poseidon - malum             [coming 2018] by hexedd
poseidon - malum [comi... by 🌒
two homophobic boys fall in love. - © hexedd 2017
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young, dumb & broke | 5sos by -dadan
young, dumb & broke | 5sos by daniel
"young dumb broke high school kids" pairings - malum & lashton
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5sos : boyxboy smut by slutsin
5sos : boyxboy smut by sarena
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Adopted by who?/ 5SOS fanfic by ashruth02
Adopted by who?/ 5SOS fanfic by Smile tommo clifford
Hayden is 15. Her past is nothing but shit. What happens when an Australian band adopts her? Will her issues end? Read to find out! ****TRIGGERS****
  • lashton
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5sos Storybooth Wikia by Zoeisabelletria11206
5sos Storybooth Wikia by Zoe Tria
Here are the facts of 5sos Storybooth
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Nudes.// Lashton.  by LongHairedIrwin
Nudes.// Lashton. by LongHairedIrwin
DaddyAsh: send me nudes. LukeHemmo: no. DaddyAsh: you will. ;) LukeHemmo: don't hold your breath. All Rights Reserved to @LongHairedIrwin.
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☆:*cold hearts ☆.。.:* by nightskymuke
☆:*cold hearts ☆.。.:* by lex ☆
Manipulation can offset people from their one true goals. Unfortunately, Michael was blind to the manipulation happening in his life. © 2017 by nightskymuke All Rights R...
  • 5sos
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Tough | Malum Au by lemmecry
Tough | Malum Au by Lia
in which Michael is addicted to smoking and Calum is addicted to fighting.
  • ashtonirwin
  • violence
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ONE SHOTS  by skeptical-squidward
ONE SHOTS by La gueule
This will be one shots of anything Narry Ziam Faberry Lashton Malum If you want anything else like different ships and specific scenes leave suggestions in the comments...
  • lashton
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eyes on you • malum by heeyhood
eyes on you • malum by moony
Calum had been working for a short time now, but he was already used to clients killing his patience. He could swear that nothing else could make him more stressed. At l...
  • ashtonirwin
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Secrets by 370153_o4
Secrets by 370153_o4
Calum has a secret, but so does Michael. Werewolf!Calum Sad!Michael
  • werewolf
  • deppressing
  • action
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Silence in the City by nooshki
Silence in the City by Nooshki
In the year 2016 a group of teenagers were being watched. Did they know that they were being watched? No. After a shocking nuclear war, the group of unruly teenagers mus...
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Afterlife | Malum by prettyboymalum
Afterlife | Malum by autumn ➴
"How did you die?" "I was murdered," he said bluntly, "what about you?" "That's the thing. I was hoping you could help me find out.&qu...
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Lashton Smut Book by lame_lashton
Lashton Smut Book by Jess ⛅️
I decided to practice writing smut since I suck at it even though I read tons of it. So enjoy I suppose. Also, this includes both bottom Luke/ bottom Ashton and so on.
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