instagram [p. wesley] by taronegerton
instagram [p. wesley] by c Fanfiction
in which a girl who met paul wesley, posted it on instagram and he happens to stumble upon that picture. - [SOCIAL MEDIA] - lowercase intended. - completed/unedited
forever || j.m by vervainmikaelsons
forever || j.m by Multi Fanfics Fanfiction
"even if i lived forever i would waste away a hundred eternities loving you. and it would still be worth it. it would still be the best thing ive ever done." i...
AFTERLIFE ↣ ENZO ST JOHN by tyler-poseys
❝let me teach you how to feel alive in death, baby❞ WINNER OF THE TVDCOMMUNITY BEST ENZO ST JOHN FANFICTION AWARD [tvd s8]
Heartbreak  (Lorenzo St. John fanfiction.) by Stillinski101
Heartbreak (Lorenzo St. John fanf... by Stillinski101 Fanfiction
When Juliet salvatore, little sister of Damon and Stevan salvatore, arrives in mystic falls after 100 years of fleeing the country trying to escape from her sworn enemie...
Take On The World - Paul Wesley by -GossipRiley
Take On The World - Paul Wesley by 👑Queen Riley👑 Fanfiction
'And just say the word, we'll take on the world And just say you're hurt, we'll face the worst Nobody knows you, the way that I know you Look in my eyes, I will never de...