The Tycoon's Trophy Family by MaryFahey
The Tycoon's Trophy Familyby Mary Fahey
Pregnant Gemma and her six year old twins are deliberately left behind on an uninhabited island. Her ex boyfriend denies her unborn child is his and is trying to make he...
  • family
  • pregnancy
  • completed
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WARRIOR ▹ L. LAUFEYSON [1] by bloodrose
❝ WHAT KIND OF GOD ARE YOU? ❞ ❝ A GOD KILLER. ❞ ©bloodrose marvel cinematic universe | DC loki laufeyson & diana prince
  • dc
  • adventure
  • action
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It Started With A Call by iusedtocare
It Started With A Callby iusedtocare
[Highest ranking: #34 in Humor on 19th October 2017] [The Unicorn Awards Winner of Humor Category] "Hah! hah....Hello?" someone pants into the phone, their...
  • humor
  • prankcalling
  • prankwars
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The Sin of Wrath by toukamoon
The Sin of Wrathby toukamoon
I've been abandoned. I've been bullied. I've been abused. I've been experimented on. For once I just want to be happy, to live normally like the others, to be excepted...
  • darkness
  • sevendeadlysins
  • wolfpack
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Trouble (The Marauders Era»» Sirius Black FanFiction) by ATotalNerd
Trouble (The Marauders Era»» Amy Rose
Love, lies, danger and death; witness it all as you join Thea in her story of overcoming the struggles of trying to be a normal teenage wizard with dark secrets. 1976» W...
  • moony
  • maraudersera
  • potter
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The Best Kind Of Mistake by JasminAMiller
The Best Kind Of Mistakeby JasminAMiller
Do you want to know what the worst reason for being tired is? When you can't get any sleep because you have to listen to the moaning and other sex noises that are coming...
  • funny
  • kiss
  • boss
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Masquerade- Tom Riddle Fanfiction by Crazykrazykim
Masquerade- Tom Riddle Fanfictionby Skylark Pen Paige
Addie Robins is a no-good rule-breaker, lover of chaos, and a pain in the broomstick. Kicked out of the prestigious school of Durmstrang, she is looking forward for a fr...
  • wattys2017
  • romance
  • tomriddle
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Paying For It by PiesandThighs
Paying For Itby 💜PiesandThighs💜
A woman A man A one night stand An ex boyfriend, An ex wife A messed up life A sister, A brother A set of fathers and mothers Will...
  • diversitylit
  • bwwm
  • interracial
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Dancing In The Rain •Sirius Black• by WeasleyGirl04
Dancing In The Rain •Sirius Black•by WeasleyGirl
•Book 1• "You know what? You're right! I'm not gonna sit hear and sob over a stupid boy! In fact, I'm gonna do the complete opposite! I'm gonna dance! I'm gonna dan...
  • sirius
  • harrypotter
  • dancingintherain
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The Boy Next Door by sam_booklover
The Boy Next Doorby Sam
Been #7 in Teen Fiction 🌱🌱🌱 Next Door #1 🎀 Two months ago, I couldn't even imagine bein like this. Two months ago if you would've se...
  • badboy
  • zaynmalik
  • tristan
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Mischief ▷ Carlos De Vil [1] #wattys2016 by -dunbae
Mischief ▷ Carlos De Vil [1] ♡ larni ♡
"Who's that?" Carlos gawked, his and Jay's jaws dropping open. "That would be my sister, Princess Clarissa, oh and do close your mouths, you'll catch flie...
  • disneydescendants
  • villains
  • prince
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Shooting Stars (furry boyxboy) by King_Squishy
Shooting Stars (furry boyxboy)by Squishy Squish
Kaiden has always lived a boring, day to day life. Everyday was the same routine, get up, shower, eat, go to school, come home, do homework, eat, sleep. He always got go...
  • furry
  • gay
  • boyxboy
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Avengers One-Shots PART TWO by RoguePhoenix15
Avengers One-Shots PART TWOby Sarai
Part Two of My Avengers One-Shot Collection People I have and will continue to write one-shots for: Steve Rogers/Captain America Tony Stark/Iron Man Clint Barton/Hawkey...
  • loki
  • thor
  • godofthunder
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The Bad Boy and the Deaf Girl (Interracial BWWM) by LoneTiger_Lost
The Bad Boy and the Deaf Girl ( Tiger
Nikki and Killian were best friends since the day they met. She was the shy deaf girl, he was the obnoxious bad boy. But they clicked. When Nikki moved away, it devastat...
  • goodgirl
  • teen
  • deaf
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Night Fury (Loki x Fem!Hiccup x Bucky - Soul Mark) by insaneredhead
Night Fury (Loki x Fem!Hiccup x insaneredhead
When Loki and Thor were mere teens (A few hundred years old) they were introduced to the dragon riders of Berk, among whom Loki found his first soul mate, Hedvika Horren...
  • toothless
  • loki
  • simb
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Dark Magic and Assassins of Akranhor (Book 2 of the Shadow Chronicles) by DragonRiderEXE
Dark Magic and Assassins of DragonRiderEXE
Pentus once again finds himself trapped in an inevitable war between the Empire and his city. But that's not all, leading the army towards the destruction of his city is...
  • friendship
  • pride
  • griffon
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Abducted by Loki by ilvolofan
Abducted by Lokiby ilvolofan
Angela Ohff has become one of the most trending and popular singers all over the world. Her parents abandoned her when she was only a baby. All she was left with was a l...
  • disappointment
  • thor
  • romance
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Troublemaker ▸ F.W by avdrago
Troublemaker ▸ F.Wby ✧ alessia ✧
Natalie Fisher wasn't always a troublemaker. Although she was raised without a father figure in the household, Natalie's Muggle mother Diana Fisher made sure her daught...
  • fredweasley
  • fanfiction
  • featured
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Cry For Help by RoseAnneMonroe
Cry For Helpby RoseAnneMonroe
"How do you keep the God of Mischief.... out of mischief?!" Loki was coming back to Earth at Thor's request. He thinks it'll do Loki some good. Loki gets paire...
  • dieing
  • mischief
  • love
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The Misadventures Of Cathy Diaz - Season & Episode layouts.  by Thomas-Shotgun
The Misadventures Of Cathy Nostalgic-Writer
This is the adventurous story of a young girl named Cathy (who has a heart of gold and has so much love to share to those around her and especially her family and friend...
  • humor
  • minecraftuniverse
  • games
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