The Antihero by myloveforwords
The Antihero by Cherryseason@7 Teen Fiction
' You are enjoying are enjoying seeing me in pain' I looked at him with disgust. ' You have no idea' He pulled my chin up and his thumb pulled my bottom lip...
Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDSM] by jonsnow1359
Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDS... by jonsnow Romance
Chase is a 20 year old that suffers with severe ADHD, he can't seem to concentrate on anything or get any task done on time, and its eating him alive. He has no one to h...
The vampire's maid by melmizore
The vampire's maid by Mely Anz Vampire
I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run a...
Imperial by SilverDragonRider
Imperial by SilverDragonRider Fantasy
[Winner of Gem Awards] Slave to humans all her life, a young silver dragoness, Argentum, longs for freedom. When an opportunity finally arises, she, alongside a young re...
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AU by ktk446
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AU by Hi Fanfiction
"I'll keep her as my little pet." COVER BY // @raesarai (I guess people thought this was like some sort of pet-play kink but lol no I didn't know that existed...
you're mine by DestineyWatt
you're mine by destiney Random
"Vincent please let me go" "I said no so stop fucking asking me" "please" "If you ask me again I'll put you over my knee and lock you...
Master | Pennywise X Reader by Invisible0521
Master | Pennywise X Reader by Invisible0521 Fanfiction
"Hushhhh-h-hh, babydoll" a mixture of blood and saliva dripped on my collarbone and ran down my cleavage. I trembled and sobbed, "Please-" I muffled...
Caged In Your Love! by soumya856
Caged In Your Love! by Soumya Singh Romance
Highest Ranking : #510 in Romance (14th October 2017) "Please leave me!" Begged Ruhi falling on his feet, "No baby! I'll keep you all to myself, happy bir...
Mr. Teach-Her by Ariana_Lives
Mr. Teach-Her by Ariana_Lives Teen Fiction
*Preview* I look deeply into his ocean, blue eyes, feeling my body tremble... Was it because I wanted it so bad.. Or because I was nervous? He walks towards me slowly, a...
Bound To Her || Watty's 2017 by thatxonexswitchx
Bound To Her || Watty's 2017 by 👑 Domme Queen 👑 Romance
WARNING: BDSM, LGBT, SEXUAL & TRIGGERING CONTENT. PROCEED WITH CARE. Dawn Is A 20 Year Old Submissive Who's Parents Died In A Car Crash When She Was 5 And As A Child We...
The Gang-leaders Pet  by Koda1471
The Gang-leaders Pet by Koda1471 Romance
#163 in Romance 2017! Kayla was confused. Her parents sold her to a stranger? A complete stranger! She still was struggling to believe it was true. Moments ago she wa...
Owned by Vocaloidgurl1
Owned by Hope¥Love Vampire
Highest in Vampire ranking #58 He is a vampire living in a pet shop. He has no name, just 'it'. He's been waiting for who knows how long to be bought. It's nerve racking...
Save Me by passionfruitie
Save Me by passionfruitie Teen Fiction
[COMPLETED] Mili was just a normal girl, that is until she was sold by her poor family to become a slave. Only a few months ago she was sold to her new Master, and he ma...
Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2) by April Stone Vampire
"Shh... Just a little bit more," I told her, unable to separate my lips from hers. A smile appeared on her lips as she straightened taller on her tip toes. It...
The Slave That I Am |Book 1|✔ by SerenityR0se
The Slave That I Am |Book 1|✔ by K. A. Young Vampire
❖A Wattpad Featured Story❖ [COMPLETED]✔ The Blood Magic Series |Book 1| ⁃⁃⁃❖⁃⁃⁃ "Where do you think you are going?" Locaine's lips were mere inches from my e...
Master's Vampire by kewpid_in_training
Master's Vampire by Kewpid Vampire
Because of her red eyes, Evelyn was nothing more than a Disabled, the lowest caste. That is, until she becomes Master's vampire. ***** WARNING: possible mature themes/s...
Silent genius by Ice_Kitsune4801
Silent genius by Ice_Kitsune4801 Fanfiction
What if Naruto wasn't as dumb as he acts? What if he wasn't as unskilled as he displays himself as? How would Naruto react when he was pushed over board?
master | k.n.j by btsareyaoi
master | k.n.j by m.d. Fanfiction
They kidnapped me. They sold me. He bought me. And the nightmare begin
Welcome home master (TomTord) by SunshineLollipopTord
Welcome home master (TomTord) by it's me... Tord? Fanfiction
Master~ hello little kitty baby~
My Four Master's (Ending) by Black_red_rose
My Four Master's (Ending) by Black Rose Teen Fiction
I only need four Master's to keep me satisfied. Some say it's wrong, but it feels so right.