K Project: The Purple Queen by So_Kawaii_Tya
K Project: The Purple Queenby La'Tya
Izumi Kasamura tries to keep herself under the radar at all times and is a ghost at her school. During one day she drags herself into a situation in which the Black Dog...
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  • action
  • romance
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K project x reader by knight_lover
K project x readerby knight_lover
Rose is a king but not any king. A king that is more powerful than 7 kings together. Rose hates it when clansman or other kings dare to interfere in her fights. What hap...
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  • mikoto
  • yata
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After the War (a Naruko x Sasuke fanfic of Naruto ) by kyoemileemal
After the War (a Naruko x Sasuke f...by Yukina Alina
It's after the fourth shinobi war and all is calm. except Sasuke didnt come back after i beat him in our battle. now he has been seen and i took the mission alone to ret...
  • naruko
  • fiction
  • narukoxsasuke
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Unloved by assassin_quenn
Unlovedby assassin_quenn
A young strain(oc) wandering around the streets of Shizume City. With no family,friends, or money she wants nothing more than to end it all. A member of the homra gang c...
  • yatamisaki
  • homra
  • kproject
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Red Queen (Yandere Mikoto Suoh x Red Queen Reader) by saltyforever
Red Queen (Yandere Mikoto Suoh x R...by Damn Salt Shaker
This a Mikoto x Reader. You are the Red Queen and slowly but surely he falls infatuated with you. It's kinda an alternate Universe but this is my first book so be nice
  • yanderexreader
  • kproject
  • anime
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K Project by FallenPirex
K Projectby FallenPirex
This is Probably going to be a one shot. Anna Kushina has an older sister who she hasn't seen for 3 years what happens when she turns up at Homra one day will Anna remem...
  • kings
  • anna
  • izumo
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I am NOT a monster! by Wolfphantom8
I am NOT a monster!by Wolfphantom8
Minato and Kushina are alive with 3 children; Menma, Mito and Naruto. The 3rd Hokage sealed the Nine Tail Fox in Naruto, and Kami sealed the 3rd Hokage in Naruto too. 4...
  • sannin
  • kurama
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K Project x Reader by NyxieGoddess
K Project x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Requests are accepted at any time in the comments or in my inbox! Highest ranking #45 in Random, #86 in FanFiction
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Nuevo destino by cb17thekiller
Nuevo destinoby cb17thekiller
Seis años de Soledad, Seis años de puro sufrimiento, el creció pensando que estaba solo. Pero luego de seis años descubre la verdad, que toda su vida era una farsa, el f...
  • kimimaro
  • konoha
  • tayuya
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An Older Brother Always Protect Their Younger [Itachi and Sasuke Older Brother] by jennylam65
An Older Brother Always Protect Th...by Jenny Lam
An older brother always protect their younger which is Itachi and Sasuke. Right now he is 16 years old which is 3 years older than Itachi. He will not regret the path t...
  • sakura
  • naruto
  • kisame
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The Neglected Shinobi by Mystic_Nightmare
The Neglected Shinobiby Mystic_Nightmare
What if Naruto's parents were alive? What if he had a brother and sister? What if his parents neglected him for his siblings? What if Naruto wasn't the idiot, mistake, a...
  • kushina
  • badasshinata
  • narutowattyawards
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Naruto: Ero-ninja by Trinity-Ninja
Naruto: Ero-ninjaby Trinity-Ninja
During his training trip, Naruto is given a scroll which holds the secrets in how to seduce and ensnare women. A scroll he uses at first on the women and kunoichi around...
  • romance
  • tayuya
  • fuu
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A Certain Magical Fate, Book 2: Red. by MisakaLovesYou
A Certain Magical Fate, Book 2: Re...by Misaka Mikoto
A month after the end of the Experiment 23 incident, Mikoto is busy trying to rebuild her life after the death of her parents with the help of her Servant and guardian S...
  • toarukagakunorailgun
  • arturiapendragon
  • arturia
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Mikoto suoh x Pregnant reader (K) by ameuchiha561
Mikoto suoh x Pregnant reader (K)by ameuchiha561
Mikoto is no less a king but a father it couldn't be possible especially with the constant fear of himself hurting others. after mikoto falls slowly in love with (reader...
  • kproject
  • mikoto
  • pregnant
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Naruto's New Mom?! by ForbiddenHappiness
Naruto's New Mom?!by ForbiddenHappiness
Sometimes I wonder where I'm actually from. The third Hokage took me in when I was very young and named me Yume. As I grew up, I was trained to be a Kunoichi of his vill...
  • naruto
  • kakashi
  • mom
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The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh X OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh...by asuka_lynnbrown
It only took one sentence from one little girl that change my whole life. One visit to a bar that became my new home. A group of gangsters that became my new family. One...
  • dragon
  • kk
  • fanfiction
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Promise of a Lifetime (Naruto Fanfiction) by The_Pink_Disaster
Promise of a Lifetime (Naruto Fanf...by Cristiana P.
ON HIATUS -SEQUEL TO ONCE IN A LIFETIME- After watching the future, what will our heroes do? #968 in FANFICTION (05/23/2017)
  • mikoto
  • futureseeing
  • obito
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K Project x Reader by dat_unknown
K Project x Readerby v a l
As you can see this is a book of reader-insert one-shots :> Well, this is my first K Project x Reader fanfiction So.. Hope you like it~ ^^
  • izumo
  • reisi
  • adolf
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Soul Reapers, Espadas, And.....Ninja's??? Wait, A Noble?!? What's going On??? by RinAresawa
Soul Reapers, Espadas, And.....Nin...by Rin Aresawa
A girl known as Yuki Ryuujin watched as the people close to her slowly dies. What happens when she is sent to different worlds? What happens when she falls in love? What...
  • kuro
  • etrama
  • ulquiorra
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Mordred x Mikoto Fan Art by Sabrina_The_Tigar
Mordred x Mikoto Fan Artby Sabrina_The_Tigar
Read "A Certain Magical Fate" from @MisakaLovesYou. This only contain images, and the images belong to me.
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