CAPTAIN | c.evans [1] ✓ by xxBabyxxGirlxx
CAPTAIN | c.evans [1] ✓by n i c o l e
❝ will do, babe. ❞ ❝ don't call me babe. ❞ ❝ got it, princess. ❞ ❝ whatever. you'll do it anyway. ❞ in which the man who plays Captain Americ...
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✓ KISMET ➳ SEBASTIAN STAN  by jugg3rnauts
❝I OFTEN THINK OF WHAT I DID WRONG❞ in which the fangirl pukes on the filmstar.
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PRETEND [T. HOLLAND] by _gtfobea
PRETEND [T. HOLLAND]by ˗ˏˋ beatrice ˎˊ˗
PRE·TEND [ prəˈtend/ ] VERB · speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not. ...
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Luminous [C. Evans] by CapnSwan13
Luminous [C. Evans]by Ru
@AuroraStan: People say my brother and I look a lot alike @chrisevans: Oh, well this is awkward then [Social Media + Real Life] [Chris Evans] [#5 under Hamilton Social M...
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Wrong Number ° AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON by smolderholders
Wrong Number ° AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSONby peter-man
In which a Starbucks Barista puts her number on the wrong cup. [aaron taylor-johnson x catie gilbert] [social media] [completed] for @starfragment [highest rating; #248...
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Laundry︱s. stan by marveloushunterelf
Laundry︱s. stanby kay winchester
❝unless i decided to wash my ex's old clothes, these boxers aren't mine❞ ❝nice panties, sweetheart❞ ━ [social media] Ⓒ 2016║marveloushunterelf i own nothing...
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SPIDEY BOI » GIF SERIES by anselbaby
SPIDEY BOI » GIF SERIESby ˗ˏˋ allie ˎˊ˗
tom holland gif series ((2nd in t.h gif series)) **updates every friday** {completed: }
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HEARTLESS • ( sebastian stan ) by ginnyweasIey
HEARTLESS • ( sebastian stan )by yasmine
HEARTLESS " have you ever loved anyone - ever? " cassidy sinclair hates sebastian stan. it's complicated. sebastian stan | © yasmine
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Can't We Just Be Friends? [DISCONTINUED] by __spiderman_
Can't We Just Be Friends? [ madi⭐
When two people meet again, will they still love each other? -- t.h. social media
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August →Sebastian Stan by wintersbucky
August →Sebastian Stanby AALIYAH
"I love you" "Lol, you wild" {Mostly Social Media} In which an actress named August falls for a guy named Sebastian.
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W O R T H  ?  Tom Holland by Queen0fFandoms
W O R T H ? Tom Hollandby M A V E L o u s • Q u e e n
You were my everytging + When two co-stars fall so deep in love they can't get out __ Social Media Fanfic - Tom Holland x OC ©2018 SenethmaJayamanne
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marvel, preferences&stuff, started:march15th2018 by FaisAvec
marvel, preferences&stuff, Jazzy ⚡️
I love these people with all my heart, I won't apologize. This is my first preference book so if it sucks, sorry
  • buckybarnes
  • natasharomanoff
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friends? by spiderjen20
friends?by Jen
are they friends? or are they more than friends?
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How Cliche || Tom Holland Social Media by jenn_girl
How Cliche || Tom Holland Social J. M. Ston
Yeah, okay. I got sucked into this. Tom Holland || social media Just your typical social media fan fiction with a generic yet adorable plot that will just make you want...
  • peterparker
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Wrong Number by CharmingLittleRuby
Wrong Numberby CharmingLittleRuby
It all started when Ruby just wanted to text her friend, Maria, something. She really didn't know what to expect... Featuring.... THE MARVEL CAST {Warning: Trash ahead...
  • scarlettjohansson
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Queen // MCU Cast by Lolo12234
Queen // MCU Castby Lolo12234
"ehm, i mean, what"
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Una de nuestras favoritas chicas Disney se introducirá al mundo de MARVEL y lo más curioso es que hará el papel de la antipática hija de magnate Tony Stark donde en la v...
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F A L T E R ⇏Tom Holland [discontinued soz] by sinningscorbus
F A L T E R ⇏Tom Holland [ mary
"But I would like to... at least once." "You would like to what?" "Feel true love" Grace Ma...
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HIM [Sebastian Stan] by _http_random
HIM [Sebastian Stan]by B & C
In which a star and her special co-star get close and battle through family, fans, self - obsticles. Social Media: Group Chats/Instagram/Twitter
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Me and You | COMING SOON by snowangel4everbitch
Me and You | COMING SOONby pretty little psycho
Four years ago, Maya Penelope Hart got pregnant with twins by Lucas Friar, Riley's crush. The two were in love but after Maya got a record deal, she got her kids and lef...
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