Kings Obsession  by DarkDragonRider
Kings Obsession by DarkDragonRider
(Book Started in 2016 completed in 2017) James is a heartless king of a big kingdom, he murdered his parents at the age of 12 so he could take over the throne. he is cru...
  • queen
  • king
  • forced
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Bedding Camp by QueenOfGeeks
Bedding Camp by epicstory
"Our women cannot be wooed." Warned the King. "They have not met my men." The Sovereign replied. In Rowland, a kingdom void of love, where even a...
  • love
  • undiscovered
  • kidnap
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The Source of Magic [The Knights of Merlin Chronicles #1] by Charisma_S_Phoenix
The Source of Magic [The Knights o... by C. S. Phoenix
Highest Rank Achieved: #27 Adventure 12/02/2017 Death should be the end of your life-not the beginning. Rebekah McArthur was only five-years-old when it happened. No o...
  • warriors
  • elements
  • epicfantasy
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Defiant by AimeeSophie94
Defiant by Aimee King
Leora has only ever been two things: an orphan, and a thief. The castle dungeons have become a second home to her. A far better home than her current one: the streets...
  • sorcery
  • throne
  • heroine
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A Kind of Cinderella Story (Complete) by cjyoung24
A Kind of Cinderella Story (Comple... by C.J. Young
A masked Ball. Two hundred thirty five Ladies. Four men all posing as the Prince. One woman out to find freedom and happiness. ****** As the King's eldest son comes upon...
  • prince
  • princess
  • cinderella
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Caledonia by jamadoria
Caledonia by jamadoria
#Wattys2016 For Mature Audiences Only... Callie MacLeod escapes a clan gathering in an attempt to run away from an arranged marriage by her Uncle Hamish to Angus Came...
  • kilt
  • romance
  • medieval
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Rebellious Angel  by Angie8177
Rebellious Angel by Angie8177
It all began with a promise While his good friend lay in his arms dying, the last words that came from his lips were "Please find Brienna and take care of her.&quo...
  • historical
  • medieval
  • knights
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Isildilia.(Book 1 of the White Lily trilogy) by wingsanddragons
Isildilia.(Book 1 of the White Lil... by wingsanddragons
Being different was never a good thing for Isildilia Different got you noticed. Different got you isolated. ...
  • wings
  • medieval
  • otherworld
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The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon Nymph by Illeandir
The Kliana Empire Series: Dragon N... by Diaval Thrid
Freya Wilde, her name says it all. She'd rather run wild in the wind than wallow in society's mud. Fiercely independent and not afraid to get dirty, she's better suited...
  • nymph
  • dragons
  • nymphs
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Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x Reader) by ATwistedFate
Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x Rea... by ATwistedFate
A kingdom in need of a ruler finds itself tricked unknowingly by their enemy. Their princess, Y/N, is in the hands of the enemy prince, unable to escape without facing c...
  • deception
  • hatred
  • calum
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The Monsters in the Woods by family_IS_home
The Monsters in the Woods by family_IS_home
He has this wicked grin spread across his face as he slowly stalks towards me. Every step I take, he mimics with his one large step. Just my luck, my back meets the hars...
  • mate
  • romance
  • love
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The Forbidden Lands (Wattys 2015 Winner) by linsella
The Forbidden Lands (Wattys 2015 W... by linsella
Evelin is known as the wild Fendway sister. She dreams of someday escaping to the Forbidden Lands to the west, despite the rumors of its danger and dark magic. Evelin es...
  • epicfantasy
  • wattys2015
  • kiss
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The Sentinel by mahana258
The Sentinel by Mahana
The Sentinels have watched over the lands of the three Kings of Illdissa for an age past. The order protects Illdissa's borders, enforces its laws, and guards against co...
  • wattys2017
  • fantasy
  • sentinel
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The Elf and his Prince (LGBT+)√ by yeddabix
The Elf and his Prince (LGBT+)√ by Yedda van Bix
Soriel is a high elf and so utterly beautiful, you could easily mistake him for a woman. With a voice graced by the gods, he can sing his way into anyone's heart. Kal is...
  • genderbender
  • kingdom
  • yaoi
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Sword And Rose. by BrePemberton
Sword And Rose. by FROSCH
On her way to France, to marry it's king and fulfill the alliance her mother and her country depended on, Marianne, the Crown Princess of England's ship was attacked and...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • 1500s
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Yes, My Queen (Girl x Girl) by RainbowZkats
Yes, My Queen (Girl x Girl) by Katherine K.
Kathryn, a girl orphaned at 6 after watching her parents be slaughtered by monsters, finally finds herself in a job as a maid for the Queen of the kingdom of Symphonia a...
  • futanari
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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A Thousand Year Obsession ✔ by Secrets_NeverSeen
A Thousand Year Obsession ✔ by Jackie Rose
Morgana was anything but ordinary. She had no memories of the time before she was fifteen years old, of the time before she'd appeared out of nowhere on a young woman'...
  • legends
  • timetravel
  • prophecy
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Paladin by SallySlater
Paladin by Sally Slater
Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingd...
  • fighting
  • wattpadblockparty
  • demons
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Child of Steel and Fire by EllenaScott_
Child of Steel and Fire by Ellena Scott
In the land of Indaris, where magic is feared and conflict rages, sixteen year old Ahna is running. Blamed for a murder she doesn't remember and afflicted by a curse she...
  • badassfemale
  • maleprotagonist
  • royalty
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Daevas by -S-N-O-
Daevas by Sno
Mouths may lie, but blood does not. When truth fails to bring forth light it is within the blood does it tell all. Ari soon comes to learn such truths when a holy war be...
  • darkfantasy
  • bonds
  • friendship
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