My Brother's Best Friend by Mollydx3
My Brother's Best Friendby Molly! <3
After returning from England, Isabella is finally home for the summer. But she didn't expect to end up in bed with Caleb Knight, her brother's friend, giving him the one...
  • teenager
  • newborn
  • labor
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The Jerk and the Waitress ✔ by UndercoverReadur
The Jerk and the Waitress ✔by UndercoverReadur
Meet Trey, your almost typical senior highschool student. He hates nearly everyone, and everything. After the death of his parents, all he wanted to do is graduate, take...
  • comedy
  • teen
  • relationships
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A Freshman and A Senior...Love? by writergurl95
A Freshman and A Senior...Love?by Taylor
The sequel is &quot;The Senior Still Loves The Freshman&quot;
  • confuesed
  • hate
  • beach
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Lullabies • Scott McCall [1] by SpanishCandy
Lullabies • Scott McCall [1]by Nayeli
A pregnant girl and a werewolf boy.
  • mccall
  • romance
  • stilestilinski
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Love That Waits ( Mayward Ongoing ) by skrengliebi
Love That Waits ( Mayward Ongoing )by ļiťtlëfånćifül
Was there a chance for two people to fall in love if everything starts in pure lies? Will there be a chance to make things right if one chosen to give up?
  • moon
  • heartbreaks
  • emmanuel
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The Alpha's Daughter by krazykatgurl
The Alpha's Daughterby krazykatgurl
&quot;I, Cole Greystone, reject you, Morgan Mayor, as my mate.&quot; As soon as those words left his mouth, I felt my whole world, shatter into a million pieces. He lef...
  • emily
  • baby
  • pregnant
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Fighter: Baby Winchester by MotherMelanin02
Fighter: Baby Winchesterby VictoriousReads 💋
Dean and Nadia are expecting a child. Just when life is going smoothly, Sam returns not knowing how he is alive. Crazy thing is, he's not the only one who has been resur...
  • fanfiction
  • familybusiness
  • normanikordei
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박 지민 • Pregnant {🔜} by little_jiminie95
박 지민 • Pregnant {🔜}by ★
* give author-nim about a week to think about the story description, LOL * Started : Ended : ---
  • dad
  • btsjimin
  • seokjin
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The Handy Man | August Alsina Fiction | by CrownedByCurls
The Handy Man | August Alsina Joan Clayton
The title pretty much speaks for itself . The pictures being used in this book I have NO ownership of and belong to Tumblr and Google. @Nia.kf - Gianna Mosby @augustalsi...
  • love
  • blacklove
  • mom
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My Girl by Nickymb
My Girlby Megan ♦
You see, It all started in a library. Mia Hastings always seems to get in trouble from her cocky and sarcastic attitude. So when Aiden Cash presents himself, she knows...
  • boy
  • girl
  • family
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Forever with Mr. Arrogant by ALoveForRomance
Forever with Mr. Arrogantby Nanette
Abrielle and Ace are now engaged again and everything is going perfectly again. Abrielle continues her modeling career while Ace takes on the responsibility of President...
  • date
  • husband
  • awaken
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Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Town by xBibliobibulix
Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Townby ♛ M ♛
It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson.
  • amberheard
  • mom
  • baby
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Him and Me. by yoyopay
Him and Myca
Kayla Johnson has lived a good high school life. She is relatively liked by everyone, and she tries to be nice and civil to everyone in return. Besides with Tyler Simmon...
  • happy
  • fun
  • friendship
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After Hours by MonaChiedu
After Hoursby Ramona Morris
Destiny Parker is a 31 year old African American woman stuck working a nine to five job and balancing the role of mother and the horrors of finding a good man. To make m...
  • closure
  • employee
  • mom
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Dance For Me (ON HOLD) by starbuckstheiif
Dance For Me (ON HOLD)by *●*J*●*
Arabella Esme Graham is the unnoticed nerdy, loner at school. She has no friends, no one talks to her, much less looks at her. It could be worse though. She could be bul...
  • dfm
  • love
  • dancing
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Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story)by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
  • leahgreen
  • fireworks
  • deatheater
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If You Didn't Come In My Life by paarri
If You Didn't Come In My Lifeby paarri
Gauri Sharma is an ordinary girl with an ordinary job and ordinary lifestyle. Though her parents left her some wealth, She can't do anything about it till she turns 25...
  • tina
  • revenge
  • romance
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Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secretsby BraveNewWriter
Her name is Melanie Clark and she’s a goody two-shoes. She’s always followed the rules. In fact, she’s a bit of a moralist. Never been kissed, never snuck out, and never...
  • birthday
  • assignment
  • sleepover
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You rejected me and now i'm gay by forevverfalling
You rejected me and now i'm gayby Forevverfalling
Emery Smith was rejected then raped by her mated. She ran away only to find out that she was pregnant with twins. A couple years later while going for a run with her pup...
  • rejected
  • werewolf
  • teen
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