effervescent | m. hummels by aussentrist
effervescent | m. hummelsby the aussentrist
❝I pray god throws his biggest sins at you.❞ ❝He already did, he threw you at me.❞ ©Adeline Waters 2017 cover by @fthiss
  • bayernmunich
  • matshummels
  • germany
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type | reus by celestials-
type | reusby jay
in which marco reus falls head over heels in love with a woman whose skin is much darker than his. (completed)
  • borussiadortmund
  • bvb09
  • germany
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instagram || paulo dybala by elmsdurm
instagram || paulo dybalaby el 💋
a story in which they fell in love on instagram. @paulodybala started following you.
  • fanfic
  • bvb
  • marcoreus
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Groupchat|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat|BVB09|by Kirah
In which a girl named Candace gets added to a group chat that she thinks is her friends but is really Borussia Dortmund's. Sequel- Groupchat 2 Most likely a twist of tho...
  • dortmund
  • adnanjanuzaj
  • aubameyang
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random football stuff (complete) ✔ by aussentrist
random football stuff (complete) ✔by the aussentrist
[ Highest ranking yet : #35 in Non-Fiction ] You'll find a good supply of the following here : hot footballers, football rants and banter, gifs, pictures, groupchats, fo...
  • ikercasillas
  • gifs
  • cristianoronaldo
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. Requests are open.
  • footballfanfiction
  • aaronramsey
  • tonikroos
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Instagram| R.Lewandowski by -Okayytee
Instagram| R.Lewandowskiby K Den;
A story ft Robert Lewandowski who falls in love with his manager's sons girlfriend over Instagram...
  • bayernmunich
  • manuelneuer
  • poland
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Groupchat 2|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat 2|BVB09|by Kirah
After Candace and Marco have a baby things change quickly while shinji kagawa breaks the news of "dating Marco's sister".
  • erikdurm
  • aubameyang
  • bvb09
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Football Imagines by Dakota_Blvck
Football Imaginesby Dakota :)
Requests are closed! *Die Mannschaft, Brazilian and Spanish football players*
  • messi
  • imagine
  • oneshots
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lovers + friends | hummels by celestials-
lovers + friends | hummelsby jay
in which a famous athlete and a lonely teenager allow the blurred lines between a close companionship and a romantic relationship get the best of them; for better or for...
  • bayern
  • bayernmunich
  • affair
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Football Preferences  by whatrocksyourboat
Football Preferences by whatrocksyourboat
|Football Preferences| Featuring: - Cristiano Ronaldo - Robert Lewandowski - Manuel Neuer Requests to add or change players are welcome! The amazing cover was made...
  • footballpreferences
  • footballfanfiction
  • manuelneuer
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eleanor | lewandowski + hummels  by neymarjr--
eleanor | lewandowski + hummels by elle
in which two guys fall in love with eleanor
  • robertlewandowski
  • fanfiction
  • mats
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mistress ▸ hummels by -dimarias
mistress ▸ hummelsby eulalia ✨
' hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. ' (mats hummels x female oc ) (began april '18 ) (slight divergence)
  • munich
  • hummels
  • matshummels
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Una Decisión by AlixGrimer
Una Decisiónby VaLe
Segunda parte de Todo un Dilema. Prólogo. El creer que estar alejada de los hombres para no salir herida es algo que Liv aun no aprende, con una nueva vida, sin hombres...
  • amor
  • robertlewandowski
  • futbol
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Football Preferences by girouds
Football Preferencesby Laura 💯
including the likes of: •Paulo Dybala •Christian Pulisic •Olivier Giroud •Sergi Roberto •Sergio Ramos •Robert Lewandowski •Mats Hummels •Neymar Jr.
  • love
  • robertlewandowski
  • soccer
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GROUPCHAT ( borussia dortmund. ) by geripique
GROUPCHAT ( borussia dortmund. )by 𝒆𝒖𝒑𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒂
@woodyinho has added you to the groupchat! in which marco reus accidentally adds a sassy and sarcastic girl who has an undying love for bvb and roman bürki to the group...
  • romanburki
  • juliandraxler
  • matshummels
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When Love Takes Over (Mesut Özil, Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller) by coffeeandwifi
When Love Takes Over (Mesut Ö coffeeandwifi
Nicole Richards is best friends with most of the guys on the German national team. She never thought she'd be more than friends though, with any of them. Read to see wha...
  • thomasmüller
  • fifa
  • matshummels
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Thomas is obsessed with soccer. He is great. Thomas is invited to tryout for the best team in the nation. He is excited. Thomas likes boys. But he avoids any kind of int...
  • gay
  • game
  • sport
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Football imagines and preferences by myhandsinyourhands
Football imagines and preferencesby myhandsinyourhands
Football player imagines and preferences some will just be random but you can request anything you want, just send me a message and I will see what I can do for you!
  • antoine
  • football
  • oneshot
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amour┊hummels/cavani by -forlans
amour┊hummels/cavaniby eulalia ✨
【 in which a young woman finds herself entangled in a complicated love affair 】 ( edinson cavani x female oc x mats hummels ) (began ; 4.9.18 ) © -forlans 2018
  • bayern
  • germany
  • germanynt
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