DNA. mx closed af by WONJITO-
DNA. mx closed af by ❝ I MISS YOU ❞ Fanfiction
━❝no bitch.. i'm sherlock holmes, yes bitch i'm a motherfucking detective so get out of my way❞ ©WONJITO- [CLOSED]
The Lobaks by jmndno
The Lobaks by ㅅofia Fanfiction
kisah tentang perjalanan hidup bestie. crush , school dan semuanya akan diceritakan disini.
Monsta x ambw imagines by momo8910
Monsta x ambw imagines by Monica Fanfiction
Just started please show love😊❤
더 빛이나 (Shine more) by ISidneyAliceI
더 빛이나 (Shine more) by Sidney Fanfiction
The odyssey of three young women on their way to shine forever. A journey full of laughs, tears, friendship and even love. 3 friends that go through thick and thin and t...
confession || j.k.j by aloha-boy
confession || j.k.j by 아로하! Fantasy
"would you like to be mine?"
Flipped 3 || mgl by OHOWLY
Flipped 3 || mgl by 金泰亨 Romance
Please don't leave me alone I can't breathe no more I'm hold you tight and praying to the sky
Merry Christmas, my love by kendria2302
Merry Christmas, my love by KENDRA Fanfiction
Just a short (?) fic I decided to write out of my boredom. It really isn't anything fantastic. But I had to channel my HyungWonho feels somewhere so,,
I'd do anything for you ( Monsta X Minhyuk ) by monbebeforever97
I'd do anything for you ( Monsta X... by monbebeforever97 Fanfiction
Chaeyeong a 19 year old high schooler that is as normal and average as can be, right? Wrong. She has an abusive mother that has a line of horrible boyfriend's always ...
The Maid[Ambw] by SweetSugalol
The Maid[Ambw] by ѕυgα'ѕ вєαя! Fanfiction
CJ is a 17 year old who steals stuff.Until It was her lucky day
WRONG NUMBER {Lee Minhyuk} by irisxtae
WRONG NUMBER {Lee Minhyuk} by I R I S Fanfiction
Texting with someone who thought you were his ex girlfriend?
The One I Love  by KihyunBebe82
The One I Love by KihyunBebe82 Romance
This story is about a girl who have two best guy friends their name is Hyungwon and Shownu. Both of them protected her as their own. One day they walked passed this man...
Step-brothers || Wonhyuk by _itzSnowing
Step-brothers || Wonhyuk by 〖秋雪〗 Fanfiction
Hoseok's father remarried, but he never expected his new step brother to be so enchanting. ------------------ Of which Hoseok can't help but seduce his straight younger...
Bright Pervert | lmh + ick by changkyunn_luv
Bright Pervert | lmh + ick by Chingkyeun Fanfiction
How could Changkyun know, a bubbly person like Lee Minhyuk ask him to sleep with him for a night or in other words a one night stand? Don't worry,no smut. Maybee...
Error // Kiho by WonhosLeftNipple
Error // Kiho by Hyungwonho Teen Fiction
The error isn't the way we love ••• The error is the way the world sees us
Would You Be Mine °Changki° by Love_Cherry_Motion
Would You Be Mine °Changki° by Miss Jin E Fanfiction
This story is inspired by the drama Master's The Sun.
not so close  ➳ ljh × ick by namjukiyo
not so close ➳ ljh × ick by kim Short Story
in which jooheon is in love with a person that barely knows him, and rants about it on instagram。 ㅡlowercase intended ㅡshort chapters ㅡinstagram style highest ranking #6...
it's not a joke  ➳ ljh × ick by namjukiyo
it's not a joke ➳ ljh × ick by kim Fanfiction
a short jookyun story where they love each other but jooheon thinks changkyun is joking, so he goes out with a girl to forget about his best friend。 ㅡ lowercase intended...
>>monsta x chatroom<<  by LilyCDeveraux
>>monsta x chatroom<< by Lily Fanfiction
overhyuk: sup hoes welcome to this cr i made 4 u ur v welcome showbear and 5 others has left the chat. overhyuk: fck brief introduction to how this chatroom was introdu...
OMEGLE ☼ hyungwonho by wonkkungie
OMEGLE ☼ hyungwonho by Hi — Hello —안녕 Fanfiction
❝you're chatting with a random stranger. say hi! you both like ASS❞ - STATUS | ONGOING © wonkkungie 2017
MONSTA X IMAGINES ⭐ by KookieNKreamee
MONSTA X IMAGINES ⭐ by Jisoooo Random
Hello Monbebes! ♦ This is for all of you out there dreaming about our lovely babies 💕 This contains Fluff, Angst, Smut (18+) and much more!