The Silver's Broken Heart by ayengavarra
The Silver's Broken Heartby yodayeorxx
He's a monster and he knows that. He hates himself, why? Because he let go of the girl he only loves. He was smart but he's also stupid, and now, he'll do everything he...
  • romance
  • redqueen
  • maven
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My Alpha Mate by abbielynn222
My Alpha Mateby Abbie
Creia Tate is a human. She has the perfect boyfriend and great friends. Creia likes things to be done her way and never loses a fight. She struggles with letting people...
  • bipolar
  • hate
  • war
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Bleeding Crown (Red Queen 4 Fanfiction) by Natthefantastic
Bleeding Crown (Red Queen 4 Nathalie E. Mills
Bleeding Crown picks up right where King's Cage left off. The final book in the Red Queen series, where Mare's path will finally be chosen. Will Cal come to his senses a...
  • rq4
  • redqueen
  • maven
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Tainted Blood by Beast060401
Tainted Bloodby Beast060401
What if Maven decided to kidnap Cal instead of Mare? How would things have turned out? Will Mare be able to save him before it is too late? All rights and characters bel...
  • maven
  • scarletguard
  • cal
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Trust one more time by laylalola1
Trust one more timeby laylalola1
Can a broken heart be fixed after being ripped apart from the most dear person to you? Can you trust him again? ************** I was in the kitchen making dinner, a knoc...
  • xhelpmehplzx
  • rimibrahim1
  • cola
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Silver Shadow (Glass Sword Fanfic, Maven x Mare) by ardielim
Silver Shadow (Glass Sword Ardienne Lim
FANFIC: MAVEN x MARE from RED QUEEN, GLASS SWORD WARNING: Before reading, I want to get a few things straight. The characters, settings are all owned by Victoria Aveyar...
  • scarletguard
  • calore
  • prince
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The Misunderstood Prince by MrsAaronWarner
The Misunderstood Princeby MrsAaronWarner
This Maven's POV during The Red Queen. "I guess it could've been worse. I could've been a Red." Maven: His mother wants him to rule almost as much as he...
  • cal
  • redqueen
  • victoria
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King's Cage (Red Queen Fanfic) by ChocolateMilk30
King's Cage (Red Queen Fanfic)by ChocolateMilk30
[FANFICTION OF KING'S CAGE - ALL TEN CHAPTERS WERE WRITTEN BEFORE FEBRUARY 7TH.] In this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard's bestselling Red Queen series...
  • kingscage
  • glasssword
  • maven
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King's Cage (my version) by thelivinglibrary134
King's Cage (my version)by Sanjana
What I think should happen after the Glass Sword.
  • redqueen
  • book3
  • cal
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The Last Horse Shifter||✔️ by -Silver_Dawn-
The Last Horse Shifter||✔️by -Silver_Dawn-
Isabelle is a horse shifter, she's a double crossbreed she's half Friesian, half Black Forest and half pegasus. She's very rare and lives her life as a race horse, one r...
  • stallion
  • alpha
  • horse
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Choices (Mare + Maven Fanfiction) by chicfloraison
Choices (Mare + Maven Fanfiction)by Chic Floraison
Mare Barrow agree's to go with Maven, in exchange for the safety of her friends. What happens, when spending more time with Maven, draws her closer to him? Will she try...
  • abrielle
  • cameron
  • kilorn
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•MARE• A Maven fanfic by queentaylin
•MARE• A Maven fanficby queentaylin
Run run run.. was all my mind was telling me to do over and over again. But my body wouldn't listen. Maven. Maven was all I could focus on. He had my full attention...
  • fanfiction
  • cal
  • queen
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Hollow Crown by thelivinglibrary134
Hollow Crownby Sanjana
PLEASE READ KING CAGE, RED AS DAWN, AND SPARK OF HOPE BEFORE READING THIS. It's been 15 years since Mare's promise. Mare lives in the castle besides Bates as the queen o...
  • kingcage
  • cal
  • glasssword
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A Spark of Hope by thelivinglibrary134
A Spark of Hopeby Sanjana
Mare is now dead, leaving everyone confused and scared. No one knows what to do, or where to go. Eve doesn't want to be a leader. Cal is lost and alone, and Kilorn doesn...
  • fanfiction
  • cal
  • book5
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War Storm (Red Queen #4) by ameliaisking
War Storm (Red Queen #4)by Amelia
King's Cage was an enthralling novel, but what happens after? Leaving us with a cruel cliffhanger, Victoria Aveyard has yet to release the next book in the series, War S...
  • evangeline
  • redblood
  • mare
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Born Wild  {Completed} by Acacia102
Born Wild {Completed}by Acacia♞
Willow was a small, innocent foal. And when she met Wildfire, her life got even more exciting than it already is. After migrating to Nevada, the two foals get caught an...
  • mare
  • foals
  • horses
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King's Cage- A Fabulous Fanfiction by pamsam101
King's Cage- A Fabulous Fanfictionby Cat
King's Cage the official release by the one and only Victoria Aveyard comes out February 2, 2017. Which In my opinion is such a long wait. So Tori has just released the...
  • victoriaaveyard
  • sliver
  • maven
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Where It Went Wrong, A Red Queen Fanfiction: Completed by Inkpen_Scroll
Where It Went Wrong, A Red Queen Inkpen_Scroll
* Set after Red Queen's second book, Glass Sword "Words will kill us all, eventually." Mare Barrow has been out of King Maven's hands for a litt...
  • janeeyreinspired
  • ya
  • kingscage
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Shadow Of The Flame - Red Queen Fanfiction by chels_the_bookworm
Shadow Of The Flame - Red Queen c h e l s e a
takes place after Glass Sword **Story by Victoria Aveyard with some original characters!!
  • redqueen
  • diana
  • farley
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