road rash #hyungwonho by ceoseungri
road rash #hyungwonho by alek Fanfiction
hoseok finds himself a new life at the skate park. © ceoseungri · 2016
TROUBLE ↝ HYUNGWONHO. by hi — hello — 안녕 Fanfiction
there is bound to be trouble when a fuckboy meets an ulzzang ‣ a hyungwonho fic © WONHOES- 2017
As a documentary for my love, showki 🐻🐹 MonstaX Shownu × Kihyun It's not a story but my investigation and proof that showki's moment does exist. It contained showki's...
His Errand Boy | Kihyun [√] by myshatae
His Errand Boy | Kihyun [√] by ` your oppa ' Fanfiction
Being MonstaX's errand boy is hard. Especially when you have to hide your gender in order to keep your job! ____________________________________ Choi Minjae is an enthus...
broken glass ; jookyun by _tototooru
broken glass ; jookyun by 『#MonstaX1stWin』 Fanfiction
loving someone broken doesn't mean you will fix them © _TOTOTOORU • 2016-
Doll Face [Kihyun X Reader] by sweetpxsin
Doll Face [Kihyun X Reader] by W A N N A O N E ' S Fanfiction
[Kihyun X Reader /Warning: [Mature contant] some chapter have hints of smuts or are just full out smuts so if your not uncomfortable please skip the chapter/ part or do...
kpop as boyfriends/girlfriends by hyogiesenpai
kpop as boyfriends/girlfriends by lee chan's baby Random
kpop as boyfriends/girlfriends (and others) credit to owners.
#1 the clan | monsta x √ by susheep
#1 the clan | monsta x √ by Kimmie Fanfiction
It all started when a group of seven boys moved into your neighbourhood and right then, your life was not the same anymore. "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, bloo...
monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스] by Dejuuhh
Kpop Imagines & Scenarios by emilymarie98_
Kpop Imagines & Scenarios by Emily~ Fanfiction
Have you ever wondered what GOT7 would be like as your boyfriend? What about BTS as your friends? Do you want to hear your bias confess his love for you? Do you just wan...
feelings - [changki] by changkyundimple
feelings - [changki] by A. Fanfiction
Kihyun and Changkyun were best friends. They used to spend a lot of time together. But suddenly, one day Kihyun left the country with his family, so to keep being friend...
Monsta X as Boyfriends (One Shot Collection) by ycungk
Monsta X as Boyfriends (One Shot C... by thou shall not be named Fanfiction
One shots for our lovely boys of Monsta X. Open for requests! Just comment down some prompts and I'll try my best to give you amazing results. Thank you and please show...
Monsta X Smuts (Hiatus) by jkdxo_
Monsta X Smuts (Hiatus) by kpop ruined me Fanfiction
For all u horny bitches out there ;)
prettier than flowers (jookyun) by chimchim33
prettier than flowers (jookyun) by chimchim33 Fanfiction
jooheon, a thug meets changkyun who works at a flower shop called "flowers prettier than you"
Kpop Zodiac by tenguinn
Kpop Zodiac by Puff Daddy Random
Aries: will read Taurus: will read Gemini: will read Cancer: will read Leo: will read Virgo: will read Libra: will read Scorpio: will read Sagittarius: will r...
그남자 (COMPLETED ✔✔)  by ChimChimpanzee
그남자 (COMPLETED ✔✔) by Maira Azham Fanfiction
"You say that you don't love me but you act like you do!" *sigh* "Do I have a chance or not Baek Hana?"
Kpop wwyd & wyr  by kpopidoltrash
Kpop wwyd & wyr by Ig||Kpopstan.trash Random
Another Kpop what would you do and would you rather 😊 Bts, Exo, Got7, Vixx, Nct, Pentagon, Blackpink, MonstaX, Astro, SHINee, Big Bang, Seventeen, Wanna One, Twice, Bto...
story ideas | kpop by L0RD0NGHYUN
story ideas | kpop by G.CRUSH Random
a book that I'm lazy to create into stories - read rules & taken story list chapter before taking the stories tq • Highest rank: #476 in random © L0RD0NGHYUN started: 3...
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by _tototooru
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by 『#MonstaX1stWin』 Fanfiction
♕ started chatting with you © _TOTOTOORU • 2017
Risk {hyungwonho || 2won} by AggressivePeach
Risk {hyungwonho || 2won} by - ̗̀ Peach ̖́- Fanfiction
"All I wanted was to enjoy my one day off, and instead I ended up a mafia bosses wife." In which Chae Hyungwon finds himself in the middle of a mafia, entangle...