instagram [p. wesley] by taronegerton
instagram [p. wesley] by c
in which a girl who met paul wesley, posted it on instagram and he happens to stumble upon that picture. - [SOCIAL MEDIA] - lowercase intended. - completed/unedited
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MYSTIC FALLS ▹ TVD IMAGINES & PR... by - ̗̀ katie ̖́-
❝ THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, THE BADDEST BITCH OF ALL. ❞ In which I write imagines and preferences about hot characters we all fantasize about too often. THE VA...
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Waiting For Tonight | M. MALARKEY [S.U.] by TheOUATDiaries
Waiting For Tonight | M. MALARKEY... by B R I A
🎵Waiting for tonight, Oh When you would be here in my arms Waiting for tonight, Oh I've dreamed of this love for so long Waiting for tonight🎵
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Take On The World - Paul Wesley by -GossipRiley
Take On The World - Paul Wesley by 👑Queen Riley👑
'And just say the word, we'll take on the world And just say you're hurt, we'll face the worst Nobody knows you, the way that I know you Look in my eyes, I will never de...
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Immortal Love ~ Enzo TVD by anxiousandawkward
Immortal Love ~ Enzo TVD by Ellie
Grace Johnsons' world starts to change completely, when she meets Enzo St. John, who has a big secret.
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Heartbreak  (Lorenzo St. John fanfiction.) by Stillinski101
Heartbreak (Lorenzo St. John fanf... by Serpents bitch
When Juliet salvatore, little sister of Damon and Stevan salvatore, arrives in mystic falls after 100 years of fleeing the country trying to escape from her sworn enemie...
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The Royal Scandal by happyquill
The Royal Scandal by happyquill
It began in 1558, when England crowned the bastard Queen Elizabeth instead of the rightful successor--Mary Stuart-- Queen of Scotland and France. A four hundred year old...
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The Story Between Us❣️Enzo St. John by LadyNygma_
The Story Between Us❣️Enzo St. John by Ms Northman
There's this girl in the mirror, I wonder who she is. Sometimes I think I know her and sometimes I wish I did. There is a story in her eyes, lullabies, and goodbyes. Whe...
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tvd one shots! by stelenaing
tvd one shots! by mochi 😘
check out the one shots i come up with!
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More or Less a LOVE STORY© by YesiHDZVillal
More or Less a LOVE STORY© by YesiHDZVillal
-Lo describiré en dos palabras "bobo, MÍO". -Y esto era así, ella me mantenía con la cabeza fuera de este mundo, una loca y extraña asociación; siempre decía q...
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