exposing kpop fanfics by rapshik
exposing kpop fanfics by jack Random
i expose the cringiest books on the planet have fun - oh also this is just for fun I'm not attacking anyone personally I'm just joking so if you're gonna get butt hurt...
Heart Struck! (idol reader ×bts×exo×got7xmonsta x,etc by skyer_high
Heart Struck! (idol reader ×bts×ex... by keep dreaming Random
Better love story then Twilight- lee y/n (No offense) and how many kpop boy group is there to fall 4 me? Plz don't steal my story or ideas Story belong to me everythin...
⇨ kpop zodiacs by prkjisng
⇨ kpop zodiacs by ♡ P.JS ♡ Random
zodiacs for some of the main kpop boy bands. [COMPLETED]
My life as a kpop idol | kpop ff by samuelsmother
My life as a kpop idol | kpop ff by 미카 Fanfiction
What will happened if you become Kpop idol? started:080217
Kpop Banter by doitkpop
Kpop Banter by glitch Humor
dive the fuck in babes
ulzzang。shs + chw by -junaes
ulzzang。shs + chw by ˗ˏˋ hee ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
「en」 ❝he needed to change because the world won't❞ ㅡ two ulzzangs who slowly start to fall in love © hee 2016/17
Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by -dongcheng
Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by daydreams Random
what is your sign?? who is your bff? boyfriend? brother? want an imagine?? ayy you can pm or comment a request..go ahead, i dont bite!!! anyways enjoy XD
Dream girl(kpop ff)  by ExoTeen_BangTwice7
Dream girl(kpop ff) by ExoTeen_BangTwice7 Fanfiction
Song Nara is a girl who has everything she has the looks of a goddess and she's hella rich and has alot of fans from school to find out 😊😊 Disclaimer: I...
treehouse ; hyungwonho by _tototooru
treehouse ; hyungwonho by 『s a d』 Fanfiction
you have to be this cool to come in COVER BY CEOSEUNGRI © _TOTOTOORU • 2017
ice ; changki by knkverse
ice ; changki by a Fanfiction
"but i don't know how to ice skate." © knkverse 2017
Kihyun | Accidental Love by keurisel
Kihyun | Accidental Love by Crizelle A. Fanfiction
"I married you because I had no choice. And now I'm leaving you because of the same reason." August 16, 2017 - Ongoing
His Errand Boy | Kihyun by myshatae
His Errand Boy | Kihyun by ` your oppa ' Fanfiction
Being MonstaX's errand boy is hard. Especially when you have to hide your gender in order to keep your job! ____________________________________ Choi Minjae is an enthus...
Kpop Imagines by parksnj
Kpop Imagines by . Fanfiction
kpop imagines || let your imagination go wild|| types of genres : - fluff , angst , au , scenarios , reactions started : ended : TBA ...
black rose by kidflix
black rose by mar Random
in which an unloyal and inactive bish gives you some amaejjing usernames. open for requests. ©kidflix
Teen Clash - MAKNAE LINE by Babyjk7Bts
Teen Clash - MAKNAE LINE by Babyjk7Bts Fanfiction
Teen clash maknae line kpop story pleaase vote, read and commnet
Monsta in Disguise by Tuffmiclovin
Monsta in Disguise by Mollie Fa Fanfiction
My best friend Jooheon is finally about to debut. So I'm going to suprise him even though we haven't seen each other for six years. but I already contacted his manager...
MONSTA X Imagines (Sweet, Sexy & Smut Edition) by WONTRUELOVE
MONSTA X Imagines (Sweet, Sexy & S... by 🌼준🐰😘 Fanfiction
Sweet, Sexy & Smut Edition Imagines of Monsta X. Contain long stories and detailed stories. Dedicated to all Monbebes all over the world. (Editing and Weekly Updating St...
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by _tototooru
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by 『s a d』 Fanfiction
♕ started chatting with you COVER BY CEOSEUNGRI © _TOTOTOORU • 2017
↝ TWINKIE IDOL ↜                                         KPOP FF by -AVATAER-
↝ TWINKIE IDOL ↜... by ~V's future wifeu~ Fanfiction
The female kpop magnet named Y/N. Getting chased by men isn't that help? T_T
②|daredevil ❬kooktae❭ by taestynism
②|daredevil ❬kooktae❭ by jackseagull_ Fanfiction
current status: U N D E R R E V I S I O N & E D I T I N G ─s l o w u p d a t e s ─top!kook,bottom!tae