Playing House (Bahay-Bahayan) by SolunaSky
Playing House (Bahay-Bahayan) by SolunaSky Fanfiction
An arranged marriage, An unspoken truth, An undeniable attraction, An inspiring love story. "Tell me not of your hidden secrets for soon they shall be revealed, Let...
Broken Promises (COMPLETED) by Forever_Rimaine
Broken Promises (COMPLETED) by Forever_Rimaine Fanfiction
In an alternate universe, Alvin Foster and Danica Ursula Bello comprise ALDUB, a phenomenal love team made popular by chance. But that's not what this story is about. Th...
Prelude to Forever : Alden & Maine by Forever_Rimaine
Prelude to Forever : Alden & Maine by Forever_Rimaine Fanfiction
A Fictional chronicle of Alden and Maine, how their love developed from work buddies to friendship and love or more succinctly, from Alden and Yaya Dub to Alden and Main...
attempts - AMACon 4 Serendipitous by burijoonche
attempts - AMACon 4 Serendipitous by burijoonche Fanfiction
these are my attempts for AMACon 4
BEST FRIEND 2 by misstragicprincess
BEST FRIEND 2 by Miss Tragic Princess Fanfiction
A MaiChard AU #37 in FanFiction 04/29/17 #53 in FanFiction 03/31/17 Inaasahan ko na ganito ang mangyayari, na pagbalik ko, meron na siyang iba na may mahal na siyang iba...
Hello, Richard: The Secret Correspondence by yesjawn
Hello, Richard: The Secret Corresp... by Yes, Jawn. Fanfiction
#1 in Fan Fiction (8/9-27, 29-present/16) Set in an alternate universe where Nicomaine becomes PA to a certain Alden Richards, the biggest thing to hit the Asian Movie W...
Is There A Third Chance In Love? (Book 2 of The Ex Returns) by PerdereFormaggio
Is There A Third Chance In Love? (... by PerdereFormaggio Fanfiction
To find out the answer to the question sometimes you need to take risks. Here's the Book 2 of The Ex Returns.
Bestfriends (An Aldub/Maiden Fanfiction) by thefangirlbynight
Bestfriends (An Aldub/Maiden Fanfi... by Richard x Nicomaine Fanfiction
Tamang Panahon recently ended. Alden has feelings for Maine. Now that they are regularly seeing each other, Alden tries to figure his feelings out while trying win the...
Remembering Sir Tisoy by mtfaulkerson
Remembering Sir Tisoy by 馃a marie Fanfiction
Mr. Faulkerson as his students call him but to Maine, he will always be Sir Tisoy, her History teacher who she fell in love with. Inspired by the Korean drama, Doctors...
AMACON 4 - Serendipitous: Entry Compilation by mtfaulkerson
AMACON 4 - Serendipitous: Entry Co... by 馃a marie Fanfiction
A compilation of my AMACon 4 entries! 馃
Jealous by BorderJ95
Jealous by BorderJ95 Fanfiction
You Qi get's jealous and makes it well known to Yang Meng.
All These Years by franchezkaela1129
All These Years by 路路路 Amis 路路路 Fanfiction
Anniversary Gift ko sa Lahat ng Bumabasa at Sumusuporta ng Story ko. Salamat ng marami!! =)
Drabble Nation by beebraver
Drabble Nation by Eris Fanfiction
A compilation of my MaiChard drabbles for AmaCon These were all originally written many moons ago on my phone's writing app so expect bite-sized shorts.
THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRINCE AND I by Alona Caguioa Fanfiction
Once upon a time may isang simpleng babae ang tatanga-tanga na natisod sa harapan ng isang sikat at napaka mayabang na lalaki. Ano kaya ang pwedeng mangyari sa dalawang...
Last Pod out of Solon by RoderickYoung
Last Pod out of Solon by Roderick Science Fiction
Mengs are selected for their innate math aptitude. They may be male or female, and span the spectrum of physical attractiveness. Scenters, on the other hand, are invar...
Maine Mendoza's Life by krizelmarasigan
The Black Bellied Serpent Prince's Royal Consort by Venusius
The Black Bellied Serpent Prince's... by Venusius Fantasy
Title: Fu Hei She Dian Dou Meng Fei or The Black Bellied Snake Prince's Royal Consort Author: Summer (Xia Han) Chapters: 221 Language: Original Chinese Translation: En...
Angel's Voice by ahomira
Angel's Voice by ahomira Fanfiction
A Maichard AU short fic. Holy Week special. Meng crushes on a guy whom she only sees/hear during holy week. Initially entitled Semana Santa. Sorry for the confusion.