The Girl Who Summoned The Devil During Her Maths Exam by skelts21
The Girl Who Summoned The Devil Becks
'666' I typed it once in my calculator. '666' I typed it twice in my calculator. '666' I typed it again in my calculator. Pressing the equal button the lights flickered...
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Knowing Jude  by hotArabiannights
Knowing Jude by Lynne
He smacks his red lips and his eyes rove my body, head to toe. "You are not the kind of girl I'd usually kiss," he says, his eyes latching onto my lips. "...
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✔️Just Classmates?  #Shourtney  by introvertSmosher
✔️Just Classmates? #Shourtney by introvertSmosher
#Shourtney in high school. What would happen? _________________________________________ A little sneak peak for you guys: This year is courtney's first year in high sch...
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Math Jokes! by delistoorad
Math Jokes!by Morgan D. Stone
So, math. Most people will encounter math at some point in their lifetimes and many people will view it as a huge problem that hinders their fun. This may not be your pr...
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GCSE revision  by pinksparkles705
GCSE revision by pinksparkles705
This year I will be taking my GCSE and my teacher suggested teaching others to help with my own revision, so I thought I would put everything here for both me and you 😁
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My Maths Sensei by jzzyamr
My Maths Senseiby jzzyamr
There's a maths teacher that I hate but soon fall in love with. He have those cute dimples that I really want to poke on it. I'm weak when it comes to dimples. BUT I HA...
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Mr. Besson by KaciClark4
Mr. Bessonby Kaci Clark
Your name is Kalani Johns. You're the quite kind in your class,but you always talked in one class..... Mr. Besson....
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GCSE Revision!!! by Laurie-Evelyn
GCSE Revision!!!by Laurie Evelyn
This is just going to be my tips and tricks on how to revise, what works best for me, and actual revision notes --> however as the GCSEs are all changing because of...
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Troubled Tutee • Muke by catchlukeonfire
Troubled Tutee • Mukeby 🌻
Luke is behind in maths because all he cares about is running, therefore, his parents get him a tutor. Michael needs a little extra money and is exceptionally good at m...
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Giselle by eurusholmes1425
Giselleby black panther
Unearth the cryptic story of greatest mystifying. "The trap is to fall into the trap". Giselle and her friends' normal life overturned,but into what?! #63 in s...
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Maths GCSE Revision by Moon_Tiger395
Maths GCSE Revisionby Isha_Rashid395
These are some GCSE Maths revision notes. It will take a while to finish but I hope it helps. 😊
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mathematics// l.hemmings by pineapplexpresss
mathematics// l.hemmingsby S
"I could solve you any problem, but I can't seem to solve you" "That's the thing about people, they're unsolvable"
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My school story  (Ninjago) by RedstoneWorker
My school story (Ninjago)by Redstone Worker
(a ninjago fan fiction) a boy gets a invite for elements to a school trying to learn his elemental power
  • davesstory
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True Love by chubaaofficial
True Loveby Chubs
This story is about a girl who liked her teacher.Once they were together they faced many problems..Will they be together after facing the problems?
  • silvia
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The Seating Plan by infuriate
The Seating Planby Aleisha
Mrs Rutherford is renowned for many things at Westmoore Prep. 1)Her incredible mathematics skills 2)Her dedication to the subject 3)Her seating plans So when she accide...
  • teenager
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Mathematics Made Easy  by RiyaGuptas
Mathematics Made Easy by RiyaGuptas
Every second person tell us they hate mathematics.As they hate mathematics they get poor score in their exams and poor score aggravate their hatred lets solve this prob...
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HELP !!! HOMEWORK by jumping_johns
HELPING EACH OTHER WITH HOMEWORK !!! SUBJECTS : English, 华文, Modern Maths, Additional Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Art, Accounts, Economics and whatev...
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Elementary Puzzles by hxlnyh
Elementary Puzzlesby Helny
"You know my methods, now apply them." Inspired by the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, these puzzles will have your brain in a twist. With logic, science a...
  • sherlock
  • logic
  • sherlockholmes
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He seemed like quite a nice young man. by Samantha2611
He seemed like quite a nice Samantha2611
Mrs Sanders, a teacher at Goode, meets Paul Blofis' step-son, Percy Jackson, for the first time. I do not own anything from Percy Jackson, all rights go to Rick Riordan.
  • maths
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Maths From Scratch! by dotsandlines
Maths From Scratch!by dotsandlines
Dedicated to my friend Riddhi, and her love for mathematics.
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  • calculus
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