Hearts of pain by _wild_sunflower
Hearts of painby Lisset
18 year old Aurora Light is kind, innocent, loving, forgiving and living by herself since her mom die leaving her with a heart of pain. Her mother was her everything and...
  • abuse
  • rejected
  • heartbreak
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Alpha Lukas by lolabre49
Alpha Lukasby Lola B. Elswood
Highest Ranking: #8 in Werewolf 12-12-17 "I dream about having you under me trembling and shaking to my touch. I picture your bare body and what it feels like to b...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • wattys2017
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My Monster Mate by AmandaPanda0987
My Monster Mateby AmandaPanda0987
Arabella Pines is the sweetest person anybody will ever meet. She is selfless and is all ways thinking about others. She is not only rich in kindness, but in beauty. And...
  • photocredit
  • wattys2015
  • abuse
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Among the Peonies by youmakemeangry
Among the Peoniesby My name's Megan
Annabel McGromery is fragile. Small, quiet, and sweet, she stumbles upon the unfortunate presence of Blade Black. Blade is viscous, and nothing will change that. But w...
  • mean
  • mates
  • human
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Vincent Territory  by Random_Wordz
Vincent Territory by ☆ Kгเรtเภ ☆
Highest rank - #1 in werewolf Alexis Michaels is a normal teenage werewolf. After her parents' mysterious disapearance she was left in the care of her Alpha where she wa...
  • territory
  • trespassing
  • punishment
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Monster {edited} {Wattys2018} {Completed} by wolfie169
Monster {edited} {Wattys2018} {Com...by wolfie169
-Highest Ranking: No.48 in Wattpad's Werewolf Genre - Placed first in its genre in the 2018 Universe Awards {Prequel to War} Many young she-wolves have dreamed of meeti...
  • featured
  • broken
  • rejection
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Alpha Octavius by downrightdelinquents
Alpha Octaviusby Reece
| Highest ranking #8 in werewolf | He wrapped his arms around my neck tightly, squeezing the life out me. Immediately my face turned purple, my instincts kicked in and m...
  • broken
  • romance
  • werewolf
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Beast by Directionerrrx
Beastby Directionerrrx
He's dangerous He's intelligent He's ruthless He's sexy He's... a beast --- 'You must not go looking for him Annalise, he must never find you, yo...
  • cases
  • girl
  • note
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Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015 by mukesbromance
Vampire Teacher Wattys 2015by mukesbromance
"Half human?" He smirked at me as he pins me into the wall. I kept a straight face, not letting him have the satisfaction of me being scared. His arrogant smir...
  • half
  • truelove
  • curse
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FALLEN FOR A MONSTER by mehaklovely
It is a mysterious Love Story.
  • nandini
  • hate
  • monster
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Shatter [Jonathan Byers] Stranger Things II by UnderMySkin
Shatter [Jonathan Byers] Stranger...by Sabrina
[This is Book II; Book I is "Shutter": https://www.wattpad.com/story/94403885-shutter-jonathan-byers-stranger-things-i ] [Cover Created by AFleetingDream_91] E...
  • joycebyers
  • 1980s
  • charlieheaton
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Monstrous (Sequel to Beastly) by LlamaMBiersack
Monstrous (Sequel to Beastly)by Madison
My eyes filled up with warm tears, my lip quivering as I clenched my fists. This was not the Andy that I knew and loved. No, now he was a monster. A cold hearted, disgus...
  • love
  • jakepitts
  • thriller
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🦇 Batty 🦇 by JJRothschild
🦇 Batty 🦇by J.J. Rothschild
17 year old Sophie, an unpopular loner, unwittingly takes a walk into a sinister wooded area and stumbles into a world she shouldn't have. There, she meets Ba'ki - apsu...
  • soulmate
  • action
  • sexual
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Rascals  [BTS] by hoseokshope19940218
Rascals [BTS]by KING SeokJin
R18+ Mature Content There will be BoyxBoy sexual content so please do not report. I am warning you ahead of time ------------------------------ Rascal: a mischievous or...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • kimtaehyung
  • junghoseok
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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins...by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • panic
  • girlfriend
  • lying
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EXO's Star | new member by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | new memberby 칸영 희
*BOOK 1* After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao SM has decided to add a new member to the missing void, but what if that missing piece was a girl? Come and visit K...
  • exo
  • sehun
  • exonewfemalemember
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Apartment 239 by elfordalley
Apartment 239by elfordalley
Welcome to Marble Springs, a small town of missing people and monsters. After Abe Barrett begins seeing visions of the dead, he soon uncovers the sinister forces behind...
  • demons
  • serialkiller
  • spooky
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Kpop Imagines by kpopdramallama
Kpop Imaginesby kpopdramallama
Kpop imagines/scenarios/drabbles/ reactions/ oneshots. It's my first time writing about anything Kpop so let's hope this turns out well. Gifs/pictures/videos are not mi...
  • uniq
  • jackson
  • namjoon
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The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (SwaSan Story) by SilentReder
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (...by SilenceReader
Pain . Sadness . Emptiness . LONELINESS - "Perfect words to describe what I am feeling right now, yes I am going insane thinking of her,thinking of her beautiful...
  • sadness
  • past
  • swara
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Star Blood |✔| by world_joy_
Star Blood |✔|by World Joy
"Little Star," the king said, his red eyes shining down as he greedily took in my whole body and the repressors upon it, "it will be my pleasure to corrup...
  • romance
  • fangs
  • star
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