King   by curlynerd4ever
King by CurlyNerd Werewolf
A werewolf is wolf and man. Both equal, both co-operative. Together. But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entir...
Joshaya one shots  by EGH15-01
Joshaya one shots by MinnieMouse1010 Fanfiction
This is just a bunch of one shots about Josh and Maya from girl meets world. I hope you enjoy them!
Girl Meets World x Reader [Requests Open] by shayshaybot
Girl Meets World x Reader [Request... by Kay Shay Fanfiction
Characters of the great show Girl Meets World x readers. I don't do Character x Character yet, but I might if I'm asked. Characters: Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, Isa...
Stealing His Heart (editing) by amberxgrace
Stealing His Heart (editing) by amber Teen Fiction
(i highly recommend not reading this piece of trash until i'm done editing it.) A story in which the infamous heartbreaker falls for a girl whose heart is already broken...
Not so little anymore  by EGH15-01
Not so little anymore by MinnieMouse1010 Fanfiction
It's been two years since their someday deal and neither Josh or Maya have talked to each other much since. Now Maya is just starting her freshman year at NYU and Josh i...
jealousy [gmw social media] by mahhhhhboiiiis
jealousy [gmw social media] by ;))))))) Fanfiction
I've always wanted to make one of these types of fanfiction and so I decided too, so here you go. Hope you like and enjoy!
A Beautiful Secret-LUCAYA by damnlucaya
A Beautiful Secret-LUCAYA by damnlucaya Fanfiction
One day the smart old Cory Matthew assigns an assignment to the class. Maya and Lucas are paired up and are forced to work at Lucas's house. While working Lucas receiv...
Girl Meets Instagram  by autumn_vail
Girl Meets Instagram by autumnvail Fanfiction
(Lucaya and Riarkle Story) Rebel_Hart: Maya Hart Lucasfriar: Lucas Friar Smiley_Riley: Riley Mathews GeniusFarkle: Farkle Minkus ZayTheGreat: Zay Babineaux Smartie_...
Love You, But Afraid To Tell You [Tanshi, Abhigya, Raglak, Swasan, Arya] by Live_Till_It_Hurts
Love You, But Afraid To Tell You [... by 🌹 Monali 🌹 (Mona) 🌹 Fanfiction
Five sisters - Tanuja, Maya, Pragya, Swara and Ragini. Five best friends - Rishi, Arjun, Abhishek, Sanskar and Laksh. A story of love, friendship, deceptions, family and...
Right or wrong? Rilaya fanfic by zupergurkan
Right or wrong? Rilaya fanfic by Erika Axell Fanfiction
Maya suddenly ends up in a pride parade and learns something new which eventually makes her understand she's in love with Riley. She doesn't know how to tell Riley and t...
core four by farklessunshine
core four by —s🌞 Fanfiction
core four except for it's not actually the og four. maya, farkle, lucas, and zay. best friends since middle school and absolutely inseparable. its finally senior year an...
MANAN FF: Drawing Hatred Towards Love by ggpradeep
MANAN FF: Drawing Hatred Towards L... by Gayathri Pradeep Fanfiction
AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! Gayathri is back with yet another love and hatred Manan story. The very sequel of 'Pain Of Love Will Never Stop' will yet again bring you to a...
Their World | Rilaya by rmhmhm
Their World | Rilaya by rmhmhm Fanfiction
Riley and Maya just started dating and are now forced to take on their new world as a couple. This is a sequel to my first story "It Was Always Her | Rilaya"...
GIRLS LIKE GIRLS | RILAYA by skepticalstilinski
GIRLS LIKE GIRLS | RILAYA by fiona!! Fanfiction
"saw your face. heard your name, gotta get with you" which a girl who likes to rant and fan girl about different fandoms. cover made by @-lovelylydia 1k: May...
Girl Meets Melissa P. Hart by TrustFaithSalvatore
Girl Meets Melissa P. Hart by Trust Salvatore Fanfiction
Melissa P. Hart- like her sister, Maya- was never noticed by her mother. Melissa and Maya were best friends with Riley Matthews. Maya and Melissa always looked up to Cor...
Joshaya Our Love ❤️|| Editing by MagicalANGELdreamer
Joshaya Our Love ❤️|| Editing by AngelicDreamer Fanfiction
Joshua Matthew- Apparently the school's 'Bad boy' and very troubled according to people. Maya Hart- The new girl and never backs down from anything Riley Matthew- (Not...
Melanie Meets The World. by Kelly183
Melanie Meets The World. by Kelly Fanfiction
Melanie Hunter. Shawn Hunters daughter, she's 15 years old. She's in ninth grade, she has free periods in the morning so she goes over to the middle school to hang out...
Regret by Petrafied101
Regret by Petrafied101 Romance
A MCSM Fanfiction. Happiness emerges triumphant in the new Order of the Stone, or does it? All seems well for Jesse, who finds herself falling in love. But with whom? S...
A Texas Reunion. Rucas. GMW CHOICE AWARD WINNER! by taylorcochran93
A Texas Reunion. Rucas. GMW CHOICE... by Taylor Cochran Fanfiction
It's Riley & Maya's 10 year high school reunion. From ugly duckling to a swan, Riley Matthews is more confident than ever. But those old high school crushes are gone. Ri...
For The Crowd by cece_stoner
For The Crowd by caesar salad Fanfiction
A story where a junior baseball player and a freshman softball player are partnered up for a chance to win a week training with professional players.