The Tycoon's Trophy Family by MaryFahey
The Tycoon's Trophy Family by Mary Fahey ChickLit
Pregnant Gemma and her six year old twins are deliberately left behind on an uninhabited island. Her ex boyfriend denies her unborn child is his and is trying to make he...
My Brother's Best Friend by knightsrachel
My Brother's Best Friend by Rachel Teen Fiction
Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmet...
l i t t l e  n o t e s  by hanhankim7
l i t t l e n o t e s by HK Poetry
when life gets me down, i write // highest ranking: #8 in poetry
Psychological Facts 101 by Chayse_Lhynn
Psychological Facts 101 by Chayse Non-Fiction
Psychology: The Science of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. "You know too much Psychology wh...
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regular Updates!] by lionobsession
Unite (Broken World Trilogy) [Regu... by P J Lynch Fantasy
Previously Wattpad Featured in Fantasy! Highest Ranking: #45 (20/10/17) ...
silence by poppyliz
silence by poppy liz Poetry
an abundance of poems for the silent ones. 25/09/17 - #12 in poetry © 2017 poppy liz
Little Love by XOXO_xani_XOXO
Little Love by Bunnosaurus Rex Romance
Kimberly Anderson is a 19 year old girl who has multiple disorders that caused her to have a break down and snap when she was 16. Since then she has spent three years in...
Clayton's Quirks | ON HOLD by knightsrachel
Clayton's Quirks | ON HOLD by Rachel Teen Fiction
Clayton Johnson has been struggling to find his place in this world since he was 8-years old, and he was still considered to be Clayton Simmons. That was the first time...
I'm Mrs Styles? (Slow Updates) by Irmina_95
I'm Mrs Styles? (Slow Updates) by ♥Irmina♥ Fanfiction
When Jasmine, a shy girl, is arranged to marry Harry, a boy from the world's biggest boyband, how will she cope? How will she be able to come out of her shell? How will...
Cigarettes by havelostmyself
Cigarettes by 15/11/17 Teen Fiction
„Rauchen ist schädlich." „Vieles andere auch, Ava. Das Leben, die Gesellschaft. Alles. Wir stehen hier am Bahngleis. Jetzt s...
Becoming Scarlett by Ashley_Mariex
Becoming Scarlett by Ashley Marie Teen Fiction
❝She's one of those girls you just can't walk away from. One of those girls you will never forget, no matter how hard you might try.❞ After being kidnapped as a young c...
His Chamber's by Explode
His Chamber's by Simone Elise ChickLit
It was a tragedy that brought them together but it was convenience that kept them together. A story of love, forgiveness and passion. Can Nathaniel Chambers mend Scarle...
Blood Will Out by RaeRaeHollis
Blood Will Out by RaeRaeHollis Fantasy
What if mental illness isn't actually an illness? What if it's a marker-- a signal to anyone who understands what to look for? What if it makes you more powerful than yo...
Please Remember // Harry Styles A.U by Pulpyselena
Please Remember // Harry Styles A.U by Elie Fanfiction
{warning: lots of feels. Read at your own risks} They were old friends when she left, And now they're strangers, But will she be able to help him remember? ...
Helpline||Daniel Seavey by -coffeemarais
Helpline||Daniel Seavey by LittleCanadian🇨🇦🌻 Fanfiction
"Is this the helpline?" "No love, my name is Daniel but you can talk to me if you'd like" In which a girl calls the wrong number looking for help at...
Mentalphorical [Short Poetry] by theACEoverall
Mentalphorical [Short Poetry] by A C E ♛ Poetry
❝The world's most terrifying beast -- is a restless mind that needs release.❞
CHARMER | ongoing by coolfaria
CHARMER | ongoing by spooky faria✨ Short Story
Just because he says he cares, doesn't mean he actually does. #77 SS © 2017 COOLFARIA
Love and the Sea and Everything in Between by BrianMcBride
Love and the Sea and Everything in... by brian mcbride Teen Fiction
[WATTYS 2016 WINNER] [Highest Ranking #190 in Teen Fiction] College student Adam West is done with the constant ups and downs of life. Tired of being forced to simply e...
Paper Thin by snapitsbrittany
Paper Thin by Brittany Watson Teen Fiction
After standing up to the popular crowd on her first day at Alcott High, Melody Reese's start at a new school becomes a very different one than she had hoped for. A secon...
Restarting My Heart by midnightpainter
Restarting My Heart by charlene Teen Fiction
For Jemma Clarke, life couldn't get any better. Co-captain of the soccer team, an amazing best friend, and Tyler, her crush, is finally looking at her in the same way...