Protector Series: Bonus Chapters and Content by 3dream_writer3
Protector Series: Bonus Chapters Laeti
A bunch of bonus chapters, one shots, and a bunch of other content from the Protector Series. |Cover by FlowerOfCamelis|
  • teen
  • poppy
  • love
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My Protector: The Bad Boy | Protector 1.3 by 3dream_writer3
My Protector: The Bad Boy | Laeti
*Sequel to Bad Boy's Protection, and Senior Year with My Protector* *cover made by acityteen* Poppy McCormick has always thought that when something was too goo...
  • badboy
  • love
  • poppy
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The Pressure  by urbanvirtuoso
The Pressure by Adoseofcierra
[#84 in General Fiction - 1/15/17] Diamond King 20, a Florida native, moved to Los Angeles years ago to get away from The Pressure. She became a mother at a young age...
  • thuglove
  • augustalsina
  • watts2018
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EAST by miyathegreat
EASTby prettyblackprincess
#743 in fan fiction
  • girls
  • lies
  • family
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Something About Emmett (Billionaire Romance) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
Something About Emmett ( Jasmine Greene
Julianne Burke is a young and advanced college student with an eye for trouble. Ever since her last year in high school, when the only man she ever loved disappeared wit...
  • miami
  • relationship
  • businessman
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Childhood Crush by treblehearts
Childhood Crushby jess
(WARNING: this is the first ever story i wrote on wattpad years ago so it's pretty rough in my opinion. read at your own discretion. ) You know when you have a ridiculou...
  • crush
  • famous
  • beach
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Fall in Miami by paudickson
Fall in Miamiby ᴾᴬᵁᴸᴬ
This is book four in the Miami Series. → | random updates | → | highest ranking #418 in romance | Copyright © 2017 by paudickson. All Rights Reserved.
  • miami
  • hispanic
  • fall
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Ryder the Love Expert | Protector 2.1 by 3dream_writer3
Ryder the Love Expert | Laeti
*cover created by hotsforhoran* Ryder Tony Prince has been known as The Love Expert ever since he was three years old and decided to give his father some advice...
  • highschool
  • grayson
  • dance
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Harlem Lovin by imagination2creation
Harlem Lovinby I2C✨
After enduring multiple types of abuse by her parents for most of her childhood, Yasmine finally escapes and moves in with her best friend and her mother. Yasmine doesn'...
  • friends
  • skyemorales
  • newyork
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His Trainer by urbanwriters123
His Trainerby urbanwriters123
Dwayne Wright is a famous football player he plays for the Miami Dolphins. One day at his game he got tackled really hard to the point, he probably couldn't play footbal...
  • serena
  • zendaya
  • football
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Kidnap By Dave East by ugonna17
Kidnap By Dave Eastby ugonna17
David Brewster, Jr. is Kingpin from East Harlem, New York. He is 26 years old. He is of Bajan and Dominican Descent. He played basketball at Springbrook High School. Add...
  • traphouse
  • kingpin
  • daveeast
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Fight For Me (Wilde #1) by 3dream_writer3
Fight For Me (Wilde #1)by Laeti
*cover made by newgirlmoon* Elliot Matlin promised herself not to get caught up with her best friend's bad boy of an ex-boyfriend, Laughlin Wilde after she is t...
  • fights
  • boxer
  • gym
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Fighting For The Bad Boy (Sequel to TBBLM?) by VasilisaDragomir
Fighting For The Bad Boy (Sequel VasilisaDragomir
+++Credit to 'youonlyliveonce198' for making the cover!+++ - Avery Collins lost her ex-boyfriend whom she still loves. She also lost her brother's love, Gabby. She kno...
  • teen
  • violence
  • avery
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Twins and Bestfriends: Thug Harmony by PinkRogue
Twins and Bestfriends: Thug Harmonyby PinkRogue
Here's the sequel to Twins and Bestfriends: Thug Love. Beauty and RJ have more obstacles to face, more happy times, and more drama in their lives. What will happen and w...
  • atlanta
  • twins
  • love
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Corrupted (A Tyga Love Story) COMPLETED by keianasuxx
Corrupted (A Tyga Love Story) Killa K.
  • dates
  • highschool
  • miami
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I Wanted To Be A Dancer. (Hood Dancer) by PinkRogue
I Wanted To Be A Dancer. (Hood PinkRogue
A girl who haves dreams of being a professional dancer goes through obstacles to get there. One of those obstacles being a known drug dealer at her school. Will she make...
  • moving
  • abuse
  • dancing
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Divergent: Moving To Miami by XBraveWriterX
Divergent: Moving To Miamiby XBraveWriterX
Tris' Parents died due to a Car accident and Tris decides to leave Chicago and live with her bestfriend Christina in Miami where she soon meets the group. Copyrights Res...
  • modernday
  • divergent
  • divergentfanfic
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Troubled One (Wilde #2) by 3dream_writer3
Troubled One (Wilde #2)by Laeti
*cover by harleenhollow* Munro Wilde is as troubled as they come. But who can blame him? His dad was in prison for five years and his mom took off, then returned...
  • troubled
  • love
  • detention
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Mosdenea by Animallover55
Mosdeneaby Animallover55
He put his forehead against mine, making my breath hitch. Whispering he said, "You're a star Parker Finch. And I'm a black hole." A black hole is a dead star...
  • adventures
  • roommates
  • miami
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Trust Me by PinkRogue
Trust Meby PinkRogue
Simone goes through life as she pleases. She's been through everything with her bestfriends Kali and Zaynah. Where does life lead her when she meets basketball player J...
  • forever
  • love
  • basketball
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