Euphoria (Short) by MariahSinclair101
Euphoria (Short)by Mariah Sinclair
Euphoria, a state of intense happiness and self-confidence. That's what they were calling it. Their own personal bliss while the rest of society (myself included) suffer...
  • mature
  • future
  • handmaidtale
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#MyHandmaidsTale Contest by Hulu
#MyHandmaidsTale Contestby Hulu
Create a 500-word short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic "The Handmaid's Tale" for your chance to be part of an anthology curated by Margaret Atwood...
  • handmaidstale
  • margaretatwood
  • myhandmaidstale
Nature Canada's Angel Catbird - Caption This Contest by MargaretAtwood
Nature Canada's Angel Catbird - Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood's first graphic novel, Angel Catbird, tells the story of a hybrid human-cat-owl, Angel Catbird, and his peculiar identity conflict. Should he save that b...
  • margaretatwood
  • margaret
  • angelcatbird
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Zoey, Willow, Clover Honey by amberkbryant
Zoey, Willow, Clover Honeyby Amber K Bryant
WINNING ENTRY TO @Hulu and @MargaretAtwood 's #MyHandmaidsTale CONTEST! In an era of amnesia... I remember. Thank you for reading!
  • handmaidstale
  • garden
  • margaretatwood
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Expiration Date by amberkbryant
Expiration Dateby Amber K Bryant
A finalist for Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last Contest. "Retribution isn't pretty. But it is immensely satisfying." Lucy has known ever since she was a...
  • wattpadstars
  • aging
  • journalists
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All for Amorette #MyHandmaidsTale by writemywriteworld
All for Amorette #MyHandmaidsTaleby Adelaide DeLeon
I told myself I would never stop fighting. I told myself I would never become weak. I kept my promise. Especially when I knew I'd have Amorette, my beautiful baby girl.
  • dystopian
  • margaretatwood
  • daughter
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Silent and Dark (#MyHandmaidsTale) by Peachesforme
Silent and Dark (#MyHandmaidsTale)by Elyssa
The room is silent, but only to me.
  • pain
  • women
  • shortstory
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The Baby #MyHandmaidsTale by J-D-Jacobs
The Baby #MyHandmaidsTaleby J.D. Jacobs
Two brave women risk their lives to defy the system. Will they succeed? And at what cost?
  • system
  • women
  • myhandmaidstale
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The Rope Maker by KristineInchausti
The Rope Makerby Kristine Inchausti
When you're an ostracized single parent in a Fundamentalist world, some of the time you have to go along to get along. But in private, looking deep into your past can he...
  • handmaidstale
  • sailing
  • hulu
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Inside Out #MyHandmaidsTale by LisaRedfern
Inside Out #MyHandmaidsTaleby Lisa Redfern
Failing to conceive, an Asian woman retreats into her invisible cloak. "It clings to me, squeezing like a metal band around my chest whenever we are around parents...
  • health
  • pollution
  • outsourcing
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A Single Choice by hodiernal
A Single Choiceby INACTIVE → @endolia
[A counterintuitive approach to the #myhandmaidstale challenge] A broken smile twisted her features into something cruel. "I'm the one who's going to make your pe...
  • revolt
  • uprising
  • shortstory
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Help A Sister Out #MyHandMaidsTale by Red_Harvey
Help A Sister Out #MyHandMaidsTaleby Red Harvey
In a world where your entire life is assigned from birth, a kid pretends to be a boy in order to survive.**Continuation of "The Favor"**
  • diversity
  • messedup
  • margaretatwood
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2054 by leeence
2054by leeence
A lesbian, dystopian story set in Los Angeles in a not too distant future after a series of terrible political decisions send the country into a military dictatorship. T...
  • patriarchy
  • romance
  • misogyny
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Peanut #myhandmaidstale by NancyGriffis
Peanut #myhandmaidstaleby Nancy Griffis
As the Faithful, we had to be fruitful and multiply. It was God's Word. Didn't we?
  • shortstory
  • dystopian
  • myhandmaidstale
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The Smell of Coffee (#MyHandMaidsTale) by FabioMBarreto
The Smell of Coffee ( Fábio M. Barreto
In this tale, a handmaid drifts into daydreaming and finds an opportunity for one final good deed. A 500 word short story for the contest #MyHandmaidsTale, by #Hulu and...
  • dystopia
  • sciencefiction
  • margaretatwood
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My Handmaid's Tale - New Gilead by jblackshear
My Handmaid's Tale - New Gileadby J. Blackshear
First entry into the #MyHandmaidsTale contest. The first step in founding a great empire is sometimes the hardest step to take.
  • wattpadcontest
  • shortchapters
  • dystopian
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My Name by tlhbwyoming
My Nameby Toni L.H. Boughton
In a Red Center, a woman has to decide which path her life will take. #MyHandmaidsTale
  • margaretatwood
  • wattys2017
  • dystopia
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Backlash- #MyHandmaidsTale by AnthonyMarchese
Backlash- #MyHandmaidsTaleby Anthony Marchese
Gilead rose up while many were in denial. Sometimes its no fun being right.
  • lgbt
  • theocracy
  • fiction
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Bowed Heads by RennieStJames
Bowed Headsby Rennie St. James
#MyHandmaidsTale I am loving the series and the book, so I had to enter the contest. Short, but not very sweet.
  • margaretatwood
  • myhandmaidstale
To Grow Up #MyHandmaidsTale by StoryofAshlyn
To Grow Up #MyHandmaidsTaleby Ashlyn
Two siblings seek refuge with a friend - but he's leading them down a dark path in pursuit of freedom... + LEARN TO BLEED (similar characters + different world), my fi...
  • rivalry
  • teenfic
  • slavery
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