Paranormal Investigation by JoseTheKraken
Paranormal Investigationby Mother Of Tyler
Harvey "Seto" Masters was a smart boy with a mean mother, and a father who died mysteriously when Harvey was ten. Harvey was about to run off to college, until...
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The Fight for You |Lachlan / CraftBattleDuty| by agirlwhofans
The Fight for You |Lachlan / (^_−)−☆
Alexus Springfield was a quiet girl with a thoughtful heart. Lachlan Power lived far away from her small hometown in the big city of Sydney, but is forced to live with h...
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Oneshots [The Pack And Friends]  by RandomPackFangirl
Oneshots [The Pack And Friends] by :p
I'm gonna write oneshots on the Pack and probably the sidemen and others. Suggestions are appreciated. The first few oneshots might be shit but the others would be bette...
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  • pwincessly
  • bajancanadian
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Unlikely (TBNRFrags/ PrestonPlayz) by agirlwhofans
Unlikely (TBNRFrags/ PrestonPlayz)by (^_−)−☆
Casey was a shy girl Preston was a popular. Casey would never talk. Preston always would. Casey had a secret. Preston wanted to know what it was. Casey has a YouTube. Pr...
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Unfortunate |TBNRFrags/PeteZaHutt| sequel to Unlikely by agirlwhofans
Unfortunate |TBNRFrags/PeteZaHutt| (^_−)−☆
If you haven't read Unlikely read it before you continue with this <3 Preston hasn't been seen for two weeks and Casey isn't doing so good either. Since her secret wa...
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Home ~ A Merome Fanfic by discontinued-
Home ~ A Merome Fanficby ⋆ paige ⋆
When Mitch gets in a car accident, he has to move in with his aunt in New York. There, he meets Jerome, a mysterious foster kid that lives with his aunt. Mitch keeps see...
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How Hard I Try || Mithzan X Reader by SunsetMagyk
How Hard I Try || Mithzan X Readerby Camera_Kiddo
"Knock knock! Haha!" I say. "W-who's t-there?" I wasn't expecting anyone to reply. Who was this male voice? "Dishes." "D...
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Minecraft YouTubers x Reader One-shots ~Christmas Edition~ by Mixed-Fluffs
Minecraft YouTubers x Reader Mixie
A One-Shot every day of the month of December. Leave a vote on a part in this book to win a chance to get a present on christmas. Starts on December 1st
  • minecraft
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One-Shots of Dreams(Youtubers) by BeastyGamerGirl
One-Shots of Dreams(Youtubers)by A Crazy Shipper
A fun little one-shot book. Right now it will only contain MC youtuber ships(mostly the Pack), but I might write some sidemen oneshots if I find the courage to do so. Th...
  • minecraft
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Becca's Book of Artistic Failures by becca4leafclover
Becca's Book of Artistic Failuresby Becca= Sick ;^;
I draw enough that I might as well make one of these. No idea what's going to be in here, probably some scenes from other people's books, knowing me. Meh and maybe some...
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