Groupchat|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat|BVB09| by Kirah Fanfiction
In which a girl named Candace gets added to a group chat that she thinks is her friends but is really Borussia Dortmund's. Sequel- Groupchat 2 Most likely a twist of tho...
Football Imagines by Dakota_Blvck
Football Imagines by Dakota :) Random
Requests are closed! *Die Mannschaft, Brazilian and Spanish football players*
Groupchat 2|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat 2|BVB09| by Kirah Fanfiction
After Candace and Marco have a baby things change quickly while shinji kagawa breaks the news of "dating Marco's sister".
Beste Freunde - oder mehr? (ABGESCHLOSSEN) by fornelly
Beste Freunde - oder mehr? (ABGESC... by fornelly Fanfiction
In den Hauptrollen: Merle -Nachname wird nie erwähnt- Marco Reus Marcel Fornell --------------------- Merle ist 22 Jahre alt, wohnt in Dortmund und ist Tänzer...
GROUPCHAT ⤷ BVB by geripique
GROUPCHAT ⤷ BVB by el rey piqué Fanfiction
@woodyinho has added you to the groupchat! In which Marco Reus accidentally adds a sassy and sarcastic girl who has an undying love for BVB and Roman Bürki to the group...
Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) *beendet* by DiaReus1909
Borussen Whatsapp Chat (2) *beende... by • 💀Reaper-Bee🐝• Random
Die Fortsetzung des "Borussen Whatsapp Chat (1)" Ich hoffe ihr habt viel Spaß beim Lesen des Zweiten Teils, wie bei dem Ersten. -1. Teil: Borussen Whatsapp Cha...
Efêmero by naturallyana
Efêmero by Ana Fanfiction
Muitas coisas na vida apenas são percebidas quando chegam ao fim, e entre muitas dessas coisas o sentimento é aquele que mais está presente. Eleanor Maciel não fazia ide...
FOOTBALL IMAGINES|PREFERENCES by el rey piqué Fanfiction
Writing crappy imagines and preferences about some of my faves. - © geripique 2017
football preferences by -bellerin
football preferences by mariana Random
Preferences with your favourite players - Cristiano Ronaldo - Lionel Messi - Rafinha - Antoine Griezmann - Marc Ba...
Race // marco reus by Ozilista
Race // marco reus by arsenal Fanfiction
" to be honest, I don't care where you are from or what color skin you have. All I care about it you." -Marco Reus
MARGO ⤷ J. RODRIGUEZ [AU] by geripique
MARGO ⤷ J. RODRIGUEZ [AU] by el rey piqué Fanfiction
Margo Anderson was the definition of trouble maker and James Rodriguez was the smart and quiet outcast who had a small infatuation with his reckless next door neighbor...
Do you remember? | Marco Reus Mats Hummels by hummismats
Do you remember? | Marco Reus Mats... by hummismats Fanfiction
- Gdzie jest do cholery Mats? - Spytałem głośniej. Chłopaki przystanęli i zaczęli zerkać na siebie ukradkiem w ciszy. O co do jasnej cholery chodziło? - Przecież mówił...
Instagram| R.Lewandowski by -Okayytee
Instagram| R.Lewandowski by -Okayytee Fanfiction
A story ft Robert Lewandowski who falls in love with his manager's sons girlfriend over Instagram...
ART DECO ▹ MATS HUMMELS by samikhediras
ART DECO ▹ MATS HUMMELS by ˗ˏˋdixie ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
i hate you, but i love you | marco reus by in-y0ur-eyes
i hate you, but i love you | marco... by te amo Fanfiction
an english physio and injured german football player meet, she hates him, he hates her. but what happens when they have to live together for a month? ©in-y0ur-eyes 2015
Football Preferences ↳ 1 by marchoereus
Football Preferences ↳ 1 by mimi Fanfiction
[ BOOK NUMBER ONE ] Including; ↳ Marco Reus ↳ André Silva ↳ Paulo Dybala ↳ Loris Karius ↳ Antoine Griezmann ↳ Mats Hummels ↳ Roman Bürki ↳ Thomas Müller
ISSUES ⤷ M. REUS by geripique
ISSUES ⤷ M. REUS by el rey piqué Short Story
❛❛Yeah, I got issues, and one of them is how bad I need you.❜❜ Jealousy, trust issues, lies, and false accusations. STAND ALONE. | © geripique 2017
The Night | Durm•Reus by durmmels
The Night | Durm•Reus by a. garritsen Fanfiction
Who would you choose? The cute, nice guy from nextdoor who makes you laugh or the flirty, confident one who drives you crazy? ©durmmels, 2014 || completed•sequel is out
When Love Takes Over (Mesut Özil, Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller) by coffeeandwifi
When Love Takes Over (Mesut Özil... by coffeeandwifi Fanfiction
Nicole Richards is best friends with most of the guys on the German national team. She never thought she'd be more than friends though, with any of them. Read to see wha...
meu deus! ➳ julian draxler by theaesthete
meu deus! ➳ julian draxler by #7 Fanfiction
❝Will you, pretty please, with a cherry on top, go out with me?❞ ❝Julian, we've got over twenty police cars and a trained assassin chasing us, right now. Can you not?❞...