Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake Productions
Y/n is the new werewolf girl at Phoenix Drop High. She just recently moved there and is super nervous for her first day. Just wanna say this is uncanny to Aphmau's seri...
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Sunshine ~ Gene x Reader  by TorreTheFangirl
Sunshine ~ Gene x Reader by ✧Torre✧
"Don't worry Sunshine, I got you." •~•~• Y/N Ro'Meave. The happiest girl you would ever meet. She was like a ray of sunshine. Her, Aphmau, and the rest of the...
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Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X Reader FanFic by cutekawaiimew
Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X... by Sunye
You are Rylan's little sister, and are starting your freshman werewolf year at Phoenix Drop High (PDH). Rylan introduces you to his friends, but all of them seem to not...
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YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-Squad) TEIL 2 by NekoWeird
YouTuber-Zitate (95% vom FREEDOM-S... by KindaWeird
2. TEIL XD Zitate von den Mitgliedern des berühmten FREEDOM SQUADS, bestehend aus Paluten, GermanLetsPlay, Zombey und maudado Ein bunter Mix aus Zitaten aus Freedom-Folg...
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Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minecraft YouTubers) by Jade-Spade
Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minec... by Jade
"So which will it be? Which will it be?" the strange-looking Wither said, cackling dementedly. "Your freedom? Or the lives of your dear friends..." S...
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Rush Draws Weird Things #3 by RainingFaye
Rush Draws Weird Things #3 by angst queen
I draw a lot of weird shit and this is the third example of that. Enjoy. *COVER IS MINE, DUH*
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》》MCSM Oneshots《《 S1 by aktiramisu
》》MCSM Oneshots《《 S1 by ak
©Cover made by me Highest Ranking: 474 in RANDOM 5/24/17 WARNING: There will be some fluff, violence, profanity and more. Read at your own risk. DISCLAIMER: I do not ow...
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The Ender Heir: Book One of the Heir Series: Teamcrafted by missmatched123
The Ender Heir: Book One of the He... by *Hiatus*
Ty has always knew he was missing a piece of his past. I isn't everyday that you wake up with a permanent state of amnesia a few years ago. Join Ty and his fr...
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My Angel (Garroth X Reader) by anileve864
My Angel (Garroth X Reader) by Anileve~Chan
This is a Garroth X Reader in MyStreet. So basically you move in with Aphmau, Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan and live with them. Then you start hanging out with Garroth until y...
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Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) MyStreet by Chloe3256
Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) M... by The Fancy Cookie Monster <3
You moved out of your old house because you thought that your mother would feel better taking care of fewer kids. Not really knowing where to move because you were homes...
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MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imagines by naarpon
MyStreet Boys Preferences and Imag... by 🎶Alyssa🎶
I know they aren't real, but don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be with these cuties? *****REQUESTS FOR IMAGINES ARE OPEN***** *****I DO NOT OWN THE ART ABOV...
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If Mystreet characters used Facebook by eggheadJade
If Mystreet characters used Facebo... by Jadie~✄
[Highest Ranking: #58 In Humor] [Highest Ranking: #317 In Fanfiction] What if Mystreet characters were to use facebook? If they already do, what happens? Dramatic things...
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Be Mine //Kürbistumor ff by Lednies_world
Be Mine //Kürbistumor ff by Lednie
Er hasst mich.. Dieser letzte kleine Funke Hoffnung, dass er mich niemals hassen könnte, verschwand aus meinem Kopf und frustriert schmiss ich mein Handy auf mein Bett...
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I Don't Want To Love You { Zanvis } by scxntxlla
I Don't Want To Love You { Zanvis } by fil
Zane has never truly experienced love and doesn't mind it. That's when he begins to have feelings for the white haired male, which he refuses to acknowledge. But what ha...
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Facebook (A Percy Jackson story) (Watty Award Winner 2013) by lilmonkey13
Facebook (A Percy Jackson story) (... by Abby
Just random silliness that the demigods do on Facebook! With 100 parts finished with 112 chapters. Some of the conversations are ones I have had with my own friends, fam...
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~Aphmau Boy/Girlfriend Scenarios~    AND ONESHOTS! by pricegen1205
~Aphmau Boy/Girlfriend Scenarios~... by pricegen1205
These are Aphmau Boyfriends/ Girlfriends Scenarios! Have you ever wanted to be with an Aphmau boy or girl? Well now you can! •I own none of these characters• People in...
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Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLETED} by Vulpixal
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLET... by Vulpixal
"The beauty of love isn't the physical aspect, but the mental one that infinitely reminds you that even when you break, they'll hold you until you're fixed." ...
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Delta 6 (The Pack)  by DarkDisco7
Delta 6 (The Pack) by DarkDisco7
Delta; -The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet -A codename used to represent the letter 'D' -A brand name ... -In some places, a mathematical term meaning 'change in' ~...
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♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥ by ZombiLuva
♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥ by ZombiLuva
"Hey Garroth! So, I was wondering if we could talk." "Sure, I have time right now." He waited for me to say something. "... in private." I...
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This Is My Life by realHerobrine
This Is My Life by I don’t care
Welcome to the life of Herobrine. You get to see who I really am, I guess. I have depression, so if you know how to help with that send me a personal message and I'll an...
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