Curves In A Bikini (Completed & Partially Edited) by Vampirehorsequeen31
Curves In A Bikini (Completed & Pa...by Just.Reckless.
"big girls and bikinis just don't mix." Aylin Scott is new to the island. After her mother's trial, Aylin is left without a parent, a home, or her job. S...
  • broken
  • curves
  • love
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Love Me When It Hurt by ShanellNorfleet1
Love Me When It Hurtby broken hearted girl
This story is about zyion he been there alot from his own my mom using him for sex and his dad beating for no reason All zyion want to do is to be love but he don't thi...
  • abuse
  • biggirl
  • love
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Before the Silence by UnsinkableShips
Before the Silenceby sarah douglas
It will all become silent if you just stop listening. Sample contest submission for To The Bone by Netflix. Copyright © 2017 by UnsinkableShips.
  • mindovermattercontest
  • netflix
  • dark
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I Guess I Got Kidnapped by Sokka321
I Guess I Got Kidnappedby Anu
First, my parents get murdered. Second, I get kidnapped by this psycho and torn away from what was left of my family. Third, I run away from him and the past. Fourth...
  • mindovermattercontest
  • romance
  • action
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Looking For Love by perfectimperfect1
Looking For Loveby Anastasia Marie diamond Washi...
20 year old Shanell been through alot she had to grow up early to rise her brother and sister and having her own child to take care of is hard with work and school and...
  • mr
  • school
  • mindover
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It All Starts Here... |#MindOverMatterContest by FallenPunkPrincess
It All Starts Here... |#MindOverMa...by Aniiahs M.
A short story for the Mind Over Matter Contest. Please, enjoy if you can :)
  • self-discovery
  • self-help
  • postivity
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[HER]O (completed) by Enterintomymind
[HER]O (completed)by Tallara
because there is always a her in hero.
  • life
  • warmth
  • ít
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HER by LadyBabyFace
HERby LadyBabyFace
I've decided to continue this short story/poetry book. I started this for the #MindOverMatter contest but I'm going to finish it for HER. Some days are good, others are...
  • love
  • anxiety
  • advice
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Secrets ✔️ by ___Let_Me_Dream___
Secrets ✔️by North Dream
Highest in category was {344} Some may say I was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time but I knew that wasn't the case and I shall keep this a secret . Hi, my name is...
  • love
  • secrets
  • completed
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Denim Days  ✓ by TahliePurvis
Denim Days ✓by T
What if negative thoughts controlled your entire life? A sample entry for To The Bone's 'Mind Over Matter' contest.
  • tothebone
  • bodypositivity
  • contest
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10 Ways to Say Goodbye by LovelyLivvi
10 Ways to Say Goodbyeby Olivia Harvard
Completing everything on that list was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Not because I lost you, but because I had to learn how to love myself. [commissioned entry fo...
  • netflix
  • relationships
  • mindovermattercontest
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The Past I Ponder #MindOverMatterContest by AlexiaColette
The Past I Ponder #MindOverMatterC...by Alexia Colette
My Negativity and Self Loathe were my shackles and they brought about Memories that would have led to my downfall. But once I realized that world wasn't so Conscious, I...
  • meditation
  • selfconscious
  • love
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Netflix #MindOverMatterContest by ChickLit
Netflix #MindOverMatterContestby ChickLit and Women's Fiction
In 500-words or less, tell us how you conquered your internal monologue and overcame negativity for your chance to win a signed prize from Lily Collins and Marti Noxon!
  • challenge
  • tothebone
  • netflix
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Donté firmly took my hand in his and lead the way. I walked behind him slowly, careful not to trip in the darkness. The small ounce of light grew stronger as we approach...
  • romance
  • featured
  • mystery-thriller
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When Happiness Is Found (#MindOverMatterContest) by http-cherrycola
When Happiness Is Found (#MindOver...by Lexi
A short story/poem about my journey with self love. (#MindOverMatterContest) Word Count: 500
  • contestentry
  • mindovermattercontest
  • selfdiscovery
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Beneath Your Flaws #MindOverMatterContest by Deethewriter
Beneath Your Flaws #MindOverMatter...by H a d e e l
Ever felt like you're worth nothing? Ever felt like you're drowning in insecurities and self-doubts? Ever felt like your dreams are crushed by the doubts? Ever felt dama...
  • mindovermatter
  • mindovermattercontest
  • tothebone
Hush by laurynjanelle
Hushby LaurynJanelle
(A personal piece chosen to be in the top 10 for the Mind Over Matter Contest) Please don't hesitate to view my other works as well as request a cover from my cover boo...
  • sadness
  • journey
  • friends
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Insomnia by howellfics
Insomniaby rach
insomnia and sleep studies
  • mindovermattercontest
  • romance
  • phamily
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When I Was Young by Flute-Girl
When I Was Youngby Flute-Girl
locked away and mentally abused my story of over coming, but little of the end. My story is still being written everyday. No way, is it over. Based on true events, curr...
  • sadness
  • mystruggle
  • mindovermattercontest
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I Knew Nothing by _TCElliot
I Knew Nothingby T. C. Elliot
This is my entry for the Mind Over Matter Contest. It's very personal, and it's all true (except the boy's name, but the boy is also real). My entry is based on the ques...
  • contestentry
  • comingofage
  • mindovermattercontest
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