Slippers and slide [Miniminter] by caatisnotonfire
Slippers and slide [Miniminter] by caat Fanfiction
@MiniKate : @miniminter enjoying my new slippers. Can I slip and slide into your dms now Miniminter liked your tweet Miniminter followed you MiniKate : so I can slip in...
Million Reasons (Miniminter)  by wroetoluna
Million Reasons (Miniminter) by WroetoLuna Fanfiction
Yasmine Lloyd is a 20 year old Geordie who is living her dreams played my football for Arsenal Ladies, what happens when she is made to feature on a YouTube channel with...
wedding date | miniminter by AlrightSimon
wedding date | miniminter by • pumpkin nell🎃♡ • Fanfiction
"you have to be his wedding date." "you can't be serious." - in which a girl, with an undying grudge for a boy, has to be his date to their best fr...
Sidemen And Friends Imagines by bri_leon823
Sidemen And Friends Imagines by bri_leon823 Fanfiction
The title practically explains itself :) Requests are open! Direct message me if you'd like an imagine! I do imagines for: Any Sidemen Member Calfreezy Callux ChrisMD Le...
1-MESSAGES || MINIMINTER by guest056
1-MESSAGES || MINIMINTER by nobody important Fanfiction
Who knew it was possible that a boy thousands of miles away could make my heart race this much. ~ In which a boy accidentally messages a girl and they both fall in love.
MiniMinter GIF Imagines  by kittenminter
MiniMinter GIF Imagines by kittenminter Fanfiction
dedicated to the one and only Simon Minter No smut. Any ideas please dm or gifs you'd like me to use send links! Cover; jordssxix
snapchat // s.minter by Goldiplier
snapchat // s.minter by stac Fanfiction
in which simon minter meets a girl at a cafe who gives him a fake snapchat, leading him to a girl who catches his interest --- lowercase intended simon minter / sidemen...
the not so romantic / simon minter by bloomstheflower
the not so romantic / simon minter by her name is... Fanfiction
[SLOW UPDATES: ONGOING UNTIL COMPLETED] "if you're googling: what is an emotionally abusive relationship, whilst sleeping stark naked next to the so-called love of...
LUCIFER » SIMON MINTER by overworkedwriter
LUCIFER » SIMON MINTER by melanie 🤞🏻 Fanfiction
When Lu comes home from uni finding something she didn't expect, she packed her bags and left. Little did she know she'd be seeing him again. As much as things were awkw...
☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆ by Taylah2112
☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆ by ~OneLove~ Fanfiction
Imagines and preferences about the boys that have inspired me to do so much. The Sidemen, Manny, Cal, Callux imagines Feel free to send in any request. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ #432 high...
goodbye ~ minizerk  by rhiixix
goodbye ~ minizerk by Rhii💞 Fanfiction
When Josh randomly went missing for some reason, each of the guys write letters to Josh to try and figure out why he went. Will more boys leave?
SECOND BEST ; SIMON MINTER by jorja Fanfiction
❝i was always second best, until i met y o u❞ [a story in poems] miniminter; sidemen fanfiction note ; you don't need to be a fan of the sidemen to understand thi...
Will's Sister // Miniminter by sdmn-ne
Will's Sister // Miniminter by lena Fanfiction
"He's only overprotective don't mind him" Where Will Lenney's sister ends up with a certain blonde haired boy
Sidemen imagines  by amber_louisee
Sidemen imagines by amber Fanfiction
Imagines about our favourite seven boys ❤️
Sidemen Preferences by Jaedyn_Macie
Sidemen Preferences by Jaedyn Fanfiction
Just as the title says its a Sidemen Preferences! If you have any suggestions please leave a comment! Very irregular updates Started: 30th September 2016
Watcher (KSImon) by Em_xix
Watcher (KSImon) by Emma [SDMN] Fanfiction
Simon had always been on the outside at school. He always watched the others. That is about to change, quite fast, in fact. He meets Olajide, another person with so many...
Relationship Goals by Friends_Never_End
Relationship Goals by Friends_Never_End Fanfiction
For years Katie Dawson and JJ, also known as KSI, have been distant friends. They grew up together but then JJ became famous on YouTube and moved to London with some fri...
avoid | miniminter [rewriting] by home-sick
avoid | miniminter [rewriting] by wroetostar Fanfiction
She had a habit of talking back, he had a habit of intimidating her and only her. When Harlow Bryant gets fired from her hard-to-get job, Simon Minter comes to the rescu...
Sidemen Gif Series by princesslibbaex
Sidemen Gif Series by Princess Libbae Fanfiction
For the seven dorks who call themselves The Sidemen ♥ |A collection of Sidemen Gif Imagines|
Enough (Simon Minter/SDMN Fanfiction)  by kenzieXIX
Enough (Simon Minter/SDMN Fanficti... by Mackenzie Fanfiction
"You made me feel as though I was e n o u g h."