My Monster Mate by AmandaPanda0987
My Monster Mate by AmandaPanda0987
Arabella Pines is the sweetest person anybody will ever meet. She is selfless and is all ways thinking about others. She is not only rich in kindness, but in beauty. And...
  • abuse
  • mate
  • love
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EXO's Star | new member by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | new member by 칸영 희
After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao SM has decided to add a new member to the missing void, but what if that missing piece was a girl? Come and visit Kim Eunji'...
  • luckyone
  • exonewmember
  • kai
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The Flower Amongst Us by GreetGoat
The Flower Amongst Us by Meznah
"The first rule you should abide by is to not defy me." Zeus turns to look at the epitome of perfection in front of his gaze. He approached his tiny Mate, towe...
  • cruel
  • mate
  • kidnap
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The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO)  by StilinskiGirl16
The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO) by Brandy winchester
Alexandria Rosalie Mikaelson is Klaus' full sister. She is younger than him, her being 17 and him being 25. When her and her siblings were turned - killed by their fathe...
  • monsters
  • wattys2017
  • hybrids
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Vampire King by QueenKeely
Vampire King by K E E L Y
In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel; living in the garden of hell. Tyler King- the most powerful vampire on earth, the King of all vampires. Shae Valentine...
  • love
  • protective
  • red
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His Personal Infatuation by WolfPanda95
His Personal Infatuation by WolfPanda95
"You are mine, I own you!" He growled at me, it frightened me, but it also angered me. "I am not yours, and I am most definitely, not your property!"...
  • afraid
  • monster
  • frightening
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My Monster And Me 🐉(completed) by EinatSegal
My Monster And Me 🐉(completed) by Einaty
Dragons, gryphons and steamy romance in New York City. Sophie Green knows she'll never change. She's antisocial, on the verge of being a sociopath and as far as men and...
  • newadult
  • fantasy
  • college
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Alpha Lukas by lolabre49
Alpha Lukas by Lola B. Elswood
Highest Ranking: #8 in Werewolf 12-12-17 "I dream about having you under me trembling and shaking to my touch. I picture your bare body and what it feels like to b...
  • mate
  • beauty
  • monster
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The Shadow Watch (Completed) by SAKlopfenstein
The Shadow Watch (Completed) by S. A. Klopfenstein
In ages past, the Old World was ruled by magic and monsters, but after a cataclysmic magical war, the Chancellors of old rid the world of these curses and ushered in a N...
  • darkfantasy
  • war
  • fantasy
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The Lovely Suicide Children by Ms_Horrendous
The Lovely Suicide Children by Senpai Jakayla Toney
They say every dead person has a home. I found my home with The Lovely Suicide Children. At first, it was everything I could ever imagine. However, the first impressions...
  • dead
  • scary
  • mystery
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monster to majnu by daddydoll-7
monster to majnu by daddy's girl
A girl is crying sitting on the bed Girl : plz I beg u plz leave my dad...(sobbing) u can do with me whatever u want but plz don't do anything to him Boy : anything...
  • frndship
  • mukbhi
  • dark
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Shadow Weaver by Claire-Merle
Shadow Weaver by Claire-Merle
Sixteen-year-old Mirra can see people's memories. She is a Shadow Weaver, one of the outlawed, glitter-eyed race feared in her land and forced into brutal slavery as chi...
  • kidnapping
  • girl
  • mystery
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MONSTER / EXO / COMPLETED  by certainly-not-jongin
Sun hadn't even wanted to go out that night, especially not out clubbing. Only if she had told her friend no. Only if she had just stayed home. Only if she had never ste...
  • completed
  • kimjongin
  • monster
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Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper] by SilverK004
Coming to a different world- Story... by SilverK004
Toru is a 17-year old highschooler, but gets terribly bullied at school. One day, Toru ,together with his class, gets summoned to another world as a hero to fight and de...
  • vampires
  • adventure
  • demi-humans
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A Dishonored Demigod by Krios530
A Dishonored Demigod by Krios530
*I don't own Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan does* He was loved He was loyal He was human He was cursed by Gaea His form changed to become the thing he fought against He was...
  • betrayal
  • percyjackson
  • dishonored
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Female Characters X Male Reader by Rygami375
Female Characters X Male Reader by Rygami375
A collection of random stories that I will make as long as people will send ideas and requests. Along with my own works. However, 50% of this book relies on requests.
  • monsters
  • female
  • fanfiction
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Star Blood by world_joy_
Star Blood by World Joy
"Little Star," the king said, his red eyes shining down as he greedily took in my whole body and the repressors upon it, "it will be my pleasure to corrup...
  • soul
  • romance
  • thirst
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After Humanity by stpolishook
After Humanity by Stacey L. Polishook
* 2017 WATTY WINNER!* Humans are at the top of the food chain and always have been. But what if they weren't? What if another took our place and decided to raise and...
  • horror
  • cannibalism
  • post-apocalyptic
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Billdip Shorts! (Requests are welcomed) by Nightcore622
Billdip Shorts! (Requests are welc... by (Lea)
Welcome my lovelies. These are tales of Romance, of hardship, whatever I choose~ You may ask for a story if I so choose to allow it. Your request are also very welcome...
  • betrayal
  • family
  • monster
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Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Hello Series) by redladiebug
Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Hello... by Emily
Dr. Dawson Conn is your average Man's Man. You know the type, single and always ready to mingle. The thought of settling down never crosses his mind. His mother on th...
  • bride
  • monster
  • helloseries
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