Just Poems by -extragalactic-
Just Poemsby lis
"that girl was quiet but her mind wasn't" ➖ poems with stories, emotion, anxieties, love, message, suicide, tears and humor. +warning: poems may include suic...
  • suicidal
  • romance
  • insecurities
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My Life in Prose by cataclysmicHumorist
My Life in Proseby A
All original content Basically the story of my life ever since I've started this book, just in poetry form.
  • anxiety
  • depressed
  • movingon
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lividity ; poetry by gnsrly
lividity ; poetryby       
~"what doesn't kill me, makes me wish i was dead" -n.d !!trigger warning!! ©gnsrly
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • sad
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Persona; A poetry by wallflowergoddess27
Persona; A poetryby Margarette
"Written to immortalize my pain and pleasure, to introduce my depression and to prepare for my death." Highest rank: #23 in Poetry (2018-1-5)
  • lovestory
  • alone
  • poetry
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Ten by emitys
Tenby Emity S
"ten words to express, bursts out the stress, at rest."
  • poetry
  • torn
  • hatred
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• Sentimental Things • Bakugou Katsuki x Reader by smutonomy
• Sentimental Things • Bakugou ☁spicy cloud☁
There are things in life we cherish, things we hold dear to us. These treasures ,we keep safe and close but- why... Does he keep slipping away? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'm b...
  • bnha
  • katsukibakugouxreader
  • adulthood
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INSOMNIA #wattys2016 by Armaan_M
INSOMNIA #wattys2016by Armaan_M
"There is always a reason why a pen meets paper in the world of poetry. My reason is the title." Achievements: #1 in What's Hot (Poetry) #7 in Poetry(10-03-20...
  • poems
  • melancholy
  • threnody
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Con el peso de las lagrimas by danibey
Con el peso de las lagrimasby Daniel Garri
Hoy fui un día muy divertido al inicio pero todo después de ese paseo fue tristeza. - esta es la historia de mi tristeza--- dijo el autor
  • triste
  • melancholy
  • llanto
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Paper planes by japadipi
Paper planesby JADE
I drink up the poetry Note: This book will be on-going for eternity lol Highest rank: #131in Poetry ❤️
  • life
  • lesson
  • romance
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| koimizu | by NiqIuhWoes
| koimizu |by n i q i u h
(n.) tears of love sometimes, you fall in love with someone you can never be with. sometimes, you shed your tears for someone who will never care. #201 in poetry (7/10/1...
  • poem
  • writing
  • love
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Cemetery Boulevard   by nolifeismylife
Cemetery Boulevard by ICIWAHYPEHOCTGDD
He hit rock bottom, a prostitute and an alcoholic. He thought he was content. That is, until he met the cute bartender, and his eyes were finally opened. Thank you for...
  • romance
  • melancholy
  • neo-noir
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Beyond Our Melancholy! #Wattys2016 by Zernain
Beyond Our Melancholy! #Wattys2016by Zeba Ali
Fazal Bashir, a 24 year man who has tasted the fruit of success quite early for his age. He has brought his dad's business to a new level of achievements, thus making hi...
  • alone
  • hate
  • melancholy
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WANDERLUST [poetry] by MayGarner
WANDERLUST [poetry]by m a y y ✨
" and my mind is spinning in these w a n d e r l u s t thoughts." Here, I watch myself decay and stitch itself back together before the sunrise. ~ Cover by m...
  • poetess
  • writing
  • poemcollection
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Door Bound Memories by SeaFlyer
Door Bound Memoriesby Thia
This was a commission from Olivier on Furry Amino. Art by Olivier for this story. Oliver is a scientist. Oliver needs to keep his emotions in check most of the time so...
  • melancholy
  • furry
  • memories
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His Bloodied Rose (Crowley Eusford x Reader) by wolves32048
His Bloodied Rose (Crowley wolves32048
Looking out on the battle ridden human soldiers as they pleaded to be spared by his kin brought back to many painful memories of her, and her bright shining smile the se...
  • crowleyxreader
  • heartwrenching
  • paranormal
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The Melancholy of Quinn [COMPLETE] by MayenWrites
The Melancholy of Quinn [COMPLETE]by MayenWrites
Quinn Polomero faces a bit of a problem. The star of the soccer team has got some fancy footwork, but how well can he maneuver in the field of romance when it comes to H...
  • soccer
  • school
  • friends
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She never had a choice GZtale (sans x frisk) by Wizardwolf1020
She never had a choice GZtale ( Wizardwolf1020
This basically goes as it does in GZtale except to a little different direction to best fit this story's development. Things will be different of course so keep an eye o...
  • sansxfrisk
  • ganzxfrisk
  • sad
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quiet by sa1tskin
quietby !
  • unrequited
  • freeverse
  • melancholy
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Quite quiet by japadipi
Quite quietby JADE
I bleed words Highest rank: #119 in Poetry ❤️
  • poem
  • anxiety
  • hopeless
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