Searching for Brothers [One Piece fanfic) by Trufflerabbit13
Searching for Brothers [One Trufflerabbit13
She was the polite one. The smart one. The level headed one. She kept her three brothers in place, making sure none of them did something stupid enough to get themselves...
  • nami
  • friendship
  • supernova
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Ohshc x reader by Misfit-Pinkie
Ohshc x readerby Misfit-Pinkie
You're Haruhi's Sister! You had been kidnapped at a young age, but when you're found you are greeted by a group of hotties! XD
  • takashi
  • ouran
  • mori
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Tododeku smut/fluff oneshots by fujoshi12oneesan
Tododeku smut/fluff oneshotsby Fujoshi Queen
Exactly what it says on the cover. I have this new obsession with bnha and Tododeku sooo... Characters aren't mine. I only own the story
  • fujoshi
  • animeislife
  • otaku
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Death Note One-Shots by Unlucky_Charm
Death Note One-Shotsby Unlucky_Charm
A bunch of one-shots about different Death Note characters. Leave me requests if you want a certain character included, and tell me if you want me to write a certain sce...
  • oneshots
  • nearxreader
  • mihaelkeehl
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The Older Guy: Yaoi by winter127
The Older Guy: Yaoiby winter127
(Note: there will be lemons and cussing, also trigger warning ⚠️ ) Luke Akashi was just a regular 8th grader. He was kinda nerdy. He has blue hair and faces troubles lik...
  • teenfiction
  • gay
  • lgbt
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Magi: Judar's Princess by MeiNyx
Magi: Judar's Princessby Mei Nyx
Judar/Judal x OC Magi Judar schemes to crown a new candidate for his current nation, the Kou Empire. He attempts to summon the long gone spirit of a former ruler, the hi...
  • kindgom
  • alibaba
  • magic
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Providence || Altering Fate by Nekuru
Providence || Altering Fateby Nekuru
KHR fanfic: "Holy sh*t, I just died..." A girl was killed due to a unfortunate event. Where reality and fiction blurs in her world. ____ Rank in Fanfiction: #6...
  • tsuna
  • ryohei
  • khr
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♥2p!Hetalia one shots♥ by kimisawkward
♥2p!Hetalia one shots♥by ♥Kim♥
2p!Hetalia one shots! it's my first story, so don't think this is gonna turn out to be great or good! Please write some requests in the comment box and read my note! ^...
  • manga
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  • 2p
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Ouran Highschool Host Club Shelby
❥ Boyfriend scenarios with all your favorite hosts. Requests welcome!
  • anime
  • kyoya
  • hikaru
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If My Love Is Suicide (Nalu) by Saricchi
If My Love Is Suicide (Nalu)by Saricchi
Lucy Heartfilia, school nerd. Nastu, school playboy. Two totally different lives that some how intertwine. Lucy is the schools laughing stock. She deals with depression...
  • anime
  • ships
  • romance
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Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [Vampire Knight Fan-Fic] by itschayse
Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [ ᴄʜᴀʏsᴇ
You could say I was always unwanted as a child. The only person who had ever been kind to me was my big brother Kaname. You'd think Juuri and Haruka would, they were my...
  • anime
  • zerokiryu
  • yuuki
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Laxus x Reader (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by CeganTheAyugipi
Laxus x Reader (Fairy Tail Cegan ~~
This is a Laxus x reader fanfic that takes place during and after the Grand Magic Games, where you, the reader, are participating as a part of team Fairy Tail! There wil...
  • dreyar
  • xreader
  • dragon
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Twisted || Yandere x Reader by hopskaese
Twisted || Yandere x Readerby oremi
[Yandere x Reader] The first day of a new semester is often the hardest, yet the most exciting - new and old classmates, friends and adventures. A girl called (first nam...
  • yandere
  • anime
  • insert
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11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader] by kkouchii_
11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]by On Hiatus
[Y/N] [L/N] is a Cheerful, Kind and a BIG Otaku who loves the anime called Naruto. She live with her Wicked Step Mother and sisters who seems to boss her around like a m...
  • sakuraharuno
  • narutoshippuden
  • narutoxreader
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the kazekage's keeper » gaara by malikjuana
the kazekage's keeper » gaaraby kushina
→ it's time for kazekage gaara to find a bride, and apparently your sister is the best match. apparently. {completed july 2014} >> under editing
  • reader-insert
  • naruto
  • gaara
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Not Another Romeo & Juliet Story (Tokyo Ghoul: Juuzou Suzuya x OC Fanfic) by menmathebutcher
Not Another Romeo & Juliet Story ( 🖤 M E N M A 🖤
Juuzou Suzuya surprisingly falls in love. What isn't taken into notice is that his crush, Rhiannon, is a ghoul. But a certain handful of other people seem to notice. Juu...
  • fanfiction
  • manga
  • rize
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road to redemption » uchiha sasuke by malikjuana
road to redemption » uchiha sasukeby kushina
→ he betrayed everyone's trust, and now has to prove himself worthy. on his road to redemption, he realises a lot of things. how long will it take him to realise his fe...
  • mangafiction
  • narutoverse
  • uchihasasukelovestory
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The Joker's Queen (Hisoka X Reader) by sebacielship
The Joker's Queen (Hisoka X Reader)by BTS Trash
A quiet, young girl named Y/N had always dreamed of becoming a hunter, so naturally she went to the Hunter Exam. But what happens when a tall, handsome killer catches he...
  • hisokaxreader
  • fanfiction
  • killua
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Broken (Haikyuu Fanfiction Series!!!) by DancingLeaf16
Broken (Haikyuu Fanfiction DancingLeaf16
️️⭐️3rd Place in Haikyuu Watty Awards 2015 Tooru Oikawa Category⭐️ "Can what's broken ever be fixed again?" In my childhood, volleyball was what revolved aroun...
  • hinata
  • sugawara
  • tsukishima
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Blackout ||Boku no Hero Academia|| by OffensivePotato
Blackout ||Boku no Hero Academia||by OffensivePotato
What is a "Hero"? Those who are chosen to use the "Powers" they were born with to serve society under the goverment's approval. However, there are...
  • dope
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