Just A Bet (Austin Mahone){Under Editing!} by Infinity_sparks
Just A Bet (Austin Mahone){Under E... by Grace Fanfiction
Grace is used to being bullied and self harms to release all the pain. She moves to a new school and meets a boy named Carter. Carter a bad boy and has a different girl...
Stole My Heart (Austin Mahone Fanfiction) by Aimee_Mahone
Stole My Heart (Austin Mahone Fanf... by ~Aimee~ Fanfiction
Talia is just a normal single 18 year old girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She decides to go and live on her own in Miami, Florida and when she tweets...
The fall (an austin mahone fanfiction) by mackenziemahonex
The fall (an austin mahone fanfict... by ρяιηcεss мαcкεηzιε Fanfiction
~COMPLETED. SEQUEL POSTED~~~~ (needs to be edited) Mackenzie felt worthless and a waste of life. Her "friends" hated her and her "boyfriend" was a...
Scattered. (Austin Mahone FanFic) by Mahomies_Dream
Scattered. (Austin Mahone FanFic) by αмвєя Fanfiction
*Sequel to When We Met* Amber McAllen has been juggling her school, her job and her love life all at the same time. But when her "love" slipped from her hands...
Best Friends That Fell In Love (An Austin Mahone Fan Fiction) by xWalkinOnSunshinex
Best Friends That Fell In Love (An... by Victoria Somsel Teen Fiction
Austin and Alexis are best friends. they met in kindergarden and grew up together. obviously they fell in "love." they dated for three years until austin becam...
❧Mystery Girl❧(Austin Mahone Fanfic) by F4_imagines
❧Mystery Girl❧(Austin Mahone Fanfi... by Imagination Girl Teen Fiction
Y/n is just a regular girl at school she has a huge crush on the football player Austin Mahone but she thinks austin never notices her.But what she doesn't know is that...
The Love Story by sammimahonee
The Love Story by sammimahonee Fanfiction
Jasmine was Austin's best friend since they were little kids in kindergarten. They lived next door to each other and nothing could separate them. But what happens when J...
LOVE or ATTENTION? by Kristiansen97
LOVE or ATTENTION? by Kristiansen97 Fanfiction
Austin starts to fall for the new girl that has so many insecurities. All his friends think she's a loser. He has to decide if she's worth the risk.
Let's Start With Forever (An Austin Mahone Love Story) by MahonesApa
Let's Start With Forever (An Austi... by 🍂🌻 Fanfiction
Madeline has just recieved news from her mother that she, with the rest of her family, would be moving to a small town in Texas outside of San Antonio. When she finally...
Austin's Angel (Austin Mahone Fanfiction) by iamcheyenne13
Austin's Angel (Austin Mahone Fanf... by ‏ 👑 Cheyenne Fanfiction
Maya Thompson finds a teddy bear laying outside of the arena that Austin Mahone was currently performing in. She was forced to take her younger sister there since she wa...
Austin Mahone Imagines by xomadisonox
Austin Mahone Imagines by xomadisonox Teen Fiction
Imagine your life with Austin Mahone.
Stay Away From Juliet (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction) by PrincessMahone
Stay Away From Juliet (Austin Maho... by MEGAN Fanfiction
Juliet Saunders wants one thing and only one thing. Revenge. Throughout the beginning of her high school career, she was mocked and tortured for being the "fat girl...
The Alpha and Mafia's Obsession[on hold] by Cool18c
The Alpha and Mafia's Obsession[on... by M! Werewolf
And in a blink of an eye, the wolf-guy was back into human form He wore his clothes, I didn't even bother looking at him I tried my hardest not to... "Brother! Wh...
Changed↠acm by carinaafuentes
Changed↠acm by Mahone Fanfiction
❝Why'd you change?❞ ❝Because I wanted to❞ ↠↠↠ In which a small nerdy, and geeky girl is best friends with the schools bad boy, when she realized that her best frie...
Austin & the crew imagines by mackenziemahonex
Austin & the crew imagines by ρяιηcεss мαcкεηzιε Fanfiction
One shots and imagines for Austin Mahone and the crew. Inbox request ONLY.
He Is My Everything ( Austin Mahone Fanfic ) by goldmak1997
He Is My Everything ( Austin Mahon... by goldmak1997 Fanfiction
Austin met a girl name Emma Swan who just moved to Texas and she happens to be Austin's biggest fan. They went on a little but with lots of ups and downs romance journey.
Bad Boys Like Good Girls (Austin Mahone) by austin___mahone1225
Bad Boys Like Good Girls (Austin M... by austin___mahone1225 Romance
Taylor an average girl who has been harassed by a group of boys including Austin, Robert , Alex , and Tyler at school for years when they get partnered up for a school p...
Austin Mahone Imagines by _Betzy14_
Austin Mahone Imagines by Betzy Mahone Fanfiction
Imagines about you and well the most amazing guy on this earth Enjoy :)
~Austin Mahone/Justin Bieber Imagines~ by CastingTheShadow
~Austin Mahone/Justin Bieber Imagi... by Grateful Fanfiction
Just a bunch of imagines and preferences
My Best Friend's Brother by alo_jahis
My Best Friend's Brother by alo_jahis Fanfiction
After every relationship Ive had end wrong I promised I wasn't going to love again but how long could I actually last without having someone on my mind. Then came the da...