Positive?! [Markson] by tuanskiss
Positive?! [Markson] by - jessy ღ Fanfiction
High School nerd Mark Tuan gets accidently pregnant by Badboy Jackson Wang. [includes male pregnancy] Current rank: #21 in Fanfiction Highest rank: #21 in Fanfiction
wrong chat (2jae) by alexandravalenzaz123
wrong chat (2jae) by 2jae.trash.lmao Fanfiction
"YooOo did u see youngjae wearing those shorts last night? bOi I can't get my eyes off his butt lmao" ".... i'm youngjae" in which jaebum send a mess...
Distance  by TaechouTae
Distance by TaechouTae Fanfiction
Bonjour ou Bonsoir... Je m'appelle Kim Taehyung. J'ai vingt-cinq ans et je ne suis plus célibataire depuis déjà deux ans. Ah... Détrompez-vous je suis en couple avec...
snapchat || markson by passivethoughts
snapchat || markson by emily :) Fanfiction
❝when a fanboy accidentally adds the wrong account❞ : short chapters [people in this story do not belong to me.]
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys2017》 by kangchulbitch2016
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys201... by Yoona Fanfiction
Mark is a big fan of Jackson Wang, he has fan account on instagram where he just fanboy over Jackson with his 10k followers. Jackson is an idol, he's a model, singer and...
Brothers ||Markson|| by BlackMoonFeelings13
Brothers ||Markson|| by ~idk Fanfiction
In which Mark and Jackson have been brothers for their whole life But something changes
STRANGER DANGER by milkinryansass
STRANGER DANGER by kimkop™ Fanfiction
@def_soul: hi you have a really nice face. @dragon.jae: who are you?
Mayday [MarkSon] by MyNameisShawol05
Mayday [MarkSon] by MyNameisShawol05 Fanfiction
I sat down in front of him. His eyes focus on mine . His fingers suddenly touched his blonde locks."Hello Mr.Wang" I greeted. Jackson Wang diagnosed with PPD a...
GOT7: ON WHATSAPP by igot7ugotnone
GOT7: ON WHATSAPP by igot7ugotnone Fanfiction
READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS WARNING: this book contains over rated swearings, bromance, romance, cuteness overload and unwatched profanity. Not recommended for pregnant women...
Fanservice [Markson] by Onrainydays17
Fanservice [Markson] by BlueBlue Fanfiction
¿Podrán Mark Tuan y Jackson Wang llevarse bien sin matarse o morir en el intento? --------------------------------------------------------- Couples secundarias: 2jae...
euphoria ; got7 imagines by ultbambams
euphoria ; got7 imagines by hiatus 💭 Fanfiction
A budding collection of: imagines, reactions, blurbs, texts, and mtl for my lovelies. All written by yours truly. Suggestions are welcome! #404 in fanfiction - 8/7/17 re...
comments <yugbam> by -rimminvkook
comments by -rimminvkook Fanfiction
a simple comment could cause something bigger to spark between two people > note this does change though as their life goes on <
homophobic | 2jae by organicwang
homophobic | 2jae by dead mom Fanfiction
❝ consider it an extra 'fuck you' to my parents. ❞
Snap me || Markson by tmblrangelx
The Hindmost {Markson} by StrugglingAngel
The Hindmost {Markson} by StrugglingAngel Fanfiction
A year after his parents death Mark's remaining family can see he needs a new environment and distraction. They send him off to stay with the Wang family for the summer...
Toy - Markson by Trashlottery
Toy - Markson by Trashcan ^^ Fanfiction
Jackson just likes to play with me. But I can't hate him, I like him too much. But only if he knew the truth. - Jackson randomly texts Mark in a chat app. They begin t...
I-Spy | Markson  by fantasykorean
I-Spy | Markson by H K Fanfiction
Book 1 - "I know you like pizza, i also know you are a spy" "Then why aren't you running" "Because i'm addicted to you" "I don't want...
Homeless ➹ 2jae [✓] by illjae
Homeless ➹ 2jae [✓] by 재² Fanfiction
"Youngjae, I want to have a home with you." [long chapters; fluff, angst] completed 20170917 -:-:-:- ©︎ illjae 2016 -2017 No part of this publication may be re...
[Mall Cops] by ChoiBummie
[Mall Cops] by {ChoiBummie} Fanfiction
Seven idiots somehow manage to get jobs at the biggest shopping mall in South Korea. But of course, as mall cops. "Tell me again, why did I get this job?" &quo...
Beggin On My Knees: Markson by raeannraux
Beggin On My Knees: Markson by RaeAnn Fanfiction
Book 1 of my Markson series. What do you do when you fall for your best friend? Better yet, what do you do when your best friend falls for you? All eyes are on Mark and...