Comments [Harry Styles]  by witharryx
Comments [Harry Styles] by gloria ☾
- ENG - @harrystyles started following you. @harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented on your post. @harrystyles replied to your comment on your post. Can the...
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He is my roommate by Zero_ten
He is my roommate by Luv❤️
Jenny Coleman has another thing coming her way when she finds out who her new roommate is.... *completed*
  • fwb
  • badboy
  • roommate
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boomerang ― shoppe by kokodaes
boomerang ― shoppe by ⋆ via
― first installment ; interval series ― discovered in 171008 时光机器 ― discontinued as of 171216 遗憾 ⏳ ― ❝ we were at the...
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CELEBRITY FUN FACTS by styles_stiilinski
Facts about your favorite celebrities
  • selenagomez
  • bollywood
  • hollywood
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Perrie Edwards,Dylan o'Brian //Instagram  by perrieedwards2002
Perrie Edwards,Dylan o'Brian //Ins... by Little mix cray Cary
Perrie Edwards and Dylan o'Brian Instagram Including more celebrities
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  • dylanobrien
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crush ✧ j.t by glowinjade
crush ✧ j.t by ☽
It's moments like these where I feel like there's a chance. Like this could be a thing. But then I remember everything suddenly changes when Jed comes in to the equation.
  • perrieedwards
  • thirlwall
  • jade
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Pregnant With My Bully's Baby // z.m (slow editing) by zaynielxrry
Pregnant With My Bully's Baby // z... by baby.
its unusual to fall in love with your bully. but i guess school is where unusual things happen. wether its bad or good i love him in any circumstances. ; or where perrie...
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Brave || Zerrie AU by Independent_Chicks
Brave || Zerrie AU by Lu
"The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it..." - Nicholas Sparks This is Perrie's journey from being heartbroken to believi...
  • liam
  • styles
  • perrieedwards
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Our Secret-A Zerrie Fanfic by zerriezap
Our Secret-A Zerrie Fanfic by zerriezap
Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards. Find out what goes on behind the cameras and the scrutiny of fans and media, presenting to you our perfect pop couple through the roller coas...
  • direction
  • malik
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Love And Basketball || Kyle Kuzma Fanfic by babekay_love
Love And Basketball || Kyle Kuzma... by Kiershaun Johnson
It all started with a jog through the park.
  • mix
  • lonzoball
  • kylexblue
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Love Affair • Sebastian Stan by southsidelove
Love Affair • Sebastian Stan by chlo
In which Sebastian Stan is in love with the woman who isn't his girlfriend [social media] [sebastian stan] Previously known as Small Things
  • characters
  • faceclaim
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Wicked Games (Z.M AU) by TTYL_XOX
Wicked Games (Z.M AU) by Louis' Bae
"You saw me in a way no one had before." Zayn whispered after a minute or two of silence. I looked up to read his overwhelmed gaze, and for the first time, I c...
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Little Mix One Shots by LM_Lover_2016
Little Mix One Shots by LM_Lover_2016
Just a few one shots about the queens themselves Little Mix. Some Jerrie, Some Lesy. All little mix! Request if you wish!
  • fanfic
  • little
  • perrie
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only us ➸ jerrie - complete by thxt_fangirl
only us ➸ jerrie - complete by vicky
" could it be us, and only us? " only us : a jerrie fanfiction where a college group project leads to love. // frequent updates // ©: @/thxt_fangirl
  • college
  • deh
  • onlyus
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Angelic // Jerrie by Niallsmixx
Angelic // Jerrie by K80
"I-I'm sorry, but I have no where to go, and I'm very cold. The lights in your house are the only ones on around here, so I assumed you were awake. Can I come in?&q...
  • jerrie
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If I'm Louder (Niall Horan Love Story) by ItsxDirectionerxBabe
If I'm Louder (Niall Horan Love St... by ItsxDirectionerxBabe
*Insert your name in the _____ spaces* You and Zayn Malik have been bestfriends since forever. You haven’t seen him ever since he left to audition for the X Factor. What...
  • mix
  • elounor
  • horan
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Regrets and Mistakes ( ON HOLD) by Agent_Yellow_PB
Regrets and Mistakes ( ON HOLD) by Hidden_Philospher
One Direction is on their big break but what happens when they reunited? Little Mix is on the top of their career but what happens when love came into play? "I stil...
  • jesy
  • mix
  • zerrie
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Love, anonymous (Jerrie) by LMand1Dlover
Love, anonymous (Jerrie) by LMand1Dlover
Perrie Edwards had always been one to observe Jade Thirlwall from afar, always having the slightest crush on her. It wasn't stalking or peeping, it was a simple crush th...
  • littlemix
  • mix
  • little
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Climbing the Walls (a Niall Horan love story) by sweetlikesugar1d
Climbing the Walls (a Niall Horan... by Zeina
Haley Ramiel Watson is pretty normal... Except that her cousin is Harry Styles. And when this sixteen-year-old's parents die in a tragic car accident, she has to move fr...
  • tragic
  • nelson
  • walls
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False  by EuroAsianFml
False by Bts Trash
Phana the most handsome boy of the royal family met his mate but it all gone wrong after that moment...
  • wayo
  • mix
  • prince
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