Fiction Community's Guide Teen Fiction
Teen fiction is one of the few genres that crosses with several others: from sci-fi to romance to fantasy. Here's our chance to celebrate that by offering writer tips, h...
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Poetry Contests by wondxrous
Poetry Contestsby OLIVIA
This poetry contest book is for small and big poets. With fun, stimulating themes, that score you prizes on Wattpad. So read, write, and get inspired! *Opened* Highest...
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Clod Writing Games 2018 by TheClodSquad
Clod Writing Games 2018by We are the Crystal Clods
[Clod Points] Liv - 1 Dead - 0 Stars - 0 Watch the Clod Squad compete in a monthly writing competition!
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Periods: The Raw Truth by rainbowscarecrow
Periods: The Raw Truthby I forgot.
If you don't have the balls (oh, the irony) to handle this, then please spare yourself. This very enraging, yet educating, rant is about something literally every singl...
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The "I'm on My Period" Diaries by MythicalNote
The "I'm on My Period" Diariesby Myth
"Periods. Why does it have to be blood? Can't it be like, fairy dust or something?" Oh yes. Us girls go through a lot of pain on this monthly cycle. Of course...
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FEELS LIKE LONELINESS||playlists by -voidmoonlight
FEELS LIKE LONELINESS||playlistsby ♡void ari[d]ana♡
❝ Love feels like loneliness Love feels like loneliness sometimes That's just the way it is Love feels like loneliness sometimes ❞ ________________________________ a boo...
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Inspiration! A monthly short story contest.  by Bekah0203
Inspiration! A monthly short Storybory
Do you have an amazing short story that needs attention? If so this is the place for you!
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HappyBrookers' Monthly Contests by HappyBrookers
HappyBrookers' Monthly Contestsby The Pen
March entry - Open Want to challenge yourself? Want yourself known for your talent? Then check out 'HappyBrookers Monthly contest'
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The Royal Court Awards 2018 (OPEN) by RoyalCourtAwards
The Royal Court Awards 2018 (OPEN)by RoyalCourtAwards
Award time! Want to make your story known? All information inside!
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Monthly Awards - Hidden Authors by HAContests
Monthly Awards - Hidden Authorsby The Hidden Author Awards
Monthly awards for undiscovered (and discovered) authors who want to win prizes and recognition for their work. Featuring new awards for each month! By @mangoskies_
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Blade's Monthly Writers by LillianBlade
Blade's Monthly Writersby LillianBlade
Are you a writer waiting to be discovered? This is a monthly contest that will go through many genre's and themes. So, offering you a promotion and prizes, I present to...
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Butterfly | Recommended by x_nutmeg_x
Butterfly | Recommendedby ~ nutmeg ~
Monthly recommendations of books, TV shows and movies
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kayyy's randomness by yourstrulykayyy
kayyy's randomnessby heyyy it’s kayyy
randomness that I needed something to do with lol
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2018 Wattpad Hunger Games by HoneyBea-and-BobaTea
2018 Wattpad Hunger Gamesby Mochi Miles
inspired by Laurenz Side Made with
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Best Book Cover Contest by bookcoverawards
Best Book Cover Contestby Book Cover Awards
★Best Book Cover Contest★ This book conducts monthly contests for the Best Book Cover in every months... This just to enhance the book cover designing skills rather than...
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TWC Monthly Contest [OPEN] by Weird_Community
TWC Monthly Contest [OPEN]by Weirdos Zone
The Weird Community is a platform created to showcase the beauty in all of our works. This monthly contest is one of the first steps in helping you to achieve that goal...
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Monthly Contests by AwardsforFanfiction
Monthly Contestsby FANFICTION AWARDS
CURRENT STATUS- OCTOBER ENTRY PERIOD Each month, one of us will host a Fanfiction one-shot contest! This is not the main awards. Enter if you please, these are all tota...
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Strong Female Leads Awards!! by RaeBLake
Strong Female Leads Awards!!by Rae B. Lake
This contest is monthly! If you have a strong female character in your book, be it a protagonist or antagonist, we want to know about them! No matter the writing style...
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