Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Soldiers MC) by Meganfall
Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Meganfall
**HIGHEST RANKING #1 ~ 4/5/18** Trinity's dad was savagely executed by his own motorcycle club, and she was witness to it all. Now on the run, she hides from the new pre...
  • bikergang
  • hotbiker
  • mc
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Sapphire (Blackhawk MC Book 2) by rebekahlthompson
Sapphire (Blackhawk MC Book 2)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK 2 OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. COMPLETED-UNEDITED My name is Harley Reed. My boyfriend cheated then I found out I am pregnant. I found a man beaten and took care of...
  • baby
  • ride
  • violence
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Wrath - Deadly Seven MC: #1- by JessicaPendragon
Wrath - Deadly Seven MC: #1-by Jessica
When Gwendolyn Locklear finds out her husband is cheating, had a secret vasectomy a week before they got married, and is using her for her money she admittedly goes a li...
  • wrath
  • romance
  • dominic
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My Niece's Teacher by StaceyTaylor86
My Niece's Teacherby Stacey Taylor
Brooke Myers is a 25 yr. old that is a third grade teacher who also happens to have run away from her past. She finally is happy and free from her dark past and is ready...
  • tattooed
  • dominant
  • plussize
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The Kiss by StaceyTaylor86
The Kissby Stacey Taylor
Maddie has always been the shy, curvy younger sister of a beautiful and successful older sister who recently has been passed down the torch for their family company who...
  • curvy
  • hot
  • bikergang
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Her Biker Bad Boy. by silent_dreamss
Her Biker Bad silent_dreams
"Be my old lady" he said against my neck, with his rough yet soft hands on my waist, with a tight grip, pulling me closer to him. "I can't" I said in...
  • bestfriends
  • action
  • mature
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The bikers next door by JadeCurrie
The bikers next doorby Jade Currie
When a 18 year old girl gets kidnapped, manages to get away and she moves Mexico. Then she realises that she has moved in next to a biker club.
  • darren
  • amy
  • bikers
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Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4) by rebekahlthompson
Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK 4 OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. COMPLETED-UNEDITED My name is Isla. My parents died six years ago and a woman offered me a dancing gig. What I didn't know is that I...
  • romance
  • motorcycleclub
  • biker
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Chaotic Shadows and the 300 MC (Book One and Two) by StarkillerCaz
Chaotic Shadows and the 300 MC ( Codie
Descriptions for the book will be the introductions in the chapters. Book One is Kelsea's beginning, and book two is her after-story. If you loved Sons of Anarchy, you...
  • wattys2017
  • motorcycleclub
  • badboy
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Ruby (Blackhawk MC Book 3) by rebekahlthompson
Ruby (Blackhawk MC Book 3)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK THREE OF BLACKHAWK MC SERIES. COMPLETED-UNEDITED My name is Anastasia. My parents don't give a crap about me and my father loses his temper sometimes, resu...
  • mc
  • blackhawk
  • motorcycle
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Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight' Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #1**TO BE PUBLISHED** Ali woke with no recollection of who she was or what had taken place. She was lying on the floor and four terrifying b...
  • bikerclub
  • action
  • badboy
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• ❀ Mystic Messenger LEMONS ❀ • by Mikento
• ❀ Mystic Messenger LEMONS ❀ •by Mikento
I recommend you read these if you're like 16+ but whatever lol. I plan to make more even worse than now so uh enjoy ^^ ? I write these towards girls mainly because I kno...
  • lemon
  • yoosung
  • 707
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Surviving November ✔️ (#7~Stone Knight's MC) | SAMPLE  by Meganfall
Surviving November ✔️ (#7~Stone Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #3 ~ 11/27/17** Jude has spent time in jail, he's labeled an outlaw and he hates it. The Stone Knight's desperately want him to prospect, b...
  • possessive
  • outlaw
  • love
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Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight' Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 10/19/17** Trike loves being in The Stone Knight's, but it still feels like he's missing something. That's when Ali calls him to go pi...
  • tattoos
  • romance
  • bikers
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The Poker Girl by StaceyTaylor86
The Poker Girlby Stacey Taylor
Penny Hultz, is a 23 year old who just hasn't had the best of luck in life. Her father left when she was younger and it had been just her and her mother up until a few y...
  • dominant
  • gangleader
  • bikergang
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Infected Messenger | Mystic Messenger | Jumin Han X MC by CCshoelaces
Infected Messenger | Mystic CCshoelaces
MC was supposed to have a happy ending with Jumin Han until one day Jumin's father decided to arrange a marriage for Jumin with a daughter from a very well-known family...
  • jumin
  • fanfiction
  • mystic
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Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #3 ~ 10/30/17** Shadow has been a Navy Seal for the past eight years. After several tours, and some close calls, he decides to call it quit...
  • romance
  • protective
  • love
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Mystic Messenger X Reader (2) by YukiKatsuki
Mystic Messenger X Reader (2)by YukiKatsuki
~ Simple Scenario & One Shots Story ~ Saeyoung X Reader Saeran X Reader Jumin X Reader Zen X Reader Yoosung X Reader This Story Mix with English & Korean ~ #start this...
  • choisaeran
  • anime
  • reader
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Opposites Attract | Jumin Han X Reader by MsTrustFundKid
Opposites Attract | Jumin Han X Iffy Iffah
The female and male protagonists were born in two completely different worlds. Jumin Han, one of the directors in the C&R company and Yoona Kim, one of the most talented...
  • juminxmc
  • romance
  • messenger
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