Halo by Superfruit_IsLife
Halo by Mama Alpha Fanfiction
"Angels have no philosophy but love." -Terri Guillemets-
arranged marriage. (scomiche omegaverse) // COMPLETED by sweetlifehoying
arranged marriage. (scomiche omega... by sweetlifehoying Fanfiction
Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who ha...
I fell for you | Scomiche | Book 1 | *Completed* by PointlessNachos
I fell for you | Scomiche | Book 1... by 'Nahhhh-chos Fanfiction
" December 20, 2010 Dear Mitch Grassi, I fell for you Love Scott Hoying " | Number 20 in FanFiction! | Book 2 Is OUT!!!! |
PHOBIA  by pentalyrics
PHOBIA by pentalyrics Fanfiction
pho·bi·a [foh-bee-uh] (n.) a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. Scot...
The Alpha And The Omega 3 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 3 by Mama Alpha Fanfiction
The third book of the series! And still going strong, with daily updates :) ALSO: Thank you @Kirstin_FanAcc for the cover!! :*
kinky. • 💀 💦 by PTX-Soprano
kinky. • 💀 💦 by memories • 🦋 🌙 Fanfiction
october prompts + more days to fulfill your needs.
Love, Scomiche: Miracles Can Happen by grassi_slay
Love, Scomiche: Miracles Can Happen by Rebekah Fanfiction
"Scott... I'm pregnant" Mitch says. Scott is shocked when he hears the big news, he's going to be a father, and Mitch is going to be a Mommy. Mitch needs Scot...
Tatted | SuperFruit by PointlessNachos2
Tatted | SuperFruit by PN Second Account Fanfiction
"Henri Matisse once said 'Creativity takes courage'." "Who's that?" He chuckled, taking a sip of his drink as he leaned next to the brunette, shrug...
Unconditionally  by avm2103
Unconditionally by avm2103 Fanfiction
Scomiche AU "I told you Scott, you're stuck with me. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Unconditionally, babe." "Unconditionally?" Scott...
text me daddy ; scomiche by wealllose
text me daddy ; scomiche by tyler Fanfiction
"hey daddy, text back soon."
Color by Superfruit_IsLife
Color by Mama Alpha Fanfiction
"Not everything is black and white." *Thank you AGAIN to the marvelous @kirstin_fanacc for the cover* **Also p.s. This is book 2 to Black and White in case I d...
Vlogger | SuperFruit  by PointlessNachos2
Vlogger | SuperFruit by PN Second Account Fanfiction
@ScottHoying: I need somewhere to stay in England. ... Any ideas?? @mitchgrassi: 🙋🙋🙋
Alpha | Book 2 - Pack Series by PointlessNachos2
Alpha | Book 2 - Pack Series by PN Second Account Fanfiction
"You have spent your entire life protecting us. Let us protect you." "But that's my job. I'm supposed to be the Alpha; I'm supposed to save you and be th...
Scömíche One-Shots: Volume II by CantSleepMitch
Scömíche One-Shots: Volume II by evergreen chemistry Fanfiction
More smut, bdsm, dark!, requests ;)
S.C.O.T.T. by marble-and-blackstar
S.C.O.T.T. by Tynisha Fanfiction
"What the hell are you and why are you following me?" I demanded, angrily, as I rubbed my sore arms. "I am a Specially Created Observational Technological...
pentatonix. (omegaverse one-shots) by sweetlifehoying
pentatonix. (omegaverse one-shots) by sweetlifehoying Fanfiction
A one-shot book focused on Mitch's journey with his new pack. Learn about his past life and how he became apart of this new pack. Will he fall in love with Alpha Scott...
Dear Dr.Hoying by ptxem611
Dear Dr.Hoying by ptxem611 Fanfiction
dear scott, you looked at me today. it made me want to smile. but i couldn't. dear scott, you walked into my room today and asked what my favorite color was. it made...
sh•mg | oneshots  by Kamofficial
sh•mg | oneshots by ya girl kam Fanfiction
Just a collection of small drabbles written in my head that I've decided to write down and share ❤️ • • • • • @kamofficial 2016 Cover credits: @cant_sleep_mitch
Innocence|Corruption (Scomiche) by bubblegrassi
Innocence|Corruption (Scomiche) by baby chey Fanfiction
The story of a naive angel and a devilish demon.
Depths •||• scomiche by PhanHoying
Depths •||• scomiche by PhanHoying Fanfiction
College can be hard, especially when you're alone. Mitch is new to college and all of it's turns and ways. He feels pretty excluded until he meets a few new persons who...