Courage {Neville Longbottom} by kmbell92
Courage {Neville Longbottom} by Krumcake Fanfiction
Book 2 Kefira Walsh was always known for her daring attitude and bold nature, earning her the rightful place among the Gryffindor House. Neville Longbottom didn't beli...
Falling Through Portals (A Multi-Fandom Colision Story) by Elizabeth_Lux
Falling Through Portals (A Multi-F... by Elizabeth Lux Fanfiction
Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom...
Kingsman: The Secret Sevice imagines by cheeshirekitty
Kingsman: The Secret Sevice imagin... by CK Fanfiction
Imagines about anyone from the movie. just tell me a plot and a character!
Merlin one shots by -Line-28-
Merlin one shots by -Line-28- Fanfiction
Just random Merlin oneshots. I try my best to be as original as possible. Goes from being sad, to funny, to mad.... You get the gist. I don't ship Arthur and Gwenivere...
snakes are two sided // Draco x reader by liloandstitchh
snakes are two sided // Draco x re... by liloandstitchh Fanfiction
"Perfect Little Death Eaters." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You are (Y/n) Avendale. The Pureblood Princess. Great descendant of the...
AMID A FOREST OF THORNS | PENDRAGON by terra-ble. Fanfiction
❝even if love is full of thorns, i'd still embrace it, for i know that in between those thorns is a rose worth all the pain.❞
Imagines and Preferences by chalupa_tyler
Imagines and Preferences by Emma Fanfiction
Weekly Imagines and Preferences For Bands: Twenty One Pilots Books: Harry Potter Heroes of Olympus Percy Jackson Musicals: Dear Evan Hansen TV: Criminal Minds Dirk Gentl...
Merlin one-shots by anonymousstoryperson
Merlin one-shots by Zaffre Keres Fanfiction
One-shots from the BBC show Merlin! Currently taking requests and completed until more ideas are made.
Merlin magic reveal by sparkle123tt
Merlin magic reveal by Tiffany07 Random
When merlin arthur and the knights get captured by morganna. What will happen? What if they find out merlins secret or worse what if morganna tells them what he's done...
King Arthur (2017 Legend of the Sword OC Fanfic) by SurvivingBeingaTeen
King Arthur (2017 Legend of the Sw... by Surviving Fanfiction
The new King has been crowned and is now peacefully running the kingdom. The city of Camelot is thriving under the new rule and many are beginning to wonder when the Kin...
The Knight's Ward (1) by 20aimeel15
The Knight's Ward (1) by 20aimeel15 Fanfiction
After the death of her father Lady Rose of Pembrey is in the care of her Uncle Richard But he wants her dead, one night she is rescued by an old friend, Gwaine and taken...
Sinfully In Love by Autogirls
Sinfully In Love by Irl_Heartfilia Fanfiction
"The Seven Deadly Sins have one more member, she was offered to be apart of our little group." "Another member? But, wouldn't that mean you're the Eight D...
Merthur - Arthur's Secret by CreamyXD
Merthur - Arthur's Secret by CreamyXD Fanfiction
Merlin AU Due to Nimueh using sorcery during Arthur's birth, Arthur was given the gift of magic. He has never told anyone. As Arthur and Merlin become closer, Arthur tr...
Merthur one shots by Maddye24
Merthur one shots by Maddye24 Fanfiction
A bunch of Merthur one shots
Destined {Nanatsu No Taizai Fanfic} by meow_mix
Destined {Nanatsu No Taizai Fanfic} by Rhea the typo queen :3 Fanfiction
They met each other at a young age, being classmates for 3 consecutive years. "They seem be Destined." Their friends say. But neither of them think so, why i...
When Our Worlds Collide [Nanatsu No Taizai Fanfic] by meow_mix
When Our Worlds Collide [Nanatsu N... by Rhea the typo queen :3 Fanfiction
Elizabeth Liones is a new student, She meets The Deadly Sins and Everything just goes from normal, to an Extraordinary Year.
Merthur by clarinette99
Merthur by Clarinette 99 Fanfiction
Depuis quelques mois, Merlin éprouve de curieux sentiment pour Arthur. Des sentiments aussi profonds qu'interdits. Merlin a toujours tenté de les ignorer, mais, lorsque...
Merthur - Love in the Time of War by CreamyXD
Merthur - Love in the Time of War by CreamyXD Fanfiction
Credit for the amazing cover goes to EdamameBean on Wattpad! Merthur AU (Still set in the same time period) After the Great Purge, led by Uther Pendragon, magic has beco...
Banned  by bubbletay
Banned by ~Taylor~ Fanfiction
A Seven Deadly Sins x Reader story. A story of you and Ban, the Greed Sin, and your inability to decided whether or not you two are actually a couple
The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai RP Book! by EmmyIsWriting
The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no T... by King of the Fairies Short Story
Have you wanted to be in a relationship with The Fairy King? Fight epic battles with the demon Meliodas? Drink with Ban, serve tables with Elizabeth, eat scraps with Haw...