Heels of Steel [1] by Kutlie
Heels of Steel [1]by K.R.W Malete
Mckenzie Logan, fresh out of college and hungry for the work force. Connor Pearson, established CEO and totally one of the big dogs in the business. Mckenzie finds herse...
  • strongfemalelead
  • generalfiction
  • woman
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The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston Family #3) by greenwriter
The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston Janelle Ruiz
[Highest ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction] In a land not so far away, there lives a place that lives in the past... THE LADY WHO SINNED... Lady Belinda Kat...
  • townseries
  • banish
  • adventure
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You by AkmaliaFatiraa
Youby Fatira Akmalia
Mengapa kamu selalu bisa datang lalu pergi untuk yang kesekian kalinya, dan mengapa aku selalu bisa menerima, bahkan kembali menaruh harapan kepada kamu yang nyatanya ki...
  • laurenorlando
  • mckenzie
  • love
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Sally (Book 1) by daishacristina21
Sally (Book 1)by Cristina & Dai'Sha
"Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You...
  • scary
  • possessed
  • daisha
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Red Eyes {Teen Wolf/Derek Hale} by JupitersGirl
Red Eyes {Teen Wolf/Derek Hale}by Jupiter
McKenzie McCall. Dark brown hair. Green eyes. Scott McCall's little sister, by 12 minutes. Will she, Scott and Stiles get into trouble? More trouble than usual? What hap...
  • curse
  • fabfiction
  • mccall
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My Dragon Mates by WriterKittie
My Dragon Matesby Kittie
This is story my friend and I are writing. It's based off of a writing prompt I made up. I really don't have a description for this you're just gonna have...
  • samantha
  • supernatural
  • warlock
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The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Mikaelson Love Story) by mrsmikaelson10
The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Elizabeth
Tyler Lockwood isn't an only child. His twin sister Mckenzie Lockwood has shared every memory with him since childhood. Would Mckenzie's love life change that? Will thei...
  • lockwood
  • mckenzie
  • klaus
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Saving Sabine by littleLo
Saving Sabineby Laura
Sabine Winchester has always had a too sensible head on her shoulders. Her unsuccessful seasons in London result in her being called things like 'boring' and 'dull'. Her...
  • regency
  • ethridge
  • historical
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Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) by JupitersGirl
Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale)by Jupiter
(This is a sequel to Red Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) Please read that before you read this. Thankyou.) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
  • hale
  • mckenziemccall
  • scott
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Prince of Darkness by Laura_the_Explorer
Prince of Darknessby Laura
Abele McKenzie is a Christian with a secret: she doesn’t believe in God. But with the whole world following one religion, how can she afford to be different? When handso...
  • mckenzie
  • daman
  • darkness
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Fixed Faces by spitfirewaterninja
Fixed Facesby Melodie Gracelynn
Mckenzie Brookstone set off to find her brother. What she didn't know was once she found him, there would be a two way street. Stay with him and keep his secret? Or retu...
  • kai
  • fanfiction
  • mckenzie
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Finding Beauty by SunkissedLeaves
Finding Beautyby Kiera❤
Seventeen year old Mckenzie Canton is not pretty. At least that's what she thinks. Insecure and self-conscious, Mckenzie has to live with the burdens of feeling ugly an...
  • bullying
  • haunt
  • fiction
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Married to the Beast // Brock Lesnar ●COMPLETE● by wwepurplevixen
Married to the Beast // Brock wwepurplevixen
**SEQUEL TO BEAST MODE** "I don't care if the world is against us" "I love you and I know why you complete me" SONGS FOR BOOK: ELLIE GOULDING - ARMY...
  • wattys2017
  • wrestling
  • paige
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Witness *Completed* by secretwriter08
Witness *Completed*by secretwriter08
I had everything. A wonderful mom (even though she wasn’t exactly a saint), a brother who cared, a boyfriend who cared, and fabulous friends. But then I witnessed somet...
  • colt
  • nineteen
  • malibu
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Diary of a Weirdo Like Me: Freshman Year by KrAZykEnZiE123
Diary of a Weirdo Like Me: McKenzie Featherly
This is my diary 2.0. My Freshman diary. The sequel to my 8th grade diary. I hope you enjoy!! WARNING: occastional swearing, dark secrets, etc... Beware! lots of love❤
  • krazykenzie123
  • journal
  • love
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Nikki's dairy (Completed) by zuzu123super
Nikki's dairy (Completed)by 🖤⚡️ZuZu 🖤⚡️
This my first book so i hope you will enjoy , yes it is a series , NO DESCRIPTION ITS a SUPRISE !!! ENJOY !
  • growing
  • mckenzie
  • full
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The Last Day Of School (GROWN UPS 2//BRADEN HIGGINS) by craycraytay2
The Last Day Of School (GROWN CrayCrayTay2
It is the last day of school and Cora Feder can't wait to spend it with her family and friends. Her world takes an interesting turn when she meets Braden Higgins and sta...
  • mckenzie
  • lamansoff
  • feder
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Jangles by laughterandjynx
Janglesby Tiffany
(COMPLETED) Ashlyn is less than pleased when she finds out that she is shipped to the small beach town of Jangles, Florida to live with her brother for the summer. What...
  • mckenzie
  • four
  • clemens
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Forever & Always by Blue_Society
Forever & Alwaysby _blue_society_
17 year old Desiree Sims (Des for short) is secretly a lesbian she hasn't told her mom yet because she is afraid of what she would do , say , or think of her , Des has a...
  • humor
  • stress
  • love
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Torn Between Two Loves:  A Luis and Sheridan (Shuis) Romance by StarrleenasFanfics
Torn Between Two Loves: A Luis Valerie McKay-Harvey
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald has loved Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald, now married to his brother, Antonio for many years. But he now married to Sheridan's niece, Fancy Crane...
  • crane
  • gering
  • lovetriangle
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