Hidden Princess of Light by LuHan4me
Hidden Princess of Lightby WhiteFLAME
A girl named Faye Anne Mendoza, had been living with her step family for 10 years. She had a normal life with other people,she's the girl that doesnt talk too much.... ...
  • mistery
  • fun
  • wattys2017
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BTS OUTCAST  by kim_ni_an
BTS HORROR!AU - in where a game controls lives. This aus story is from Twitter.... By @flirtaus
  • mistery
  • kimseokjin
  • parkjimin
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Harold by -cryadult
Haroldby Cranky witch
❝Wie kannst du jemanden vertrauen,der dich für verrückt hält?❞ -_-_-_- Highest ranking: Mistery/Thriller #7
  • mistery
  • schizophrenia
  • psychotic
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Cinta yang sempurna, ketika ia mampu bertahan saat badai menerpa cinta itu. cinta yang sempurna tak pernah peduli kala ia dalam keadaan terpuruk ataupun terhina. karena...
  • khairanihasan
  • pitsansi
  • sekolah
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My Dark Soulmate by Psycho_Yandere_
My Dark Soulmateby TheWifu_YouFucked
'The Dark Soulmate,' 'She has always wanted her mate, she wanted to be loved, to never feel alone, she needed someone to take care of her, never getting bores of her, Un...
  • ruthless
  • werewolf
  • romance
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If I Got Rid of My Demons I would Lose My Angels (Daryl Dixon love story) by skittlesbun
If I Got Rid of My Demons I would...by Texican <3
Mysterious. Its a word that can discribe Sam. The torn, broken soul that couldn't be healed. It was like that until she meet him. It had been years since the last time...
  • walkers
  • daryl
  • dixon
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New guy in town #wattys2017 by MaytePerez07
New guy in town #wattys2017by Mayte Perez
Victoria Woods: Shy, humble, caring. She isn't considered &quot;popular&quot; at Pittsburgh High. But that changes when a certain guy moves to town. Drew Smith: Arrogant...
  • true
  • hate
  • passion
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Faith in Omertà [Complete]  by its_shaili_kg
Faith in Omertà [Complete] by Shaili kg
This night was enough I can't take it anymore. My eye's were still filled with tears I was crying on my present state . My mind was screaming for help. I remembered ther...
  • murder
  • thriller
  • lust
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Farkasok És Emberek by PastelleTears
Farkasok És Emberekby June
Emberek. Farkasok és emberek. Én csak egy kilencedikes, átlagos srác vagyok egy átlagos, kicsi városból, ahol sose történik semmi sem. Na, ez mind teljesen megváltozik...
  • új
  • szerelem
  • thriller
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Every Day Heart Broken by SakuraUchiha__
Every Day Heart Brokenby Sakura🌸
Jeden Tag... Jeden Tag wird mein Herz gebrochen und das nur weil ich mich auf die Liebe eingelassen habe. Jeden Tag versuche ich nur das eine: Nicht verletzt zu werden. ...
  • hass
  • zeit
  • rapmonster
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Kamu dan Hujan by Zero_Alta
Kamu dan Hujanby Zerzero
Ketika Salju pertama jatuh menyelimuti Dunia kita. Temui aku di sana, Tempat dimana kita selalu bersama, Tempat dimana kamu selalu menatapku dengan tatapan manismu, Temp...
  • rain
  • remaja
  • mistery
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Is it Love? Drogo (the true History) English by Maria45332
Is it Love? Drogo (the true Histor...by Maria45332
The true history of Drogo in English!
  • love
  • mistery
GIFT AWAY by miafareyy
GIFT AWAYby miafareyy
''DON'T COPY PASTE!!!!! My stories REAL my IMAGINATION'' Terkadang, perasaan itu tak pernah membutuhkan waktu. Entah waktu untuk membenci ataupun mencintai. Tapi yang...
  • teenromance
  • kesepian
  • fiksiremaja
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A Cassanova FelL inLove To The King Of HELL by KathleenJoyblue_16
A Cassanova FelL inLove To The Kin...by Kathleen Joy Carbonel Rabang
I am The Cassanova Queen Of Town.. I always Like Adventure.. I don't Care If I Have a People Hurt If I Do Something Bad.. I Love Playing With Different Kind Of Guys.. I...
  • horror
  • romance
  • adventure
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Mr. Popular meets Ms. Nobody (completed) by dreamlife33
Mr. Popular meets Ms. Nobody (comp...by ♛DREAM♛
What is it like to be loved? what i meant to say was, how does it feel to be noticed by someone. i don't know cause i'm always in the shadows, no one talks to me special...
  • heartbreaking
  • mistery
  • love
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SEX DEMON by angelmarie23231
SEX DEMONby angelwp
not suitable for young readers
  • love
  • warning
  • blink
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Medicine by xforuharold
Medicineby sof
❝No puedes pedirme que intente ser aquello que no soy. Conozco mis errores y he gastado gran parte de mi vida con ellos, he aprendido a amarlos, y si realmente me quiere...
  • evil
  • wattys2017
  • psycho
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My New Secret Life by rebekah_stories
My New Secret Lifeby rebekah
They say I'm weak They say I'm naive But they are wrong, they don't know me. Nikole was 14 years old,had always been popular, nice and very happy. But everything change...
  • champion
  • gangs
  • mistery
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The Lost Princess by MichelleHarrison26
The Lost Princessby Akali26
Kayla Mrs Bryton found me on her front steps unconscious and bleeding. She took me in and washed me up, asking who I was and where I came from. But that's the problem. I...
  • mistery
  • balls
  • amnesia
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예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful) × Jimin [√] by Littlesky95
예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful) × Jimin [...by Jeon Jiseo
[COMPLETE] 2017년04월24일 - 2017년10월04일 &quot;Menjauhlah ... Kau akan selalu sial jika bersamaku.&quot; &quot;Aku tidak peduli !! Selama itu kau aku tidak peduli !!&quot; ...
  • teenfiction
  • seokjin
  • hurt
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