Tiny Thoughts | Girls Only! |  by Crimson-Angel
Tiny Thoughts | Girls Only! | by CrimsonLovesSomeone
Do you think no one understands you? Well, here, you will find many people who are like you and understand how you feel! Be it boy problems, periods, friend problems, an...
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Luck of Sons by WrittenPast
Luck of Sonsby WrittenPast
(GIRLS) It's summer time, The girls are going on a Trip, from safe home town to over the tracks. will love grow in darkness or will it break and leave scars. (BOYS)...
  • love
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The camouflage Girl by RomeoTman
The camouflage Girlby Thato monoge
Layla Montez is in a relationship with Andy Parker,however their love is based upon a secret that has been kept for so long. But what happens to their love when the secr...
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Lottie Tomlinson Quotes  🖤💜 by lottiepoems
Lottie Tomlinson Quotes 🖤💜by 🌈
words of wisdom from a girl of glam ••• (Most quotes are sourced from her interviews or her book Rainbow Roots)
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Make Up by vhyungtaessi
Make Upby vht ✔
"Why do you always wear make up?" "To hide the real me.." -- Published Date: Soon. Highest Rank: Ended:
  • beyondthescene
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  • bangtansonyeodan
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Through It All by GabriellaHall
Through It Allby Gabriella Hall
Park Eunji is a makeup and hair stylist from Daegu and now she's been hired by Big Hit Entertainment to take care of the boy band BTS. When she meets them, one of them i...
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Holy crap-a-doodle-do by Kartoffle_Queen
Holy crap-a-doodle-doby Marley_PoTaTo
Thoughts on things. Don't yell at me in the comments because this is my opinion.
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Guide to: Self Care by KiingGlo_
Guide to: Self Careby illest
Description in Book...✨
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You Left  by Only_Color_I_See
You Left by Celine
When you leave someone and try to come back remember they were hurt when you left them and try to fix what you broke, it's not simple but nothing is simple, right ?
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All About Makeup  by thatonebell
All About Makeup by thatonebell
The ins and outs of makeup! Tips and tricks that have worked for me and may help you out!
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Trapped In Love by XoXo_girly03
Trapped In Loveby Say Zee
"C- Can you move b- back a little?" My words made him smirk and if it's even possible, he came closer. Why do I always have to stuck between him and the desk...
  • romance
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~\\THÈ SQÛÂD GĪRLS//~(BOOK 1) by My_Vampire_Queen
~\\THÈ SQÛÂD GĪRLS//~(BOOK 1)by ||Vampire_Girl||
This story is create by the vampire or know as My_Vampire_Queen and imaginated by her and actually it's her second time to creating a story and thinking to what, when, a...
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Lottie Tomlinson Poems  🖤❤️ by lottiepoems
Lottie Tomlinson Poems 🖤❤️by 🌈
random little poems inspired by and/or made for Lottie Tomlinson. ••• (Irregular updates, lowercase intended)
  • family
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makeup by lostsovls
makeupby meredith
in whereas mikayla and jack make up after they go on a relationship break
  • love
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my SFX makeup by you_can_count_on_me
my SFX makeupby julianna grover
Sfx makeup
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Twisted Thoughts by that-weirdo-books
Twisted Thoughtsby book_nerd
"I wish that I could say im proud, Im sorry I let you down..." I sang. "You have an amazing voice!" I heard a voice say. I turned around blushing...
  • friends
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كتاب صور by Nina-exol
كتاب صورby Nina-exol
كتاب لكل كيبوبية وبنت تحب الموضة هو عبارة عن مواضيع مختلفة بالصور مثلا الصيف وبيكون فيه صور متعلقة بالصيف ورح أخلي الكيبوب للأخير رح يكون في صور لأعضاء فرقة إكسو و بي تي...
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Gallery Cosplay || @yincosplays by KakazuYami
Gallery Cosplay || @yincosplaysby 「書かず」
Snap A Photo ? I love cosplaying Started: 08.23.17
  • seme
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Makeup Tips And Looks From A Self Taught MUA by JimMorrisonsGirl
Makeup Tips And Looks From A Little Miss Mojo Risin
The official sequel to Makeup Tips, Tricks, And Hacks!
  • beauty
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Mistaken by stranglemeethan
Mistakenby stranglemeethan
"Lena I'm SORRY!!" he yelled crying. "It's over Grayson..." Lena Vancouver was only 16 when she and Grayson Dolan met and fell in love and was 18 whe...
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