King   by curlynerd4ever
King by CurlyNerd
A werewolf is wolf and man. Both equal, both co-operative. Together. But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entir...
  • feisty
  • kingdom
  • rebellion
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Joshaya one shots by EGH15-01
Joshaya one shotsby MinnieMouse1010
This is just a bunch of one shots about Josh and Maya from girl meets world. I hope you enjoy them!
  • joshaya
  • mayahart
  • longgame
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Girl Meets Wedding Bells(Joshaya & Rucas) by justjulie37
Girl Meets Wedding Bells( justjulie37
It's been a year since Riley and her friends and family returned from their holiday on the beautiful Hawaii. Things have changed a lot for the group. Riley and Lucas bro...
  • matthews
  • joshaya
  • hawaii
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Atormentada Pelo Passado by lalaferi
Atormentada Pelo Passadoby Laura Alice Pianta Fernandes
''Estou morta? Ou esse é um daqueles sonhos? Aqueles sonhos horríveis.Que parecem que vão durar para sempre? Se estou viva,por que? por que? Se existe um Deus ou algo pa...
  • paixao
  • filhos
  • maya
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Not so little anymore  by EGH15-01
Not so little anymore by MinnieMouse1010
It's been two years since their someday deal and neither Josh or Maya have talked to each other much since. Now Maya is just starting her freshman year at NYU and Josh i...
  • josh
  • joshuamatthews
  • someday
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Arrogant Alpha. Joshaya. by taylorcochran93
Arrogant Alpha. Taylor Cochran
Maya is a rogue and left her pack willingly when she was 12 years old. After 6 years of living alone and being content with that, but after the 'Sapiente Wolves' pass a...
  • maya
  • wattys2017
  • pack
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Letters To You - Rilaya by depressingunicorn
Letters To You - Rilayaby Depressing Unicorn
A story of letters that go back and forth between Ms. Popular, Maya Hart, and a nobody, Riley Matthews. ----------- This magnificent cover was made by me.
  • meets
  • girl
  • matthews
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Regret by Petrafied101
Regretby Crisis :P
A MCSM Fanfiction. Happiness emerges triumphant in the new Order of the Stone, or does it? All seems well for Jesse, who finds herself falling in love. But with whom? S...
  • petra
  • blaze
  • lukas
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BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya) by fogelmaniac
BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya)by becca
(2016 Summer GMW Award Winner) (2016 GMW Choice Award Winner) (2017 GMW Fall Awards Winner) /// Ever since graduating high school, the core four have drifted apart. Ril...
  • lucaya
  • minkus
  • vacation
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Lucaya One Shots by WildChildx_
Lucaya One Shotsby WildChildx_
* N E W C O V E R * Just Lucaya one shots some are smut some aren't there's a warning if it is I'll take requests if you'd like one just PM me or comment on a story to...
  • oneshots
  • maya
  • huckleberry
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Partners in crime by graciecarpenter
Partners in crimeby xGrace3x
Maya hasn't seen josh in a few years and she misses him like crazy. But he finally returns. What will her life be like now that he's back? What kinda of trouble will the...
  • joshaya
  • girlmeetsworld
  • joshua
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Girl Meets Melissa P. Hart by TrustFaithSalvatore
Girl Meets Melissa P. Hartby Trust Salvatore
Melissa P. Hart- like her sister, Maya- was never noticed by her mother. Melissa and Maya were best friends with Riley Matthews. Maya and Melissa always looked up to Cor...
  • matthews
  • mayahart
  • hart
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But... you promised me SOMEDAY (Joshaya) by thenamesfangirl
But... you promised me SOMEDAY ( thenamesfangirl
"Maya...please..." the boy with the beanie said. "Josh, come on she's not going to wake up anytime soon" Josh turned around to find his niece standi...
  • cory
  • zay
  • farkle
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Girl Meets World x Reader [Requests Open] by shayshaybot
Girl Meets World x Reader [ Kay Shay
Characters of the great show Girl Meets World x readers. I don't do Character x Character yet, but I might if I'm asked. Characters: Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, Isa...
  • rileymatthews
  • riley
  • farkleminkus
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The Unlikely Match by Kenz026
The Unlikely Matchby Kenzie
Riley Matthews lives in a small apartment in New York. What happens when her parents decide to take a vacation to California and she meets international pop star Maya Ha...
  • girlmeetsworld
  • maya
  • romance
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Riley's Feelings by Jarzarmax
Riley's Feelingsby Jarzarmax
Riley starts having feelings for her best friend, Maya. How are you suppose to tell your best friend that you are in love with them. How will Riley and Maya come to be...
  • complete
  • maya
  • rilaya
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twitter ➳ joshaya au by wxstedhearts
twitter ➳ joshaya auby spooky britt.
maya hart is obsessed with a certain twitter famous boy named josh after countless attempts, he finally notices her
  • joshua
  • maya
  • matthews
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Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️ by mahe3356
Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️by MaroonWolf
That's when I immediately regretted it. I regret from sending a letter to this college. Regret even seeing him again in my life. He turned forward, and I regret looking...
  • jaya
  • maya
  • gmw
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Girl Meets The Real World by meggurines
Girl Meets The Real Worldby meggurines
I'm not much for descriptions, but this is a book detailing the irrevocably crazy life of Hadley Friar- Lucas Friar's genius little sister- after they arrive in New York...
  • minkus
  • world
  • friar
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Broken by princessamaya0305
Brokenby Amaya M
life is something that we take for granted since its the same for everyone. We are born, grow old and then we die, simple But, for Maya Brookes life took another direc...
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • romance
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