That Damn Purrfect  Kidnapper  by FanFicMaddyG
That Damn Purrfect Kidnapper by FanFicMaddyG Fanfiction
Marionette A girl. A normal girl. She wasn't out of the ordinary or anything. She went to her classes in school, she got her work down, sometimes helping out her parents...
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee Fanfiction
(Read note in description) - When he was just seven years old, Foxy and his friends all used to go to school together back in California, it was just him, Chica, Freddy...
Marionette x Reader by Dark_Sanity19
Marionette x Reader by ⠀ Fanfiction
You need a new job since the one you used to have as a waitress got shut down thanks to a pest invation. So you get a job at freddy fazbear you're childhood, you get to...
Uncontrollable Love- FNAF X READER  by _fandomfreakshow_
Uncontrollable Love- FNAF X READER by _FandomFreakshow_ Fanfiction
HIGHEST RANK- 6 (Y/N), the new volunteer for the nightshift, and mechanic, takes the job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The animatronics, along with Mike, his boss, and Vin...
Marionette (A 'The 5th Wave' Fanfiction) [COMPLETED] #wattys2017 by jess_ok_lein
Marionette (A 'The 5th Wave' Fanfi... by ❣ⓙⓔⓢⓢ❣ Fanfiction
❝Come on, Marionette, take your strings off.❞ ❝I can't.❞ ❝Why not?❞ ❝They bind me to my past.❞ ❝Then let go.❞ ❝I can't.❞ ❝Why not?❞ ❝I'll fall.❞ ❝Then I'll catch you.❞ E...
Falling For You Sequel to Falling For Foxy by Foxalicious
Falling For You Sequel to Falling... by Foxy's First Mate Fanfiction
This is the sequel to my first book Falling For Foxy. Technically the third book in the series. You may want to read Falling For Foxy to better understand this book.
Five Nights At Freddy's Boyfriend Scenarios by -The_original_Taz-
Five Nights At Freddy's Boyfriend... by ŦŘØỮβŁ€~ Fanfiction
I was reading on here, and I saw that there wasn't very many Five Nights At Freddy's Boyfriend scenarios. So, I thought, "What the heck, I'm gonna do this!" A...
Going Rogue ► Miraculous by its_nusa_obviously
Going Rogue ► Miraculous by crippling anxiety Fanfiction
What happens when rumours aren't just rumours? What if Ladybug really went rogue? ---------------------------------- Don't read it if you don't want to be confused! My...
These are my friends (A Five Nights At Freddy's Story) by thedragabot
These are my friends (A Five Night... by thedragabot Fanfiction
Carrie has a brain problem. She's intelligent but she hears things. She doesn't like to talk to other people. She's been worse since her mother left. She makes friends w...
Falling For Family by Foxalicious
Falling For Family by Foxy's First Mate Random
The pizzeria has been burned down for a while now. With your entire family inside. It's just you in the kids now. A new Freddy's horror attraction just got built and you...
The Wonders Of My Mind. (AntisepticeyeXreader) (MAKING PROLOGUE) by Good_Mythical_mornin
The Wonders Of My Mind. (Antisepti... by just The odd1's out Fanfiction
(COMPLETED)(made on Wattpad!) Y/n is in college walking home on campus to her dorm. Everyday life right? Nope! Not on the particular day! She watches a video and Anti ap...
The Music Box ( Five Nights At Freddy's 2) by XxTrueColorsxX
The Music Box ( Five Nights At Fre... by XxTrueColorsxX Fanfiction
"Why are you crying?" I asked the white masked monster.. He looked up at me, he had a wide permanent smile on his face, but he still had tears flowing out. It...
Human!FNaF x Reader by HaleyRJ
Human!FNaF x Reader by Haley (Hiatus) Fanfiction
Your mom recently got fired from her job. She asks you to get a job until she can find one. You said yes. But what happens when you take the night shift job at Freddy Fa...
Aphmau's secret [Completed] by super-ninja-unicorn
Aphmau's secret [Completed] by ¯\_◕ω◕_/¯ Fanfiction
Kawaii~Chan is moving in with Reese. Since Kawaii~Chan is moving Katelyn is moving to, she is moving in with Dante and Nicole. Aphmau has the choice of staying alone or...
One Shots Fnaf And Fnac ((Discontinued)) by Doll_kun
One Shots Fnaf And Fnac ((Disconti... by Doll Random
I will be doing every single character from fnaf and fnac one shots fluff or smut If you don't know what fnac means it means five nights at candys
Jousets attached (human!fnaf x reader) by teabottle
Jousets attached (human!fnaf x rea... by teabottle Fanfiction
You're a kid wanting to earn some money maybe to save up for a car, so you to the typical thing by looking in the papers, you find a easy job as a night watch security g...
Ghost Fazbear by mlpfnaffan
Ghost Fazbear by mlpfnaffan Fanfiction
She is just an ordinary girl ...... Except she lives in a pizzeria and her family are homicidal animatronics Join a teen that discovers the truth about her family and wh...
Late at love yet right on time  by lilmama4cookies
Late at love yet right on time by lilmama4cookies Romance
have you ever held feelings back for so long your body takes over, well it did for marinette and Adrien. ps .this is a sin for all those...
Kitten's Curse by ChatonNoir2k04
Kitten's Curse by LadyShips Fanfiction
Marinette wakes up only to see herself with cat ears in the mirror. Why did she have to suffer this and what's happening?! Follow her on this adventure till the very end...
Children crying "help me" softly (Marionette x reader) by _Izaya-_-Orihara_
Children crying "help me" softly (... by エヴリン-チャン Random
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! $100.50 a week! Call 1-888-FAZ-FAZBEAR! "Looks like a decent job." As you were phoning the pizzeria, you realized that th...