Consequences | Shawn Mendes by Hemmings14
Consequences | Shawn Mendes by Mendes
Stella Rose, famous singer , sold out tour all around the world, Album Number 1 in the charts for a whole month. She was living her life but when she got too famous ther...
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Home/Shawn Mendes by mendes_stories01
Home/Shawn Mendes by @mendes_stories01
EDITING! When Maya did an application to become a tour manager at Island Records, she would've never thought that the tour she'll be managing would rather change her lif...
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Baby Payne by pjsandsocksallday
Baby Payne by pjsandsocksallday
Being pregnant is hard enough when you don't have the world and a mob of fans waiting for you to fail. Belle has to face her insecurities in front the world, being pregn...
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Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Impulse ( Harry Styles Abuse Story) by xx_MrsTomlinson_xx
Its 2014 and one direction have been together for 3 years now. To the publics eye there all happy young lads living there dream. But to 4/5 of one direction...they live...
  • management
  • louis
  • hurt
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Broken Home by eleliek
Broken Home by elliot
"We can live in a broken home together." [A.I.] **TRIGGER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!: includes death, cancer, self-harm, and depression** ***COMPLETED: 3/14/16***
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asunder [h.s.] by inspiringxhes
asunder [h.s.] by rebecca ♛
a·sun·der əˈsəndər/ apart; divided. "those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder" A story in which at age eighteen, a mark appears on yo...
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Let Me Help You (A Lilo Paynlinson fanfic) by Mysterygirl151998
Let Me Help You (A Lilo Paynlinson... by Autumn
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A Glued Together World by NiallerFan2000
A Glued Together World by Nialler
A few years after "A Broken World" by Zolozen. Zayn's, Liam's and Niall's musical talent was discovered and went big in the music industry in a small amount of...
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Larry Stylinson Proof [COMPLETE] by AmberLamontBennett
Larry Stylinson Proof [COMPLETE] by Harry's Babe
Just a little bit of Larry proof and what not to brighten up your day!
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Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards... by Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
  • friends
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Crossing Lines by ladybugluck
Crossing Lines by YUP
Harry couldn't tell you when he and Louis officially crossed the line between bandmates and lovers. They were always stuck at the hip, and it was an easy transition from...
  • larry
  • stylinson
  • louis
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McDonald's Hotline by rumorsfly-
McDonald's Hotline by NOT IN USE ANYMORE
'in which a boy who calls becomes the light of a McDonald's hotline worker's day.' #161 in short story on 23/01/17 #159 in short story on 08/01/17 geminigraphics cover
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Rose, Not Rosie (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by quiffendor
Rose, Not Rosie (A One Direction F... by αℓεx
Rose Meyer has been without a home, without a family for two years... That is, until she stumbles upon One Direction on her orphanage's Visiting Day and they adopt her...
  • secrets
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You Just Don't Know (A Harry Styles FanFic) by WhitneyMcCormick
You Just Don't Know (A Harry Style... by Whitney McCormick
Hayden is a normal girl but with not so normal friends. She is best friend to the band One Direction and it just so happens that the band convinced her mom to let her st...
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Hendall (A Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Fanfiction) by mangosxx
Hendall (A Harry Styles and Kendal... by mangosxx
Kendall Jenner- snobby rich girl that has a reality tv show with her sister and four half siblings, who is forced to date Harry Styles for publicity. Harry Styles- a do...
  • love
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A Conspiracy by Engie_fangirl
A Conspiracy by Engela
Famous singer Harry Styles and his Husband Louis Tomlinson have been together for seven years and have been married for four with their 3 year old son Dylan. Harry has f...
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Expectations vs. Reality ➸Camren~5H by You_Need_Allysus
Expectations vs. Reality ➸Camren~5H by Kellz
This group of five friends used to be normal twenty-somethings until they ended up singing for a birthday party. That birthday party changed their lives, it was just one...
  • ally
  • camren
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Don't Look Back - A Niam Horayne Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
Don't Look Back - A Niam Horayne L... by Kaitlyn James
Liam Payne has been secretly dating his One Direction band mate, Niall Horan, for months. Now that they've helped fix Louis and Harry's relationship, they can focus on t...
  • love
  • zerrie
  • niam
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Five Secrets To Effective Leadership by RainFerdinand
Spaces Between Us - l.s. by 4evayoung475
Spaces Between Us - l.s. by 4evayoung475
« It's Harder to Reach You Even Though I Try » 💚💙 One Direction, world's greatest boyband. Liam James Payne, aka Daddy Direction, still his loving caring self, as usu...
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