For the curvy|BWWM by Black_baddie
For the curvy|BWWM by XxBlack_queenXx
"Why do you love me? I'm fat" I said as I looked down at my feet. "Princess there's a difference between fat and thick" he said as he grabbed a hand...
  • romance
  • confidence
  • adventures
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Beauty and the Bully. by Amara_Rose
Beauty and the Bully. by A M A R A
"I thought you were my friend." I say my voice timid as he started kissing my neck. I shivered as his mouth latched onto the skin. He chuckled and brought his...
  • love
  • drama
  • meangirls
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It All Started With A locker by afiyaedwards123
It All Started With A locker by Afiya Edwards 17
"what the hell you're doing here?!" I stop and turn around. "um..." "this is my locker, now scram", he hisses. "but this is my locker...
  • cliche
  • bully
  • meangirls
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Pieces of You | rewrite by cavesecho
Pieces of You | rewrite by kate
They said it was an accident. That she fell down that hill, drunken and intoxicated. It was a tragedy, really. She was perfect, loved by everybody she'd met. It was an...
  • featured
  • poetry
  • mystery
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Confessions of a Bad Boy // Slowly Editing by rheaday97
Confessions of a Bad Boy // Slowly... by R H E A D A Y
As her senior year approaches, Allyson Craine finds herself unraveling from all aspects of her life. From the betrayal of her best friend, to the destruction of her safe...
  • tylerposey
  • anselelgort
  • romance
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Celebrity burn book by hightopbrooklyn
Celebrity burn book by Caitlin de Villiers
Don't come crying to me, when your favorite celeb is down in the drain. Please don't read if you can't take crude humor. I don't mean any of the remarks in this book. Yo...
  • funny
  • humor
  • celebs
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He is my roommate by Zero_ten
He is my roommate by Luv❤️
Jenny Coleman has another thing coming her way when she finds out who her new roommate is.... *completed*
  • roommate
  • college
  • badboy
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The Boy at My Window by Avery9902
The Boy at My Window by Avery Thompson
A pair of sky blue eyes looked back at me. Matthew. He tapped again. I got up and pulled open my window. "What are you doing here?" I asked timidly. Even tho...
  • meangirl
  • saved
  • bullying
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My Sister Or LOVER (perfectlaughss starring) by g0ldbandzz
My Sister Or LOVER (perfectlaughss... by ❤korrectz❤
This story will be about a girl name Arianna who is going to stay with a sister she aint never met before . Arianna thought she was gone be meeting a girl who like to ge...
  • lesbian
  • queen
  • nickiminaj
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Láska vs. Sex ✔️ by thatgirlnamedsweety
Láska vs. Sex ✔️ by It’s Sweety💜
Vždycky jsem si představovala život z pohádky a taky jsem si myslela že jsem v pohádce, pak mi ale došlo že pohádky nejsou realita..... 15+ Alkohol, sexuální scény atd...
  • girl
  • vs
  • meangirl
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The Gangleader saved me by Tay12forever
The Gangleader saved me by Stupid_gang
Cleo lovely jackson when you hear that name what do you think of. Quiet,shy, doesn't have much friends. See your all right but do you know what goes on behind closed doo...
  • love
  • meangirls
  • romance
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The Baby Project by afiyaedwards123
The Baby Project by Afiya Edwards 17
Mia West wasn't expecting her junior year to start off with some dumb project nor did she expect her friendship with one of her best friends to be at risk. She was popul...
  • project
  • humor
  • afiya
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Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED by persekyoot
Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED by perssecute
"We said whoever eats the most pizza has to do the dare no matter how cruel or easy it is." This is just a glimpse of our sleepovers. Ivy and Autumn always dra...
  • popularity
  • teenromance
  • playboy
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Hacker's are dangerous (SLOW UPDATES) by Mrs_panda321
Hacker's are dangerous (SLOW UPDAT... by Mrs_panda321
Has reached #52 in action. ----------------------------------- "I heard you were the player, nice to meet you, I am the coach" --------------------- "Jus...
  • hack
  • bounty
  • undecover
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The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disguise (Featured Story) by XxUCOxX
The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disg... by U.C. Ké
It didn't take long for junior Miren Eze to realize that high school is just an academic cover up for hell. Especially when she is terrorized daily by Penelope van Helsi...
  • representation
  • youngadultreads
  • 10thingsihateaboutyou
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The Bet by vsnow_
The Bet by Tora Snow
|*Complete*| When a hot, but spoiled guy gets kicked out of boarding school for heading up a gambling ordeal at his private school, his parents force him into public sch...
  • meangirls
  • romance
  • love
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Mean Girls Don't Cry (#1) by -dangerouslyy
Mean Girls Don't Cry (#1) by love thyself
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍɪsᴜɴᴅᴇʀsᴛᴏᴏᴅ Everything comes so easily for her. I bet she's never went to bed crying for acceptance. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ [2nd place winner of the 2017 Writing Aw...
  • nomorebullying
  • girls
  • anotherhsstory
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Paper Thin by snapitsbrittany
Paper Thin by Brittany Watson
After standing up to the popular crowd on her first day at Alcott High, Melody Reese's start at a new school becomes a very different one than she had hoped for. A secon...
  • fiction
  • eating-disorder
  • chicklit
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Truth Or Dare// E.D by thinkdolan
Truth Or Dare// E.D by paige
"okay last one," I tell Ethan. "dare." "I dare you to kiss me" then he puts his lips against mine and we had an amazing kiss. --- copyrigh...
  • dolans
  • school
  • ethandolan
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Playing The Game by not-A_potato
Playing The Game by Destini Garcia
Not every blonde is stupid. In the South if you're a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed girl high expectations are made. Either you're not extremely smart, so you find...
  • real-life
  • self-recovery
  • sexist
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