Damsels ▷ Peter Parker by snixandstones
Damsels ▷ Peter Parker by -ˏˋ auntie snix ˎˊ- Fanfiction
[DAMSELS] ❝I didn't need saving, Spider-Man. For all you know, I could take martial arts classes.❞ ❝Well do you?❞ ❝No, although I took a pilates class last week and...
RESPLENDENCE ➳ TOM HOLLAND by honk&target™ Fanfiction
❛ (adj.) splendid or dazzling in appearance ❜ [ tom holland x boy o.c ] [ social media + story ] copyright © 2017 by melodramugh
Bucky Barnes Imagines and Preferences by BarnesTrash
Bucky Barnes Imagines and Preferen... by x Fanfiction
Imagines and Preferences from tumblr and myself. ¡¡¡Requests Open!!! (I do all requests from fluff to smut or whatever the reader wants) Cover by SmolGerard #wattys2017
Broken /|\ Peter Parker by kamlynwrites
Broken /|\ Peter Parker by Kam.lyn Fanfiction
"I wanted you to be the one to fix me. I didn't realize that you needed me to fix you as well." [Peter Parker Fanfiction] [Original Character / Original Superh...
FRIENDS | tom holland by stlnskxronniex
FRIENDS | tom holland by rx Fanfiction
"Just friends? You two look at each other like that and you tell me you're just friends? Yeah, right." In which they're "just friends". "My frie...
Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social Media]✔️ by Lord_of_House_Tyrell
Spiderling | Tom Holland [Social M... by Lord_of_House_Tyrell Fanfiction
[A Social Media story] [Complete] [Editing] Former Game of Thrones actress Elisa Meryn finds herself seeking a new job and jumps at the opportunity of joining the Marvel...
Adore [t.h.] || 2  by cxffeeleven
Adore [t.h.] || 2 by han(solo) Fanfiction
"I fucking adore you, Nike Archard." "Clearly, since there's a ring box in your hand!" OR Long time girlfriend and boyfriend go through the ups and d...
LOST AND FOUND / Tom Holland by potterwatchology
LOST AND FOUND / Tom Holland by Christina Fanfiction
❝The only person you should ever fear losing in a relationship is you yourself.❞ Tom Holland x MaleOC Social Media/ Real Life Cover by @cIeopatras
Spiderman Homecoming X Reader Oneshots [hiatus] by samseaa
Spiderman Homecoming X Reader Ones... by WHERE IS SHIRO Fanfiction
Oneshots with our little nerdy boy. Caution; will contain total father!Tony and lots o' feels! May also have Homecoming!Tony x reader too because I love 'im WILL CONTA...
Smoke and Mirrors ▷ S. ROGERS by starfragment
Smoke and Mirrors ▷ S. ROGERS by ˗ˏˋOG Satanˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝Smoke can't destroy a shield, but I definitely can destroy you.❞ ©starfragment | amazing plot by @mxrvelous marvel cinematic universe au | steve rogers
In the Dead of the Night (Bucky Barnes) by Marvel_Mockingjays
In the Dead of the Night (Bucky Ba... by T.L Fanfiction
"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald ~ Victoria Morana Kingsley is average in nearly every aspect of her life. She isn't a grea...
JUST friends | T. HOLLAND by itsemilyivankovic
JUST friends | T. HOLLAND by .• Emily •. Fanfiction
@cblake: remember that time @tomholland1996 and I were JUST friends? No? Thought so. ↳@tomholland1996: remember that time @cblake and I were JUST friends? No? Thoug...
Montgomery [s.s.] || 1 by cxffeeleven
Montgomery [s.s.] || 1 by han(solo) Fanfiction
@montycallen: Bucky Barnes deserves better @SebastianStan: @montycallen agreed or Two actors start talking to each other because of Bucky Barnes and eventually fall for...
Rip My Heart Out (Avengers Age of Ultron) by lovelynatromanoff
Rip My Heart Out (Avengers Age of... by lovelynatromanoff Fanfiction
Emelia has always felt a little different than the rest of the world. She never really expected to be though. When she is attacked by a HYDRA agent, the Avengers race to...
eumoirous  s.s. by muffledmusings
eumoirous s.s. by °•°•°•° Fanfiction
[BOOK ONE] @username: I'm convinced everyone in the mcu is fucking @elizabetholsen: @username lol no just seb and jul @lysettezendt: @elizabetholsen @username retweet SE...
INTO YOU ➳ TOM HOLLAND [1] by chxneloberlin
INTO YOU ➳ TOM HOLLAND [1] by cʑaɾɩŋa Fanfiction
º INTO YOU º ❛ oh baby look what you've started.❜ [ TOM HOLLAND | FEMALE OC ] [ REAL LIFE | SOCIAL MEDIA...
Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic by etherella
Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic by etherella Fanfiction
"Buck." You stopped him. He looked at you from across the room. He took his hand off the door knob and faced you still silent. He knew what you were thinking. ...
The Random Imagines Book by piecakes24
The Random Imagines Book by Kails! Fanfiction
Heya! Just wanted to make a book full of my short (or long lol it depends on how far you read) fantasies with my favorite guys and turn it into an x reader for other peo...
efflorescence  c.e. by muffledmusings
efflorescence c.e. by °•°•°•° Fanfiction
[BOOK TWO] @lysettezendt: well fuck me | @chrisevans: @lysettezendt I'm trying | @lysettezendt: @chrisevans you are an infant and should not be allowed to use the comput...
Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story - (Reader Insert) by xDarkLoki
Y/N Stark: An Avenger Story - (Rea... by Salma Fanfiction
You are Tony Stark's adopted younger sister and at the age of six, your parents died, leaving you to be raised by your only brother. At the time, you couldn't imagine ho...