Schizophrenic ✔ by TiffanyRobles16
Schizophrenic ✔by Tiffany Robles
Schizophrenia • A brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. • Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking. • Treatment is usua...
  • wattys
  • sickness
  • imaginaryfriends
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The Boy Who Cried Rape by TeaRainAndLove
The Boy Who Cried Rapeby ThatGirl
"Why didn't you tell anyone?" He thought this over carefully, wondering how to answer the question as carelessly as it was asked. "Because no one would...
  • therapy
  • mentaldisorders
  • love
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Gas Station 『felix x reader』 Stray Kids by Slushi_Cats
Gas Station 『felix x reader』 Slushi_Cats
***LONG STORY*** You only wanted to live in accord with the promptings which came from your true else. You, as an Australian teenager who could live a life whatever way...
  • jeongin
  • hyungjin
  • woojin
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My Brother's Best Friend by aesthetic_bby
My Brother's Best Friendby Aesthetic_bby
~He leaned in closer to me and slowly and gently crawled on top of me while pushing me onto the bed. Our lips where just inches away from each others----~ After staying...
  • flirt
  • girl
  • anorexia
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insane. by maddhatta madds
"Was I ever crazy? Maybe or maybe life is." [fillie]
  • teen
  • mental
  • fillie
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Tessa Interrupted (Jake Paul & Tessa Brooks) by TessaViolet8112
Tessa Interrupted (Jake Paul & TessaViolet💜
Tessa: "Yeah, you don't make deals with the devil" Jake: "I should say the same for you" one person's craziness is ano...
  • team10
  • jakepaul
  • jessa
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Simply Drowning (BoyxBoy) [Editing/Proofreading] by dropdevd
Simply Drowning (BoyxBoy) [ devd
Nico isn't enjoying this whole ride called "life". Then again he hated roller coasters and anything that made him panic as a whole. He thought life couldn't ge...
  • gay
  • nico
  • mentaldisorders
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ARE YOU MINE? // phan by rickyblitzz
ARE YOU MINE? // phanby 🍑
❝you're crazy!❞ ❝for you,❞ ; copyright © 2018
  • danhowell
  • ocd
  • psycho
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control ; phan by pvnicked
control ; phanby g
in which dan howell suffers from bipolar disorder & schizophrenia. - • huge trigger warning: self harm, suicide, depression and rape. • lowercase intended • very s...
  • mentaldisorders
  • wattys2017
  • danielhowell
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Camp Mental |Reylo AU| ✔ by captaincassian
Camp Mental |Reylo AU| ✔by Frankie
All Rey has left is hope. Tossed around foster care for years, Rey eventually finds herself placed in a psychiatric facility all alone. That is, until she meets her grou...
  • depression
  • kylo
  • mentalhospital
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Last Summer | pjm by threeletterslife
Last Summer | pjmby chana
I gave her the world, but she gave me the light. ///// How can someone I just met have a greater impact on me than Doc, who I've been seeing for six years? 1. of last s...
  • bangtan
  • anxiety
  • love
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✓ SwaSan SS : Destiny - Its All About Life ( Completed ) ✓ #FandomAwards  #TGA by AngelGoldieReal
✓ SwaSan SS : Destiny - Its All Angel Goldie
Story of Swara n Sanskaar who get Married to Eachother for the Sake of Sanskaar's n Ragini's New Born Son... Ragini Slips into Coma for 6 Years due to An Accident n Gice...
  • romance
  • greedy
  • tga
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Kaleidoscope | A Camp Mental Sequel | by captaincassian
Kaleidoscope | A Camp Mental Frankie
It's been seven years since Rey left the psychiatric hospital lovingly nicknamed "Camp Mental". Now, twenty-five and still living with Ben and her friends, ne...
  • sylviaplath
  • mentalillness
  • depression
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The Teacher's Infatuation And Limerance by JennyHoneyBunny
The Teacher's Infatuation And JennyHoneyBunny
Rebecca Winston has several mental illnesses and doesn't take her pills, making her mentally unstable. After getting away with the murder of her husband, she moves to a...
  • teacher×student
  • student
  • shanedawson
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eat. {F.W.} by Rylee_Sucks
eat. {F.W.}by Finn is my messiah
low case intended rylee just wanted to be beautiful. finn wanted to show her she already was.
  • romance
  • selfharm
  • finn
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Children of the Moon by allbookedout
Children of the Moonby allbookedout
Malia Stone, a child of alphas, will meet her match on her eighteenth birthday. However, this broken alpha is not who she envisioned as her other half, nor is he someone...
  • relationship
  • alphasdaughter
  • werewolf
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Christopher | Chris Brown  by daddystopher_
Christopher | Chris Brown by daddystopher_
  • drama
  • breezy
  • mentaldisorder
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We're all the same  by harrypotternerd76
We're all the same by Fawkes
Scott has depression , Kirstie has schizophrenia, Kevin has ADHD, Avi had OCD, and Mitch had PTSD because of his abusive past and autism. They all go to the same high sc...
  • mitchgrassi
  • kirstiemaldonado
  • mentaldisorder
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Locked Out Of Heaven ~ Bruno Mars x Zendaya by _BabyGirlHooligan_
Locked Out Of Heaven ~ Bruno Livin In The 90’s🍃
"Oh my sweet daughter...y-you have sinned we must properly cleanse you." Warning: Read at your own risk! This story will contain strong language , sexual conte...
  • jail
  • family
  • zendaya
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Permanent[Vkook/Taekook] by Uni_Versol
Permanent[Vkook/Taekook]by ★❀★❀★
"Please tell me if you're here to stay because all the people that I loved always ended up leaving me." Theme: Good is disguised as Bad ; Bad is disguised as G...
  • mentaldisorder
  • angst
  • mentalinstitution
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