The Last Kiss (Rewrite) by venushades98
The Last Kiss (Rewrite) by λΜγΙΙιλ
Its already been almost 3 years Phana and I in relationship.We always happy and love each other.But on our third anniversary Phana supposed to meet me.But he didn't sho...
  • 2moons
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED) by raindrops_
Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED) by kei 🍂
[Published under Summit Pop Fiction | Part 2 starts at the interlude] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's noth...
  • drama
  • love
  • prince
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Beast to your Beauty by ThespAC
Beast to your Beauty by ThespAC
*COMPLETE* To repay her father's medical bills, Hannah is sent to work at the Caldwell estate, a large mansion filled with shadows & secrets. All flowers are banned, all...
  • fairytale
  • melodrama
  • youngadult
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FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung) by aifa_kim
FOR YOU (BTS Kim Taehyung) by aifa_kim
Park Hyerin - A happy go lucky girl who in her last year at Medical University. Live with her mother and a little brother after her father die. Has a cheerful side, a li...
  • conflict
  • bts
  • bangtanboys
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The Moment I Fall For You by annsgirls
The Moment I Fall For You by annsgirls
Nivedhitha a fun going lovely chubby girl who doesn't care about anything in this world. There is only one motive for her in life , keep smiling and make everyone hap...
  • annsgirls
  • law
  • romance
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Closer (Book 1) A Dark Romance by achimay
Closer (Book 1) A Dark Romance by May
closer (adverb) : to be very near to someone or something; with very little space in between. Intended for Mature Audience ***NO TRANSLATIONS ALLOWED!***
  • domestic
  • kiss
  • sadism
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If We Love Again by ThatPotatoGirl
If We Love Again by Artemis Collins
[COMPLETED / 1st series] "6 words, 1 regrets: I shouldn't have let you go." - Zoe found herself stuck in the past; ten years ago when she lost her first love t...
  • drama
  • dual-timeline
  • tlseries
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The Model & The School Girl (모델과 학교 소녀) || Eunkook by mayamichiru
The Model & The School Girl (모델과 학... by M.M
Eunha or her real name, Jung Eunbi is a cold, clever girl but deep inside, she is a nice person. She didn't like to fangirling like other girl in her school. She lived w...
  • melodrama
  • taehyung
  • school
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[v.soo] My Fallen Angel [COMPLETED] by crazykookchim
[v.soo] My Fallen Angel [COMPLETED] by kaye. 👀
"Too bad money can't buy you brains." - Kim Taehyung Kang Jisoo has everything a girl ever asks for -- a rich family, not to mention dazzling and astonishing v...
  • completed
  • blackpink
  • kpop
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Heart Retentors ✅ by XxGigglingGeekxX
Heart Retentors ✅ by •rιѕнιĸa ѕιngн•
_____________________________________ THIS IS A STAND ALONE BOOK! [WITH TRANSLATIONS√]
  • simplicity
  • humor
  • romance
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First Love || Cha Eunwoo by adibah_tofu
First Love || Cha Eunwoo by Kawaii Tofu
"I was too late to even regret my actions." -Cha Eunwoo
  • minhyuk
  • kpop
  • chaeunwoo
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Kau bukan pilihan hati.... namun kaulah yang paling aku cinta
  • kahwin
  • cinta
  • lovestory
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Iridescent; Jinhwi by makdaehwi
Iridescent; Jinhwi by squishy cal ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ
"The outcome of realization can be the birth of regret and pain that I do not wish to experience because I do not want to think of you and be reminded of something...
  • baejinyoung
  • highschool
  • pd101
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BLOSSOM TEARS (VIXX Leo) by aifa_kim
BLOSSOM TEARS (VIXX Leo) by aifa_kim
They meet unexpectedly when both of their car involve in a small crash whereas one of the car has an idol. "You didn't need to say like that to him right? this is y...
  • hyuk
  • hongbin
  • leo
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Until When? by Misocolorful
Until When? by Juwan Gutierrez
June is just an average everyday teenager who unfortunately is diagnosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a disease in which any activities that consist of fasten...
  • manurios
  • romcom
  • humor
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Beautiful Lie [Jung Jinyoung] by mihyunxx__
Beautiful Lie [Jung Jinyoung] by mihyun__kim
She chase over him for several years but he never noticed it . Eventho she get obstacle, she never give up on him . The first day she get to communicate with him lead to...
  • jinyoung0423
  • fanfiction
  • sadstory
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The Sight of Tomorrow by bubblydaniee
The Sight of Tomorrow by Daniel Rubio
For Dominic McNamara, the day he lost his memory and found himself by the shore of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, his new journey begins. Diagnosed with amnesia, his...
  • realistic
  • love
  • melodrama
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Timeless Fate by Christoph_B
Timeless Fate by Christoph B.
Love. Dreams. Passion. These are the things that go into the head of Elijah Luigi Matthews (Louie). How can his Love affect his passion walking into his dreams? How will...
  • friendship
  • sacrifice
  • past
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Airgatou Jepang by donothing1
Airgatou Jepang by Pluto
"hi! sudah lama tak ku dengar kabarmu. 8 tahun yang lalu saat di hari kelulusan aku ingin memberimu kata kata ini, namun kau mengilang tanpa jejak begitu saja. tem...
  • imagine
  • melankolis
  • melodrama
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Suddenly You by JenB__
Suddenly You by Busan
//NOT EDITED// Devastated by her break-up, Lyn spends her days living with the memories of being loved. The young lady's life takes a new turn as she meets Axel, one who...
  • gemawards
  • 2017amethystawards
  • alixirawards2017
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