Home/Shawn Mendes  by mendes_stories01
Home/Shawn Mendes by @mendes_stories01 Fanfiction
When Maya did an application to become a tour manager at Island Records, she would've never thought that the tour she'll be managing would rather change her life. With t...
Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx Fanfiction
Its 2014 and one direction have been together for 3 years now. To the publics eye there all happy young lads living there dream. But to 4/5 of one direction...they live...
Just A Little Bit of Your Heart by British-1D-Irish
Just A Little Bit of Your Heart by Larry Stylinson <3 Fanfiction
"I have to go to a game with Eleanor tonight." Louis said, and I sighed. "Harry, you know I don't want to, but if management knows I don't show up then we...
1,000 Words ONE Picture  by golden__arrows
1,000 Words ONE Picture by Islandgirl Fanfiction
Brynn Sherwood is Dean Sherwood adopted daughter. She's had a rough life even through Dean made sure she was happy yet still disciplined. Brynn's one to not tell people...
A Glued Together World by paulus2000
A Glued Together World by Paulus Fanfiction
A few years after "A Broken World" by Zolozen. Zayn's, Liam's and Niall's musical talent was discovered and went big in the music industry in a small amount of...
McDonald's Hotline by seaingly-
McDonald's Hotline by 🐳 Short Story
'in which a boy who calls becomes the light of a McDonald's hotline worker's day.' #161 in short story on 23/01/17 #159 in short story on 08/01/17 geminigraphics cover
Baby Payne by pjsandsocksallday
Baby Payne by pjsandsocksallday Fanfiction
Being pregnant is hard enough when you don't have the world and a mob of fans waiting for you to fail. Belle has to face her insecurities in front the world, being pregn...
Consequences | Shawn Mendes by Hemmings14
Consequences | Shawn Mendes by Mendes Fanfiction
Stella Rose, famous singer , sold out tour all around the world, Album Number 1 in the charts for a whole month. She was living her life but when she got too famous ther...
Reunited // L.S by bullshitx28
Reunited // L.S by bullshitx28 Fanfiction
Have you ever had that feeling when that one person you love the most suddenly gets drawn away from you? That one person who made you feel like home, even when you're th...
Hendall (A Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Fanfiction) by mangosxx
Hendall (A Harry Styles and Kendal... by mangosxx Fanfiction
Kendall Jenner- snobby rich girl that has a reality tv show with her sister and four half siblings, who is forced to date Harry Styles for publicity. Harry Styles- a do...
asunder [h.s.] by inspiringxhes
asunder [h.s.] by rebecca ♛ Fanfiction
a·sun·der əˈsəndər/ apart; divided. "those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder" A story in which at age eighteen, a mark appears on yo...
Larry Stylinson Proof [COMPLETE] by AmberLamontBennett
Larry Stylinson Proof [COMPLETE] by Harry's Babe Fanfiction
Just a little bit of Larry proof and what not to brighten up your day!
Young Girls (a Bruno Mars fan-fic) by his_hooligan
Young Girls (a Bruno Mars fan-fic) by Holly Louise Fanfiction
Hope is a normal, everyday teenager with the dream of being a singer. When Bruno Mars see's her perform at her dad's gig, Hope gets the chance to chase her dream. But no...
The Kind of Man You Like by Raretragedy
The Kind of Man You Like by Raretragedy Random
Samaria Jones is one of the best talent and PR managers in the business. She's got her own company, as much money as she could ever want, a great place and a lot of powe...
Crossing Lines by ladybugluck
Crossing Lines by Loose like a Moose Fanfiction
Harry couldn't tell you when he and Louis officially crossed the line between bandmates and lovers. They were always stuck at the hip, and it was an easy transition from...
Secrets in Our lies by Miss_Harmonizer
Secrets in Our lies by Too unstable to be able Random
Fifth harmony theory book. Most of these do not belong to me the ones that do will be marked. Again these are just theories. If you have camrenshipperophobia and you hav...
My Story For U :ragini(on hold) by harita7
My Story For U :ragini(on hold) by harita7 Fanfiction
Its all about Ragini's life who come across various stages of her life. #295 in general friction on 27/4/2017 #284 in general friction on 30/4/2017 #...
This Is Our Year. by Ellefarrellsarrie24
This Is Our Year. by Elle Farrell Teen Fiction
When three friends live together and share one common interest, rugby. And then on your 18th something happens that is totally unexpected, you have no choice but to agre...
PELICAN INC PRESENTS : Swipe Right for Mr. Right! by rescueheroes
PELICAN INC PRESENTS : Swipe Right... by Donna Belizaire Teen Fiction
Celia had always wanted a perfect boyfriend, but around the times that she went jogging and power walking for walk she couldn't find onevit was too friendly. So she deci...