Night Time Creatures [Klaus Mikaelson] by Abnormal2weird
Night Time Creatures [Klaus Mikael... by Back from hiatus Fanfiction
Aliona Salvatore is the sister of Stefan and Damon; she's been running from something, or someone, for a very long time. What will happen when she reunites with her bro...
Sweet Ophelia ⚜️ Klaus Mikaelson | ON HOLD by finnmikaelson
Sweet Ophelia ⚜️ Klaus Mikaelson |... by ˗ˏˋ fleur ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
Ophelia Armstrong never intended for her life to be anything out of the ordinary. All she ever wanted to do was finish school, meet a nice person, settle down, maybe hav...
scream queen || klaus mikaelson by upsidedowneggo
scream queen || klaus mikaelson by coraline🌒 Fanfiction
"once upon a time an angel and devil fell in love." [under major editing] [also english isn't my first language so full of mistakes]
The Mikaelson daughter // Teen Wolf X TVD by CherryWabbitX
The Mikaelson daughter // Teen Wol... by Bana Crag Fanfiction
Sierra Mikaelson. Daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Tatia Petrova. Thanks to her father, she was part wolf and part witch. Thanks to her mother, she has traveller blood. T...
Corey Gilbert by kit_kat25
Corey Gilbert by KittyKatty Fanfiction
Corey Gilbert is Elena's twin sister. She tries to be different to her sister because they were never close. Elena took everything from Corey, but what happens when Core...
The Hybrid's Mate | Klaus Mikaelson by writtenbyizzy
The Hybrid's Mate | Klaus Mikaelson by I s a b e l l e ★ Fanfiction
After Rose Lockwood comes back from travelling the world with her werewolf friends, she finds out Mystic Falls is so much different then it was 2 years ago. The 20 year...
The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO)  by StilinskiGirl16
The Youngest Mikaelson (TW/TVD/TO) by Brandy winchester Fanfiction
Alexandria Rosalie Mikaelson is Klaus' full sister. She is younger than him, her being 17 and him being 25. When her and her siblings were turned - killed by their fathe...
His Hope (Only His Series: Book 2) by BewareTheBear
His Hope (Only His Series: Book 2) by BewareTheBear Fanfiction
"So, you're human." "Yes." "And you're pregnant with twins." "Yup." ~ "But she'll love him he will never need anything else...
Love, Fear, Hope, ||| Klaus Mikaelson by ShadesOfBarryAllen
Love, Fear, Hope, ||| Klaus Mikael... by ShadesOfBarryAllen Fanfiction
My name is Alex Taylor-Lockwood I'm 17 years old and I was 2 months when I got dropped on the orphanage doorstep. I was the kid that nobody wanted because of the scar go...
Grace - Elijah Mikaelson - by Nanuri
Grace - Elijah Mikaelson - by Nanuri Fanfiction
Why is the oldest Gilbert never part of the story? Grace fled Mystic Falls after her parents died in an accident because she couldn't cope with the horrible grief. When...
collar full [1]; klaus mikaelson ✓ by irradiated
collar full [1]; klaus mikaelson ✓ by this is stupid Fanfiction
"If you're gonna be the death of me that's how I wanna go you've got it all worked out with so little time memories that I'd blackout if you were mine you've got...
Helpful Hand by G_Evie_Sanchez246
Helpful Hand by Evie Fanfiction
After graduating high school and going off to college. Stiles Stilinski gets a call from his cousin Camille O'Connell that his other cousin Sean which is her twin brothe...
The Lost Princess(Elijah Mikaelson) by bdowli
The Lost Princess(Elijah Mikaelson) by Bdowli Fanfiction
In 1367 the Mikaelson met a young princess who would be like another sister. Rebekah taught her style and loyalty. Kol taught her how to lie and to be playful. Klaus tau...
The Bennett Witch by avani_bhargava
The Bennett Witch by Avani Fanfiction
Samara Bennett is Bonnie's older sister. She comes back to Mystic Falls after some rather unfortunate events. What happens when you add former allies, lost friends, and...
The Original Wife [1] by OriginalWriterJ
The Original Wife [1] by Thyra & Lucille & Giselle Fanfiction
"Always and forever angel" he promised. It was the first day of the rest of my life little did I know my life would last for over a thousand years.
BABY MIKAELSON// Tvd[1] by fandomlover727
BABY MIKAELSON// Tvd[1] by fandomlover727 Fanfiction
When Katherine Pierce(Katerina Petrova) was human, she was tricked into falling in love with Klaus Mikaelson. They had sex a few times, but it was only Klaus's trick to...
Desolate (Klaus Mikaelson) by WhatYoLookinAt
Desolate (Klaus Mikaelson) by S.E Fanfiction
What happens when Klaus Mikaelson meets the feisty twin sister of Tyler Lockwood. After all of the physical and mental torment he has put her and her friends through, wi...
Beautiful Liar by thetmng
Beautiful Liar by thetmng Fanfiction
My name is Melanie. I love my family, I really do. When I was about ten I started remembering my past lives. I had lived twice before and each time I was supposed to pro...
A Trembling Spark || Kol Mikaelson by EspritDeCorps
A Trembling Spark || Kol Mikaelson by EspritDeCorps Fanfiction
Who would of ever thought that Klaus Mikaelson was capable of friendship? Unlikely. And with a Salvatore? Even more unlikely. But as it seems he just couldn't help...
awake {Klaus Mikaelson} by tvd_wolf
awake {Klaus Mikaelson} by Charliiiiiiiii Fanfiction
Esther is just another person in one of Klaus' coffins. The person in the locked coffin, well that's me. I'm not a weapon like everyone thinks I am, I'm the complete opp...