Caught In The Middle by SanC-Rylie
Caught In The Middle by SanC Rylieboo Romance
This is the continuation of Book 1 Daddy's Little Assassin. So before you even proceed to read this book please read Book 1 first or else you'll be clueless as to what's...
The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59 Fanfiction
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
Nomad 101 by JalizaBurwell
Nomad 101 by Jaliza A Burwell Fanfiction
With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, whi...
Capturing Them (Thursday, Weekly Updates) by BelindaPeters-Waine
Capturing Them (Thursday, Weekly U... by Belinda Waine Fanfiction
I've hidden behind the lens of a camera since I was seven years old. My Mom dying turned me into a shell of a person; I stopped speaking, I hid behind fake glasses, my h...
MY IMMORTAL // Marc Marquez by Biggie93
MY IMMORTAL // Marc Marquez by Biggie93 🙆🏼 Fanfiction
Seguito di YOUNG GOD. La vita dei piloti è un susseguirsi di sfide. Quella di Marc Marquez per il 2014 era dimostrare al mondo il suo talento, la sua passione, ed ha co...
Going Too Far by J_abbis
Going Too Far by Gabrielle Teen Fiction
Taylor was always her twin sisters, Trinity's, shadow. Trinity got the guy, the friends, and the spot light. Leaving Taylor feeling empty and second best. One night aft...
How I Wish by Artaith
How I Wish by Artaith Fanfiction
Sequel to 'Dear Stranger's'. Sang Sorenson has been sending letter's to nine strangers for the past few months, they have helped her overcome her loneliness and taught h...
Working for Him... by BlissfulDream
Working for Him... by Soomayaaa Spiritual
Meet Isra; a 19-year-old Muslim girl who doesn't seem to know how to think before she speaks or act. All in all, she's funny, charming and super friendly. However, Isra'...
When Formalities Are Forgotten. [A Student/Teacher Love Story] by JaseyStellaRaex
When Formalities Are Forgotten. [A... by Char Teen Fiction
17 year old British girl Jasmine has just started her senior year of high school in America, and on her first day back from summer break she realises that her old Englis...
Footballer Preference by lewancoly
Footballer Preference by Mrs.Lewandowska Fanfiction
This is my first Preference story and Im going to be using: •Robert Lewandowski (My papi) •James Rodriguez •Marc Bartra •Antoine Griezmann •Gerard Piqué Comment any idea...
Football/soccer preferences (COMPLETED) by hi_dee
Football/soccer preferences (COMPL... by Chelsea fc Fanfiction
Do you have a crazy obsession over Neymar : messi : Ronaldo : Griezmann : pique : Bartra : ozil ? Yeah you do, we all do! Keep reading ❤️
Dirty Imagines... NeymarJr by Endya_njr
Dirty Imagines... NeymarJr by Endya_njr Random
Neymar Jr Imagines. Some sexual content so read at your own risk. All ideas are mine, so please don't copy.
You've Changed by seokcrybaby
You've Changed by Rebeca Romero Fanfiction
Alexandra never thought she will see him again Seeing him again was everything, even getting a chance to get close to him was everything. But what happens when Alexa...
texts. - fc barcalona  by bellerin-
texts. - fc barcalona by ya gurll Fanfiction
hey, i love you. -delivered 2:47 am // where a group of footballers make a groupchat and mistakenly add a real madrid fan.
direct messages | ter stegen by szczesnys
direct messages | ter stegen by me(va) suit no chill Fanfiction
in which a twitter username is mistaken for a famous footballer and a friendship is formed through direct messages. [lowercase intended] cover by sasha; @keepmelukewarm
Wanderer ~Ghost Bird Fanfic by StAl2LiGhT
Wanderer ~Ghost Bird Fanfic by Brooke Butler Fanfiction
(Characters belong to C.L.Stone. Based on her ghost Bird Series. There will be mature themes in this book including sexual ones. Warnings will be stated in chapters when...
Alice Awakened by princessellea
Alice Awakened by PrincessElleA Fanfiction
'..By the light and the dark The spell ends tonight.' For almost sixteen years, Sang Sorenson had lived a normal life - until the night of her sixteenth birthday. Join h...
More Than A Thousand Words (boyxboy) by Gjoriin
More Than A Thousand Words (boyxbo... by Gjori Romance
"Without you I am colorblind" This is a story about Jasper and Marc. Jasper tends to jump head first into situations, and he's not afraid to say what he thinks...
A Fight without Remorse by rosesareforever
A Fight without Remorse by Shana Romance
Alexis Johnson, CEO of the Henderson Empire Hotel Group (HEHG), is a businesswoman that is all about business and neglecting herself as a woman after a few rocky relatio...
The Dancer by CaRtOoNiSt_LuV
The Dancer by Ӏҽ ¢нαт вℓαи¢~ Fanfiction
Sang lived an abusive life with a abusive, drug addicted mom and sister and a neglectful father. Her IQ is above average, smarter then most. One day she has finally had...