Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic by etherella
Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic by etherella
"Buck." You stopped him. He looked at you from across the room. He took his hand off the door knob and faced you still silent. He knew what you were thinking. ...
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NEW YORK | p parker by peterparkinho
NEW YORK | p parker by REYndeer
"can i have your number?" "...o-oh, my phone b-broke. last month." avengers x harry potter au [next generation harry potter] [spiderman: homecoming]
  • spiderman
  • peterparker
  • tomholland
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Bucky Barnes Imagines and Preferences by BarnesTrash
Bucky Barnes Imagines and Preferen... by x
Imagines and Preferences from tumblr and myself. ¡¡¡Requests Open!!! (I do all requests from fluff to smut or whatever the reader wants) Cover by SmolGerard #wattys2017
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DAMSELS ▷ PETER PARKER [EDITING UNTIL 2018] by snixandstones
DAMSELS ▷ PETER PARKER [EDITING UN... by ˗ˏˋ merry mara ˎˊ˗
[DAMSELS] ❝I didn't need saving, Spider-Man. For all you know, I could take martial arts classes.❞ ❝Well do you?❞ ❝No, although I took a pilates class last week and...
  • spidermanhomecoming
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Arrow ➵ Peter Parker by spiderling_
Arrow ➵ Peter Parker by » lena «
Oakley Barton is much more than a teenage genius. Her ingenious mind was something neither her family or their friends could ignore. Ever since a young age, Oakley was t...
  • originalcharacter
  • avengers
  • hawkeye
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Avengers Preferences & Imagines/One-shots by BuckysNewLeftArm
Avengers Preferences & Imagines/On... by BuckysNewLeftArm
Preferences & Imagines/One-shots for: Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes Tony Stark Thor Odinson Clint Barton Natasha Romanoff & possibly others. Requests always open and appreci...
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Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social Media]✔️ by Lord_of_House_Tyrell
Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social M... by Lord_of_House_Tyrell
[A Social Media story] [Complete] [Editing] Former Game of Thrones actress Elisa Meryn finds herself seeking a new job and jumps at the opportunity of joining the Marvel...
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
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❝shine. for you are light and wonder. for there are galaxies within you and stardust dances in your soul, stars live in your eyes, and glory and grace live in your bones...
  • marvel
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • ragnarok
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The Spider and The Flame (Peter Parker) by vancityirwin
The Spider and The Flame (Peter Pa... by VancityIrwin
"No offence, but throwing a suitcase at a girl's head is no way to make her like you." (CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR & SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING) Ashton is a teenag...
  • peterparker
  • tomholland
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Crying to the Sky // Bucky Barnes by dontblink_394
Crying to the Sky // Bucky Barnes by dontblink_394
Agent Josephine Pierce is the adoptive daughter of Alexander Pierce, traitor to S.H.I.E.L.D. He never cared for her though. When she was a very young age he made her int...
  • shield
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EMERALD ▹ THE WINTER SOLDIER | 2 by spookycaspian
  • marvel
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • mçu
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eumoirous  s.s. by muffledmusings
eumoirous s.s. by °•°•°•°
[BOOK ONE] @username: I'm convinced everyone in the mcu is fucking @elizabetholsen: @username lol no just seb and jul @lysettezendt: @elizabetholsen @username retweet SE...
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Live. Laugh. LOVE. - A Romanogers fanfiction by Black_Widow143
Live. Laugh. LOVE. - A Romanogers... by Black_Widow143
It's been three months since the civil war. Natasha and Steve were both on the run - from General Ross and his men. Natasha was trying her best to stay hidden. But as ha...
  • captainamerica
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • steverogers
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FRIENDS | tom holland by stlnskxronniex
FRIENDS | tom holland by rx
"Just friends? You two look at each other like that and you tell me you're just friends? Yeah, right." In which they're "just friends". "My frie...
  • spiderman
  • social
  • thomasstanleyholland
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Starstruck | Elizabeth Olsen by auradoniannn
Starstruck | Elizabeth Olsen by so wanda-ful
In which a wrong number turns out to be destiny. {Elizabeth Olsen x Female OC} {Social Media}
  • wrongnumber
  • socialmedia
  • aarontaylorjohnson
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SOCIAL MEDIA ↬ CHRIS EVANS [✓] by fhlorant
SOCIAL MEDIA ↬ CHRIS EVANS [✓] by — millie
place your hand on my cheek and tell me everything will be okay CHRIS EVANS [SOCIAL MEDIA] ...
  • socialmedia
  • socialnetwork
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RESPLENDENCE(tom holland)✓  by eilishes
RESPLENDENCE(tom holland)✓ by livia!
❛ (adj.) splendid or dazzling in appearance ❜ [ tom holland x boy o.c ] [ social media + story ] copyright © 2017 by melodramugh
  • lgbtfanfic
  • manurios
  • tomholland
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Rip My Heart Out (Avengers Age of Ultron) by lovelynatromanoff
Rip My Heart Out (Avengers Age of... by lovelynatromanoff
Emelia has always felt a little different than the rest of the world. She never really expected to be though. When she is attacked by a HYDRA agent, the Avengers race to...
  • rogers
  • fanfic
  • america
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Demons | Bucky Barnes by BekahKathleen
Demons | Bucky Barnes by Rebekah Kathleen
"singing from heart ache from the pain, take up my message from the veins, speaking my lesson from the brain" The Winter Soldier has been spotte...
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • civilwar
  • sebastian
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into you → c. evans [completed] by joydowninmyheart
into you → c. evans [completed] by em
chrisevans followed you. in which chris evans followed valerie harris, starting their journey. [social media] All rights reserved, 2016, ©, emthornton started June 30, 2...
  • marvel
  • margotrobbie
  • chrisevans
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