Creepypasta Poems by meganproxy
Creepypasta Poemsby Megan Proxy
All poems by meh. ~WARNING: JUST A LIL DEEP~
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SAD LOVE STORY...(REALLY TOUCHING)(One shot) by mine_puddin
How does it feel when you love someone so bad,with all your heart and soul and you are in relationship with them but all they do is not giving any interest and gives you...
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Dear X//An XxxTentacion Fanfic by IamDoniJ
Dear X//An XxxTentacion Fanficby Aesthetic_Feels
A girl named Starlena decides to send a letter to her favorite rapper XXXTentacion aka Jahseh Onfroy after hearing he had 7 new charges pressed on him and was sent to ja...
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six word stories  | ✓ by ScarlettCrane
six word stories | ✓by Scarlett Crane
Just a small collection of six word stories! ➵ New book "chaotic bliss" out now! ➵ Completed ➵ Stories include works by me and other authors. I don't own thei...
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Harry Styles Quotes by 1Dgurl1914
Harry Styles Quotesby J.M.G
"I think I must have been a twin, but the other went away and left its nipples behind"
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Spectres  by Trmn8tr
Spectres by FriendsCallMeSnorlax
There is a prophecy Surely there's humility But I'm afraid there's insecurity With a little dose gravity A teaspoon of humidy There's agility! As for inability? Mayb...
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Dark Poetry by _MidnightBlues_
Dark Poetryby Zøë
I'd like to get some stuff off my chest. Some words I'd like to say. Some apologies to make. Some things I'd like to admit. All can be said here. So listen to my words c...
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if dictionaries told the truth by Lil_Phil
if dictionaries told the truthby Names Pip
this is the urban dictionary! have fun!
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Words I Didn't Say |Jonah. Marais| by purplemak1022
Words I Didn't Say |Jonah. Marais|by purplemak1022
I decided to write a story about a relationship. between Valerie Herron (Zach's half sister) and the one and only Jonah Marais. but other people decide to get in the way...
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Quote Book by MobSquad
Quote Bookby Mob Squad
Hello, awesome person! Yes, Ye who reads this word Welcome to the Quote Book! This is a collection of various inspiring, motivating, or straight up humorous qu...
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(un)Wanted Boyfriend || MaBill Fanfic [EDITING] (ON-GOING) by XxJEnYxX
(un)Wanted Boyfriend || MaBill ❤❤❤
It may seem boring from the first following chapters but I guarantee that you all that it will get better chapter-by-chapter! So don't think twice on pushing the read bu...
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baby names and their meanings ✨🔥 by wolfietaylors
baby names and their meanings ✨🔥by Wolfie Taylors
I was bored so I decided to make a list of baby names I liked even though I hate kids.
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High Thoughts by manicpixieflowergirl
High Thoughtsby 💕Janie 💕
I mean the title p much explains it
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A Quote a Day by Becky_Sheerio_Harvey
A Quote a Dayby Becky Harvey
I hope this selection of quotes uplifts you and keeps you positive. I hope they can help you see the happiness in the saddest of places. Enjoy! Quotes are not my own. Th...
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HƏYATIMIN MƏNASI (Meaning of my LIFE) by NihadNadirovENDOTEN
HƏYATIMIN MƏNASI (Meaning of my Nihad Nadirov
Bir oğlan bir qıza vurulur. Qızın oğlanı görməzdən gəlməyi onun kapsul içib 3 aylıq iflic olmasına səbəb olur. Beləcə qızın qelbini fəth etməyi düşünən oğlanın həçdə hər...
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Lost Stars  by anthem-
Lost Stars by olivia
in which two nihilistic teens find the meaning of life when their hands entwine. current cover :: @parthenons [summary inside]
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Poetic Blues by Ruyaa12
Poetic Bluesby Mellow Dreams
Tonight, my love is the rain that fills the heart while it lasts and leaves sweet pain in its wake. Poems-- my way of clearing my mind. Highest Ranking: #3 in Poetr...
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Quality Quotes by _Imperfect_Writing
Quality Quotesby Mickey
"Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book." -Author Unknown For the pleasure of anyone who feels the need to become ins...
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My Journal by Libon27
My Journalby Libonthung Ezung
A Christian teenager's life and wisdom in simple words.
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The Dreamers Dictionary [What your dreams mean] by TheOne_OneThe
The Dreamers Dictionary [What TheOne_OneThe
Dont you know what your dreams mean? well this is the right book for you :) Read and know the meaning of your dream :)
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