Shameless Imagines/Gif Series by idcaesthetic
Shameless Imagines/Gif Seriesby ?™
I imagine scenarios including the shameless cast and characters
  • ian
  • carl
  • shameless
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The Gangleaders Angel by wolfie717
The Gangleaders Angelby Marissa
Hightest ranking #3 in adventure!!!!! Prescott is the "nerd" at her school but what they don't know is that she is really the most feared streetfighter. Shadow...
  • plot
  • mẹ
  • gangleader
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BITE ME  ➼  C. G. 〖 #wattys2016 〗 by BOMBSH3LL
BITE ME ➼ C. G. 〖 #wattys2016 〗by S H E Ł L Y
Keira is a survivor. She doesn't fall for tricks, she turns her back to the past and walks on. She carries secrets as her burdens. Guilt and sadness curdle inside her...
  • keira
  • carlgrimes
  • mẹ
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Mike Wheeler x Reader by yayaahboi
Mike Wheeler x Readerby one strange boi
oof i hope this doesn't suck. I was looking for some quality fanfiction (WHERE IT DOESN'T ESCALATE SO QUICKLY HOLY-) and i thought i could just write some ya kniw. (Co...
  • mike
  • fanfic
  • omg
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BTS x Reader | ❃ by airycakepop
BTS x Reader | ❃by love yourself 💕︎ bts
You're friend is a crazy fan of BTS and she tries to get you involved. You kind of like it and continue with your stuff. One day you bump into someone...and everything c...
  • believe
  • mẹ
  • yay
Musings by bateaux
Musingsby kell ケル
I have things to say sometimes. Only sometimes.
  • life
  • nerd
  • rant
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buzzfeed unsolved as vines by xjustasmalltowngirlx
buzzfeed unsolved as vinesby 💛
the title says it all {requests open} i'm just someone who loves the spooky boys, vines, and has wayyy to much time on their hands
  • shane
  • ryanbergara
  • buzzfeed
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The way we get by by fireflyliv
The way we get byby fireflyliv
"Every little thing that you've said and done, feels like it's deep within me" -as long as you love me She took her heart and her dried tears, and made 365 let...
  • love
  • long
  • girls
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Invisible by LxT4ever
Invisibleby 🐘 Leah 🐘
Blair, 16 years old, feels lonely and invisible. She has friends, family, but she feels unhappy. And then there's Willow, who seems to follow her everywhere... But why?
  • subconscious
  • angry
  • girlxgirl
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About Me And Other Random Stuff by DonutKing101
About Me And Other Random Stuffby Liam King
The Title says it all
  • facts
  • mẹ
  • superhero
Don't Let Me Go (A Larry Stylinson Story) by anallilo
Don't Let Me Go (A Larry anallilo
Louis and Harry get into a fight and stop talking but when One Direction gets a death threat they are forced to hide away out in the middle of nowhere. On top of that Lo...
  • larry
  • mẹ
  • anallilo
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Come To The Dark Side Kylo Ren X Reader by kd3245
Come To The Dark Side Kylo Ren X Kai
You are captured by Kylo and soon are seduced by the pleasures of the dark side Sorry first time writing a fan doc
  • mẹ
  • kill
  • xreader
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Help Me Help You ( A Daniel Seavey Fanfic) by its_me_all_the_time
Help Me Help You ( A Daniel me
How can you completely fall in love with someone who's actually out of your league??? Well that's happen to a woman named firah....she somehow had fallen for a famous si...
  • whydontwe
  • justforfun
  • helpmehelpyou
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A Scribble Of Stars (Art Book 8) by FoxTheGamer2015
A Scribble Of Stars (Art Book 8)by Your Neighborhood Nobody
This actually happens to be the name of the art book I had on my now erased backup account.
  • traditional
  • mẹ
  • ẻw
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Pansy ▲ Daniel Atlas by cutiestiles
Pansy ▲ Daniel Atlasby C l a r a
❝I'm sure we'll be seeing each again, Agent Ellis.❞ ❝I'm sure we will, Atlas.❞ In Victorian England, the Pansy was once used for secret courting...
  • reeves
  • danielatlas
  • henley
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#stopbasicusernames 2k18 by hoelygrail
#stopbasicusernames 2k18by 𝔇𝔢𝔰
credit appreciated.
  • by
  • ideas
  • stopthebasicusernamesof2k17
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You And Me by MusicForMyLife
You And Meby Meg
Could he really teach me to love again?
  • romance
  • mature
  • mẹ
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Masterbation Stories: Teen Girl by sexlover69humpme
Masterbation Stories: Teen Girlby rainbowdash13
Naughty stories that get better and better.
  • masterbation
  • moaning
  • naughty
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Mystic Messenger One Shots by Kelsey-Bell
Mystic Messenger One Shotsby Kelsey
This stupid game has basically ruined my life so as I slowly dig the deep hole I'm already in, I decided, why not? Why not just write one shots for these bastards? Knowi...
  • mẹ
  • jumin
  • 707
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MR. CEO, SPOIL ME 100 PERCENT! by alanlin8581
A divorce has stripped Xia Xinghe of her money, name, and looks but not her will! She will rise again with her incomparable hacking skills. Those who have wronged her be...
  • love
  • ceo
  • 100
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